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    Clamcase = Scam?

    Just a quick update. The finally responsed to my support ticket as reversed the charges so I got my money back (at least one account so far). I may contact makers of the Crux360 case and see when they can ship (last time I checked their website it was 30-40 days).
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    Clamcase = Scam?

    Yeah I have already contacted my credit card company. Also for those interested seems there will more competition in the future. Adonit Writer: iPad Case + Keyboard by Kris Perpich — Kickstarter
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    Clamcase = Scam?

    There have been some serious problems with the company Clamcase (the all-in-one keyboard case). Massive delays, poor communication, and poor customer service is how I describe this company. I have been emailing them about my orders (yes I ordered two clamcases) that I placed back on January...
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    Crux 360 vs Clamcase ?

    Hmm, I like how you guys hijacked this thread to have the continuing iOS vs Android debate.
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    Funny because I emailed them a few days ago about my order (Credit card related) and still hav not gotten a response back. I don't mind getting mine in February but at least provide the customer some information.
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    Crux 360 vs Clamcase ?

    You should also add that it will take 30-40 for the Crux 360 to ship to you. The Clamcase will ship when they feel like shipping (maybe never) and the ZaggMate is available to you immediately. Still the Clamcase is my choice.
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    A nice clamcase alternative!

    I saw one (made by Rocket Fish) at my local best buy and boy is that thing ugly. I think the best alternative to Clamcas is the Crux 360 Case for iPad
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    Okay so it's most likely mine (two of them) won't even ship until late February. Bummer :D
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    Ah but the question is, when did you place your order. How long did it take for them to ship it.
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    This is one of the first questions I wanted to know as well The keyboard will be a little raised up as a result of rubber "feet" located at the corners of the (look right under the screen). There are also feet on the bottom of the case. Engadget posted a quick review of it on youtube...
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    I am someone that ordered two of these cases last week and don't expect to get mine shipped for at least a month. I would be pissed to be getting no answers from customer service on when (or if) their case will ship. This product passed FCC over a week ago so not shipping is straight bull if...
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    Samsung Galaxy tab worth buy?

    I'm currently with T-Mobile and after playing with one in the store I can see that it's a great device (I also gave it the Angry Birds test). The killer for me is the price and there is no way I would go on contract to get a lower price.
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    Samsung Galaxy tab worth buy?

    If they bring it down to $250 then I would consider it. I mean the NookColor will be getting Froyo and some type of market for applications so Samsung needs to take notice.
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    ClamCase for your iPad

    Yeah, I have waiting for this since it was announced. To bad it's still pre-order as it won't ship until January (I have a feeling it will get pushed back). Price is better than the Crux360 case though so Kudos to that.
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    Battery in IOS 4.2.1

    Actually that's a completely wrong statement. I myself have been testing this with my iPad as well as my iPod Touch 4g and battery life has not been affected. My wife also has a iPad and iPod Touch 4g and she never closes out the apps and again, no change in battery life. This is under...
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    I had this issue and had to end up deleting the massage amount of Podcast audio and video files. Now that I think about it maybe try not syncing podcast first before deleting them (if you have any).
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    New Awesome Case - Crux360

    This is actually what I've been waiting for. I was holding out for the Clam Case ( but Crux just got my money. I'm not looking to make my iPad into a laptop but I do like the protection it offers, different form factors and using an occassion keyboard.
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    Watch Live TV on the iPad.....No APP or Hacking needed.

    Not bad for local broadcast. The solution that works for me is my WinTV PVR Tuner and their software. I just browse to a ip address (whether at home or somewhere else) and bam Live network television and I can change the channel.
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    Stupid idea for Ipad

    I have been waiting for the Clamcase to come out since it was announced. Starting to wonder if it's vaporware.
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    iPad beta and Camera Kit

    What brand and what size is the SD Card you are using?
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    iOS 4.2 Beta Reveals the iPad's Screen Orientation Lock Is Now a Mute Switch

    Yeah, I'm not to happy about this. I use that switch numberous times throughout the day. It's second nature and now they want to change it.
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    4.1 vs 3.2.2

    I wish but I this is how I think it will play out. Apple is going to hold off til mid November to make an announcement on which day 4.2 will be released. It will be released just before Black Friday to spark further sales for the holiday season. Apple is slow to bring the iPad up to date...
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    The best case to hold iPad +BT keyboard on the go!

    I'm still waiting on the ClamCase for the iPad to come out. ClamCase? The all-in-one Keyboard Case & Stand for iPad®
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    iTunes sync logic

    I think what you did was try to sync your itouch to iTunes that is already linked to your iPad (or another device). For example there are two iPad is my house (my wife's and then mine). I order to sync both iPads without erasing what's on them I had to create a different Windows Login...
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    What no Battleship

    Thanks for the update. Is that multiplayer local wifi only?
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    Since you have iOS4 can't you just put it in one of your created folders?
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    Tether Blackberry to iPad via Bluetooth?

    Tether means to use your blackberry as a "hotspot" and share it's internet connection. For ipad though, to share via bluetooth you would need to jailbreak your iPad.
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    Streaming video to the iPad

    I second AirVideo.
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    NASA Releases Free iPad App

    I admit that I'm not a fan of NASA but it's a nice app.
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    iPad 4.2 OS Coming in November

    I believe it was on 4.0 which launched with iPhone 4. The iPad is still on iOS 3.2.2
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    Help Syncing iPad and Outlook

    I use Google Calendar Sync and it works great (for syncing my Outlook calendar and contacts.
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    Too much to ask for Flash capabilities?

    Trust me, I'm far from a apple fanboy (I own a ipod 30 classic and a ipad). Here is what I have a issue with though. People should not purchase devices that they know will not fill there needs (whether it's the lack of flash support or multitasking). Even if a product offers to offer...
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    Too much to ask for Flash capabilities?

    So either you did not do your homework before purchasing the iPad or you brought it anyway and decide to complain. Interesting.... hmmm.
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    Netflix and I pad

    Yes, Netflix is a streaming service so you must have a constant connection. If you want to download movies/tv shows then you need to check out iTunes.
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    iOS 4.1 in beta

    No, it will not offer flash support. Currently you can listen to most streaming audio services by downloading TuneMark (free from the app store). It will allow you to launch a stream in Safari (which will allow you to close and use another app without it closing the stream)...
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    Club Pogo on iPad

    If Club Pogo worked on the iPad I would say that it would hurt some sales of game developers (even with the yearly fee)
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    Spoof web page into thinking I'm not using an iPad?

    According to rhapsody it's not possible yet. Manage My Library from iPad Web Interface?
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    Apple Ipad mini?

    There will not be a iPod Mini and a iPod Touch. I suspect that someone took a iPad image, photoshopped it to make it smaller. Apple ha a limited number of SKU's and iPad Mini is not one of them. It will be iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPad, iPod Nano
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    Categories of Games - Sign My Petition

    Correct, they don't like feedback but it does not hurt and only takes a few minutes to put together.
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    Categories of Games - Sign My Petition

    Try Start a Petition for free at Online Petition Spot (if you're serious about it)