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  1. DarrenUK

    Trying to Get away from paper

    Evernote seems to be very very popular on the iPad/PC/Mac for going paperless.
  2. DarrenUK

    To people who have Draw Something Free - can you please check this for me?

    Mine is listed under, settings, notifications...
  3. DarrenUK

    What printer to buy?

    After much research I bought this one last week, more than happy with it and works very well using AirPlay.
  4. DarrenUK

    Best App EVER! Notetaking, drawing, brainstorming

    I downloaded this app when it first was released and very soon after purchased all of the brushes. Amazing app! I have to agree its probably one of the best.
  5. DarrenUK

    Help, I cannot use Google+ hang out using the iPad 2???

    G+ hangouts don't work on any iPad.
  6. DarrenUK

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    Mine is in Tamworth as well, UPS saying will be delivered before the end of tomorrow.
  7. DarrenUK

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    My UPS tracking info (UK) was available this morning but just said 'order processed ready for ups' Still saying the same, hopefully it will be here tomorrow!
  8. DarrenUK

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    My tracking info from this morning shows on the UPS website also.
  9. DarrenUK

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    Mine is an 18 digit number, my tracking number is still not showing any info on the UPS website but apple still saying it will be delivered on the 16th.
  10. DarrenUK

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Australia? At least I think.
  11. DarrenUK

    Weird error when updating apps

    I have the same issue with 2 or 3 apps that could not be downloaded a while back. Now I get the stupid pop up on a regular basis. Hope there is a way to fix this soon!
  12. DarrenUK

    App store listing change

    Yes, just swipe left and right to see more. I agree that it is much much better this way.
  13. DarrenUK

    ipad 3 rental

    Why not just go to the apple store or PC world and play around with the display model for a couple of hours??
  14. DarrenUK

    16 or 32 gb ipad third generation for college student?

    If you are not ordering until summer it would be wise to save up the extra $100 and get the 32gb.
  15. DarrenUK

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Marked as dispatched on the 10th, marked for delivery on the 16th via UPS however the UPS tracking number is not showing any information. Just waiting for UPS to email me back to see where my package is. Hopefully in the UK already.
  16. DarrenUK

    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    Same problem here, ipad was marked as dispatched on the 10th for delivery on the 16th, no tracking info is available on the UPS site. I have just emailed UPS to see exactly where my parcels are.