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  1. J

    iPhone and iPad Cakes and Cookies are in Hot Demand in China

    I'm shocked someone in China is making a knockoff of her cookie!
  2. J

    News Corp’s The Daily Makes Loss of $10 Million in Q2

    My complaint with it is that you can't leave it in the middle and open back up to that spot. Like iBooks. $39/year didn't seem out of line for a subscription but I may not renew next year.
  3. J

    iBooks Update On the Way With Collections Function and Improved PDF Features

    They need to work out some way to loan them out. I believe Kindle doest don't they?
  4. J

    What is your ipads name?

    'Mr. Pad'
  5. J

    Autodesk Announces AutoCAD for iPad and iPhone

    I went to sign up for updates but it required Flash. Go figure :)
  6. J

    Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box HD Hidden Object Mystery Thriller Out Now for iPad

    Correction! Now it's playing, most peculiar.
  7. J

    Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box HD Hidden Object Mystery Thriller Out Now for iPad

    Why advertise an iPad app were the video doesn't play on the iPad? There are two examples of this on today's forum.
  8. J

    Ipad's free stickers

    Excellent practical use! I'll do that this morning.
  9. J

    An iPad as my sole 'device'...almost.

    I only use my laptop for Quicken. Otherwise it's iPad all the way (but I'm retired so don't do work, some have suggested nothing's changed there)
  10. J

    3G auto renew

    Go to SETTINGS > CELLULAR DATA > VIEW ACCOUNT and you can cancel through the iPad. There are two options, 'Cancel Auto Renew Only' (account will be dropped in two months) or 'Cancel Auto Renew and Account'. Remaining MB will run out the clock. After using mine for several months I decided I...
  11. J

    iBooks on my Mac instead of iPad

    Good question. I'd like to pass my books on to my daughter so she can read them on her Mac.
  12. J

    Is there a DEL(ete) key on the keyboard

    I find that I need the apostrophie and numbers on the primay key board. It's irritating to have to change keyboards for those.
  13. J

    I Now Have a Big Paperweight

    Upgraded this afternoon via my Vista based PC with no problems for what that's worth.
  14. J

    Bling Out Your iPad with a Swarovski Crystalline Apple Logo!

    Ironic? Their video requires Flash.
  15. J

    Buying the iPhone 4???

    Pre-ordered two at AT&T store, FedEx shows delivery tomorrow! Upgrading from 1st gen. iPhones.
  16. J

    Turning off forum email notification

    But it's the only email I get!
  17. J

    iPad addiction

    Ditto. :D
  18. J

    iPhone 4 - I'm in Love!

    I'm thinking of upgrading our two 1st gen iPhones to the new ones. Not sure exactly why, other than technology moves on.
  19. J

    iPad makes a good flashlight!!!

    I've used my iPhone to light my way on occasion.
  20. J

    A good messenger app.

    I've got IM+ also, the paid version and using it for MSN Messenger. Seems to work well so wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
  21. J

    iPhone battery life

    Days and days! :-)
  22. J

    Want to recommend a great diet app

    I've been using the 'LoseIt' app, first on my iPhone and now iPad although it hasn't been upgraded to make use of the iPad capability. It looks very similar and I'd switch except for losing all my history, maybe they'll catch up. It's been a big help in changing my eating habits ( portion size )
  23. J

    3G first month usage

    I'm at 3 days left on my first months usage and thought we should post our how much we've used the 3G. To date I'm showing - Sent: 8.3MB, Received: 153MB. Since I'm retired and home I rarely go off of wifi; home, Starbucks, motel, etc keeps me covered. I had signed up for the 250MB...
  24. J

    Big WiFi performance improvement

    Hmmmm..... I just read this post, turned off auto brightness does seem to be faster! Power of suggestion perhaps?
  25. J

    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    Thanks for the reply. I put 'Cars' DVD in my pc and it took 4hrs to convert a 2hr movie but easily imported into iTunes and then sync'd to my iPad. I also did 'Yellow Submarine' with the same result, about twice as long as the movie to convert. Since it did work easily, except for the time it...
  26. J

    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    I'm trying the "Free Trial" version of Wondershare on a couple of MS Vista PCs and they seem to take forever to convert, literally longer than the movie itself. Has this been others experience? A setting perhaps?
  27. J

    Creating new photo folders/moving pics

    As a former IT Manager it's critical to draw lines and set limits or you'll never get the product out the door. It may or may not get there depending on the success of the iPad and we know how well it's doing in the market place. Tough to be patient though.
  28. J

    Looking for Messenger for iPad

    Thanks for the suggestion. 'IM+ Lite' seems to give me what I wanted in that it shows the name of who your chatting with and their picture. I'll go ahead and upgrade to the iPad version as it seems to make use of the full real estate. The other Messenger apps didn't quite make the transition to...
  29. J

    *WARNING* 3G service

    I'm guessing it's because the screen is over 6 times the size of my iPhone plus HD. My solution for this month is to keep it off until I need it although I m sure I'll run out about mid month.
  30. J

    Looking for Messenger for iPad

    We're a big user of MS Messenger with the family so are looking for an iPad version. There is a Mac version and I did find a Messenger on the app store but it only seems to interact with one person at a time. Anybody run across anything?
  31. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I've used 58GB in 24 hours by sticking to wifi and only turning 3G on when I have to. Why is this so much higher than my 2G iPhone? Faster and so many more MB for the HD resolution and size? My guess. Not sure if I'll upgrade to unlimited or just let it die until next month. When I run out, I...
  32. J

    14.99 or 29.99

    I signed up fore the 250MB plan around 1:00pm yesterday and by 3:00, after no more than an hour of definite 3G surfing I'd used 33MB. Not sure why this was so much higher than my iPhone, that's a typical month for me. I turned 3G off so I'll be sure and only use wifi when I'm home or in a wifi...
  33. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    OMG - I love this!!
  34. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    In Transit - currently in Oakland; due by 3:00pm tomorrow so I get to sleep in.
  35. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Arrrgggghhhh.....10:00am PDT and still no updates. Stay tough. :(
  36. J

    iPad 3G Data Service Explained before Friday's 3G iPad Launch

    I keep looking for the fine print (I'm paranoid). If you hit the 250mb limit does the 3G just stop sending/receiving or do they charge you an overage fee; like $1/MB?
  37. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    PFS but no CC charge yet. This is going to be fun!
  38. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    In regards to the 3G usage, on my iPhone I've been running <50mb a month as most of my surfing has been on wifi. I figure I'll just go with the limited plan and keep an eye on it. At this point I can't see myself going over it.....but given a new toy all bets are off.:D
  39. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Turns out that Arbor Day varies by state due to the climate. We've already had it so can't use that excuse. Arbor Day - Celebration Dates in the 50 U.S. States
  40. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Same thing here. The $ Hold has been lifted but no actual charge. I didn't count the days but is there a limit on how long they can have a hold?