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    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    If I can sell my 64 g w/ WiFi and 3G for $600 I would buy the Ipad 2!
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    When to Turn Off iPad

    I realize that all of you are correct and I am wrong. I assume Apple made an error on this page: Apple - Batteries Everyone can learn, even you experts that are quick to say NO, don't drain the battery. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    When to Turn Off iPad

    You should drain the battery once per month.
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    "Sent From My IPAD " e-mail addition?

    in the settings you can change your signature to whatever you want.
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    Battery Maintenance

    Everyone has an opinion BUT this is from APPLE: Use Your iPad Regularly For proper reporting of the battery’s state of charge, be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down).
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    Will Ipads Purchased Now Be Upgradeable?

    See above. That post is 100% correct!
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    Hi from CT, USA!

    Simsbury transplant. Welcome!
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    Do YOU think this is true?

    I have had 2 previous Iphone generations. I have had the Iphone 4 since the release date. I have had ZERO issues with my phone. I have an apple "bumper" and a seperate case. No dropped calls, no bad reception issues, none of the horrible things that people are claiming. It is very fast, the...
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    One amazing information forum.....

    Even Corvette Ipad users and owners are welcome. C4 is one of the nicest Vettes out there!
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    ZooGue Case Review

    Got mine delivered today. Great review Matt! I like it so far....
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    AT&T 3g purchase for iPad

    Dispute the charge with the credit card company. There is a process for that. I have 3G but i don't plan to cancel and I am unaware of a 7 day cancel notice?
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    iPhone 4 - I'm in Love!

    I am on the "pre-order" list for the new Iphone. I currently have the 3G, not 3 G S. Will order on the 15 for 24th pick up or delivery.
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    Cannot get gmail to sent emails

    If you can receive than it is most likely a setting in your outgoing server. I had a similar issue with a non-Gmailo account and it was a password issue.
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    Hello/ Marware Case/E-Mail Question

    I have that case and ASSumed it was packing material and discarded. It is a fine case for the IPAD. I just ordered the Zoogue as I like the multi view angles it will provide.
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    Not Getting Charged For Apps

    and.....they charge an excess application download fee of $19.95 for every groupo of 10 unpaid apps! Just kidding :-)
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    Prepared for shipment!

    Went into shipment and arrived 5 days later; day after Memorial Day. It was 2 days before scheduled arrival date. Well worth the wait and anticipation!
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    Post a picture of yourself/Tell us about yourself

    Thanks to our Vets and in one instance - Vettes!
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    iPhone 4G / iPhone HD

    Absolutely. Can't wait for the next generation Iphone.
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hello everyone! I have been reading for a few weeks and have gotten some great tips. Thank you. I have an Iphone and I am waiting for the new one to be released. I ordered my Ipad 64 gig wifi / 3G about 10 days ago. I can't wait!