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  1. Djdan

    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    I tend to agree... Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  2. Djdan

    Photo in signature

    Not sure this is possible. If so, I'm not aware of how. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  3. Djdan

    Best back protector to be used with the Apple Smart Cover? (IPAD 3)

    The Devicewear Union is affordable and phenomenal. I've had it on for months and not removed it once! I own about a dozen cases and this is the one I've stuck with! Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  4. Djdan

    Create group email contacts

    Not sure myself, but heard Adam Christiansen on a very recent "Maccast" podcast go into great detail on this. Might want to give that a listen. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  5. Djdan

    iPad Case Gallery

    Yep. Me too. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  6. Djdan

    Suggestion on a Good Note Taking APP ?

    I've used Notability for years for both work and school. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  7. Djdan

    Screen protector or no?

    Totally agree. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  8. Djdan

    Facebook Timeline

    You can't. Facebook hasn't made this available in the IPad version yet. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  9. Djdan

    Where do u use your iPad

    Petty much everywhere. Work, school, home. For productivity or for entertainment, there's nothing better. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  10. Djdan

    Ipad 2 to ipad3 weight difference

    It's heavier and noticeable, especially if you owned the 2 for a while. But I don't consider it a problem, really. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  11. Djdan

    64GB Model Usage

    About 10 GB left on mine. I'm an app hog with over 500 installed, 5000 pics, and about 1300 songs. Love having it all with me at all times. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  12. Djdan

    Smart covers?

    I have the black leather and looks great - 6 months of use. Leather ages, and it's on par with other leather items. I love the thinness, but I do a lot of reading and watching in bed, and the smart cover is horrible for that. I have several cases and switch back and forth depending my needs...
  13. Djdan

    Not yet an iPad owner, but have question re: "taking notes". (Thx!)

    I too have a bamboo stylus, apple Bluetooth keyboard and Notability for my note taking app. Use it for work, college at night and entertainment at home. The iPad truly serves sooo many purposes. It's an awesome investment. Go get it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Djdan

    Do you own more than one case?

    Just bought the Belkin Cinema Stripe for the 3 and I'm very pleased. The quality is really something. The magnetic on/off is a touch wonky, but fairly consistent. The leather and weight are very nice. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. Djdan

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    I just checked and I'm at 503 apps. Yeah, a 64gb, obviously. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  16. Djdan

    Buying a new base model iPad, which is better for my purposes?

    I've connected to 4 different WiFi networks (all which I'd previously connected to wi my IPad 2) and have seen no WIFi issue or really a difference at all from the 2's performance. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  17. Djdan

    Power hungry iPad

    Going back to the original question, does anyone know of another wall outlet charger, pushing more wattage than the apple issue charger that would charge the new iPad quicker? I plug it in every night, but being able to charge any depleted amount mid day, and to do so would quickly would be a...
  18. Djdan

    New user, feeling so outdated..

    Welcome aboard! You will learn volumes on this forum alone! I know I have! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  19. Djdan

    Buying a new base model iPad, which is better for my purposes?

    Personally, I go with 3rd Gen. I personally feel it does run warmer, but it really is not bad. The screen is amazing, and if you are a first time buyer, thus device will last you a long time and be supported by Apple for a good long while too. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  20. Djdan

    Is backlight bleeding normal

    Nothing on my new IPad either. Although I did on my 2.
  21. Djdan

    Best notetaker apps?

    A vote for Notability. Over a year of use and still trucking'!
  22. Djdan

    Targus Versavu 3rd Gen iPad Case......

    For what it's worth, smart cover works just fine...
  23. Djdan

    On 4th iPad and still not satisfied

    No issues or problems here either. In fact, I had backlight bleeding on my 2 and basically just dealt with it (you get used to it!) but none whatsoever with this one.
  24. Djdan

    best iPad 3 for me.

    I, too, and a proponent of more storage. More and more apps going "retina", you'll want the room.
  25. Djdan

    Standing in line.... uhh... why?

    Agreed. In and out of a Best Buy in under 20 mins for me.
  26. Djdan

    Ipad 3 commercial during SuperBowl?

    Nope. No chance.
  27. Djdan

    ipad shutting down?

    I have the same issues with the FB app. It's got to be a bug I the app, as I have tried all the normal close/reset options. I'm just hoping the next update resolves this.
  28. Djdan

    Is the ipad 2 the ultimate travel campanion? Over s laptop?

    Certainly depends on needs, but I'm heading out on business on Monday and it will be with my Ipad2 only.
  29. Djdan

    How to get keyboard to pop up

    Are you jailbroken? I had this issue occasionally after jail breaking (I've since undone this)... If so, ther are a few "keyboard fix" tweaks that can be installed to mostly prevent this.
  30. Djdan

    Do you use our ( IPF ) App?

    Love the app!
  31. Djdan

    Uploading photos in Facebook using iPad 2, how?

    Try Facebook Premium Browser (Thera a lite version too). Huge functionality (including photo upload). It's not wildly popular, but I've tried almost every free and paid FB app out there and it is certainly my favorite. Now... If that official app ever makes it way out......
  32. Djdan

    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    Best purchase I've made in a long while...
  33. Djdan

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    452. I know. Ridiculous, right? (64gb IPad 2).
  34. Djdan

    Would you buy an iPad if you could never JB?

    I JB'd with jailbreakme 3.0. It's been nice, and I love certain tweaks (mostly those within Mail app), but I'll be un jailbreaking for 5.0
  35. Djdan

    IOS5 - What are we most looking forward to?

    I'd say notifications and icloud will be the best for me!
  36. Djdan

    Again with the Calendars...ugh!

    Do you have it set up as an Exchange account? I once had a similiar issue and solved it by using microsoft exchange account setup for Gmail contacts and calendars (google how to do this, google has it in a blog somewhere) and now both my calendars and contacts sync both ways.
  37. Djdan

    Post iPad Cases That Look Amazing!

    I recently received my Pad & Quill Contega. It is awesome! Handmade, wood, leather, stand... Big conversation starter.
  38. Djdan

    Remote desktop applications

    I would suggest a little more research not Log Me In Ignition. There is no monthly fee for access from the IPad. I know, the site talks about a trial, and then after 30 days a monthly fee. But in reality, by buying Log Me In Ignition (what you see on the app store), you get a 30 day trial of a...