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  1. Code54

    iPad Pro case for use with Magic keyboard

    Thanks. I have found one or two that work with the magic keyboard and add a little protection. I really wish Apple made an armored Apple Magic Keyboard. That would be PERFECT for people that are in the field with the iPad.
  2. Code54

    iPad Pro case for use with Magic keyboard

    I just ordered the New iPad Pro 12.9 and would like to find a case that is drop rated AND works with the magic keyboard. Anyone have any suggestions on a decent case that will work? Thanks!!!
  3. Code54


    Good question, i'm interest also
  4. Code54

    WaterProof Cases!!!!!

    Otter is making on but it is not out yet. Think it was listed as 89 bucks on there site
  5. Code54

    Bumper case

    What is a bumper case? Take it that it is plastic wrapped in rubber or something? Sounds interesting Thanks
  6. Code54

    Car Charger-is Best Buy blowing smoke?

    It will work and you can do more than using a normal car charger. If u have a laptop also it could be a better over all deal. The draw back is you will need your home charger in the car to make it work......
  7. Code54

    Bento info please

    I have the app and it works well. The thing is I also have the "Desktop" version so all my information is inputted that way and simply transferred to my Ipad for us. To me this is the way it works best and allows you to log/database about anything you want for easy retrieval on the road.
  8. Code54

    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    Cant say I mind it at all. I think it is easy to read on and with the adjustable backlight I can keep it easy on the eyes no matter the lighting in the room. Try one for yourself and see if it works for you before selling the others... Good luck
  9. Code54

    can not find ipad anywhere!

    May want to check on MacMall (Have to call them), I ordered one and had it before the week was out. I was impressed by the speed!
  10. Code54

    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    Make sure you also check for any other charges and get them on hold asap. I would also change any other accounts that you have and use the same password for. Good luck and sorry to hear about this - I hate thieves!
  11. Code54

    Otterbox case

    I emailed them and they stated that no additional information is available but to please sign up on the web site so they will let you know when it is released Also, I agree it looks like a great protective case!
  12. Code54

    Finally, Prepared for Shipment

    May want to check out MacMall - I ordered Monday and we received our 64GB WIFI/3G on Friday. They were super quick and even called to make sure we got it on time!