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  1. J

    What's the best .avi video player for iPad?

    +1 for CineXplayer.
  2. J

    I wants games.

    Dead Space Mirror's Edge Dungeon Defenders Modern Combat 2 There are a lot of great iPad games. Search and read reviews
  3. J

    Remote Desktop

    They are pretty fluid when on the same network. For remote applications I get a few buffering pauses but not unwatchable. Air Video also allows for on the fly conversion directly to the iPad
  4. J

    Remote Desktop

    I know a lot of people don't like it, but LogMeIn works well as a remote desktop app. As for file transfers I recently switched from Homepipe to Tonido as like it MUCH better - faster file transfers and can batch transfer. Lastly, you mentioned Zumocast; i have used that as well as Air Video...
  5. J

    iBooks/iPad question

    Is there any way that anyone knows of to import into either of these without being connected to a computer. Say I have a flash drive with music on it, can I transfer using ifile so that it shows in iPod (or same with iBooks and .epub files)
  6. J

    Ipad Themes please tell me a few

    Glass orb color for iPad is amazing
  7. J

    a question about ifile

    If you open ifile>sidebar>memory should show up under devices. I use cinexplayer (now that it plays any .avi I've thrown at it) as well as VLC. Simply copy and paste into documents folder under whichever player you use. IPad+camera connector+thumb drive(no additional power...
  8. J

    What are the most useful cydia apps?

    ^infiniboard & infinidock^
  9. J

    Torrents on iPad

    Ermak, AWESOME!!!!!! This is perfect for a portable device. And BLAZING fast. Thank you