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    iPad for Students

    its is very cool. first time i see that ipad for student which has great tools as well as configuration. for all its new but very imporatant to buy for multipurpose. this ipad is suitable for the student
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    Your Best Wallpapers

    i love all the pics. thanks for nice thread. really its amazing quality with actual view. vav factor looking in every image.
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    Pages for ipad offline documents

    You should check your internet setting which will be work at a time of offline. because when u downloaded document from net the whole document synchronize at once. at the time device goes offline verify that synchronization going or not. if yes then change in setting of that apps or network. you...
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    Printing pics.

    there is app available for taking print of photos which is from canon cam. Canon Easy-Photo Print this is app easy to u help
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    Safari bookmarks to chrom bookmarks

    Yes , I am agree with johanna A. If u see on google chrome setting you can import bookmarks from any of the browser which is on your local device .