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    Tucano Cornice Leather Folio Case for iPad 3!

    I spotted a Tucano Cornice in red at my local Carphone Warehouse and was very impressed, but it was the iPad 2 version - the guy in the store said it would fit the 3rd Gen iPad, but the cutouts are slightly different and the auto sleep magnets are in a slightly different position. The only place...
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    Grouping Objects in Keynote?

    Hi, A problem I keep coming up against is how to group a number of objects on a slide together. Probably very simple, but I just cant figure it out. Also, why is it that when you import Powerpoint or Kieynote OSX presentations onto the iPad, grouped objects are automatically seperated...
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    Brought my ipad to

    I have a 4 hour round trip commute into work by train Mon-Fri, during which I play with/ work on my iPad most of the time. reaction from my fellow travelers ranges from passive indifference to overt interest (it has after all only been officially available in the UK for a week and a half). I...
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    Keynote Questions

    Hi all, Just a couple of Keynote issues I can't figure out and hoping someone knows the answer to: i) Is it possible to set the Transition for multiple slides in one go, rather than do them individually? ii) is it possible to copy and paste an object (eg photo) from one presentation to...
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    Sold Out! - International Delivery Already Delayed

    It's interesting that, in the UK, there has been zero advertising for the iPad and the general public seems disinterested/ unaware of what it is capable of. In my company of some seventy plus people, no one has said they will be getting one (although most have said they would like to see mine...
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    Sold Out! - International Delivery Already Delayed

    I'm glad I got my pre-order in on day one - a 2.30am. My expected delivery date is still showing as "by 28th May". I wonder if anyone is monitoring the expected pre-orders in Europe as they did in the US? I read somewhere that approximately 15,000 iPads have already found there way to the UK via...
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    What Time did US Pre-orders begin

    Hi, With UK pre-orders set for Monday 10th May (about time) I was wondering at what time US buyers were able to place pre-orders at the time of the original US iPad launch? I'm assuming that at 1 minute past midnight it did not suddenly appear on the Apple website? ( I realize that the US...
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    ipad sleeve

    Not a sleeve as such, but I've just ordered the funkiest (or ugliest)? "1337 gaming case" from Incipio: Incipio Carrying Cases - iPad 1337 Silicone Gaming Case
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    Hard Candy Cases Intro's New Line of iPad Cases

    Anyone know a US retailer who will ship these to the UK? HardCandyCases charge a flat rate of $40 - not bad if you are buying 10, but a little pricey for 1! Cheers
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    UK Release Date April 26th?

    Ditto the UK (and as far as I know, everywhere else... apart from the US) If this is part of Apple's marketing campaign to keep people guessing, I don't like it! I've booked the 26th off from work, just in case!
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    Lucky I waited for the UK release

    You'll also have to invest in a UK plug for the charger (unless you are going to rely on a USB port)
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    Welcome Cimo Technologies as a sponsor of!

    Cool looking cases - I particularly like the gel ones. I have a slight concern re: the fit as: 1) You presumably have not had an iPad to work with; and 2) As with every iPad case I have seen, yours has a flat back, whereas the iPad itself has quite a curve on it I assume you are confident...
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    When does iPad WiFi version launch in the UK?

    The precise Non-US price(s) and release date has not yet been released. UK prices/ pre-orders are scheduled to start in "early April" and sales in "late April". Incidentally this will be for both the Wi-Fi only AND 3G models.