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    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    I would love to get a good stylus. I would use it on my iPad 2, Acer Tablet, Kindle Fire, and anything else that I can try it out on. I think mostly, it would get used most on the iPad 2 because of the drawing programs I have on it.
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    iPad Backup Syncing taking Forever!

    Hello, I also have very long backup times with my ipad. I was wondering if we could start a list of apps that are known to cause long backups. The only one I knew of was the Zinio Magazine app. I'm not sure if they fixed that problem or not because I don't use it anymore. Anyone know of...
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    Real Time Strategy Games

    Hello All, I've been trying to search the App Store for games, but I find the organization of the store to be sorely lacking. So ... I am looking for recommendations on Real Time Strategy games for the iPad. Warcraft and Starcraft are two of my all time favorite games, and I would love to...
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    Apple Fanboy Arrogance

    I'm sure that this post will get lots of "hate" replies and flames, but after being here a while and listening to Apple Fans elsewhere (including family members), I just was wondering .... Why do Apple "people" seem to be so arrogant and derogatory to everything. I have owned Macs, iPhones...
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    Is anybody using a Seidio case yet?

    I was one of the winners in the contest and just received my prize :D Seidio's products are always well made and this is definitely up to their quality standards. I won the Innocase Snap Crystal case. It fits well - adds very little bulk to the iPad - all the port, switches and dock are...
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    DVD to iPad Converter - what do you use?

    Not sure of you are on a Mac or a Windows computer, but my suggestion would be for DVD Catalyst. It seems to only be made for Windows. It does a great job ripping and converting DVD's to video files. It has built-in formats for almost all devices I can think of and they just added the iPad...
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    Free wordprocessing app for ipad

    I would just add my vote to Office 2 HD. It's a great program really and does word processing well. It also works well with spreadsheets and does a good job with them. I have Pages and Office 2 HD and find myself using Office 2 HD almost all the time. The best part for me is the integration...
  8. S Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway Winners!

    :D :D Very excited about this. I was just checking them out on the website again and was debating which one to get. So, I am very happy to be one of the winners. Thanks :D :D
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    Full size stylus

    Ten One Designs makes a full size stylus that works with the iPad called the Pogo Sketch. I just ordered mine, so I can't really give you a review on it. Pogo Sketch They also make the smaller stylus for the iPad which will also work with the iPad. I will follow up with a review once I...
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    Mobile Hotspot on Palm Pre = SLOW

    I have the Verizon Pre Plus with the Mobile Hotspot application and free hotspot service from Verizon (major reason I went with the pre). When using it with my HP laptop I get great download speeds. When using it with my iPod Touch I get lousy download speeds. When using it with my iPad I get...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    32gb iPad owner here. bought at the Apple Store in Westfarms Mall, CT
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    Printing Questions

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to print from my iPad. I have found a few apps that allow printing and have spent a few hours going over the descriptions, reviews and information about them. I don't seem to be able to find one that will do everything I need. What do I need ? I need to be...
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    Syncing multiple "I" devices

    I am pretty sure that the "limit" is for computers that are authorized to play your itunes content. But that limit does not extend to iPods and iPads because they are treated as simply an extension of the computer they are synced to. I know that I have 5 computers authorized already and have no...
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    Product Differences?

    Well, went ahead and ordered the soft gel cover combo on eBay. Great price there and looking forward to getting it and trying it out. Thanks again for the clarification. :D
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    Syncing multiple "I" devices

    Thanks for the answers - I kinda figured it would be ok to sync, but just wanted to check. Now -- one more quick question if anyone is around .. What does "Configure Universal Access" do? I have that button in iTunes, but have no idea what it does. Thanks
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    Syncing multiple "I" devices

    I tried to search for this, but guess I couldn't phrase it right in the search... So - I know it is possible to sync multiple devices with iTunes, but is there any thing I should be aware of. I have always synced both my 80gb iPod Video and my iPod Touch and never had any problems. But, not...
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    Product Differences?

    Hmmm .... Thank you for the information - the videos helped to explain the differences. Now I just have to decide which one I want. They both seem to have their own advantages. I think I am leaning towards the "soft gel" since it seems a little more protective and I am afraid the silicone...
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    Product Differences?

    Hello, I was looking at the products on your site and have a question. What is the basic difference between the ... Silicone Cases and the Soft Gel Cases ? I'm not sure if I am missing something major in the descriptions, but they seem very simliar to me. Any clarification would...
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    New iPad Owner Here

    I ended up with the 32gb model. I went in the store to get the 16gb, but they didn't have any in stock. I'm glad I ended up with the 32 -- better value I think.
  20. S Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway!

    Why I love my iPad ... ? Hmmm ... I just got my iPad recently, but I love the portablity of it. I can have access to almost all the information I need almost anywhere. It's a great convenience and just downright fun to play with. I would love to get a case to help protect my new toy, and...
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    New iPad Owner Here

    Hey everyone, Just picked up my iPad today and am very excited about using it and learning more about it here at these forums. Thanks :D