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    Email trash

    what happens on yours
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    Email trash

    Open trash folder, hit "edit" in upper right corner, "select all" in upper left corner, hit "delete" in lower right corner
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    Email ?

    I don't know how you are set up now. but you must have over 50% battery power or it must be plugged in, otherwise it will just set there.
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    Not understanding iCloud?

    What was your solution. It might help someone else sometime?
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    Home button not working. Any suggestions?

    My cousin's ipad did the same thing.He had nothing to lose so I got a drop of contactt cleaner ( I suppose alcohol would work also ) and held the home button down, put the cleaner on the home button, and pushed it on and off many times. and lo and behold, it started to work, and worked ever...
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    Cables with magnetic conectors

    Yes, that is the type of connector I have in mind
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    Cables with magnetic conectors

    I get mixed reactions/reviews about these lightning cables with the magnetic connectors. Any opinions?
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    Cannot play video after iOS 10.2 update

    I had the same problem. Here was my solution. In itunes, click on Movies on the left side, RT click on the movie, GET INFO, OPTIONS, Change media kind to movie, click ok.
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    Ipad Pro

    Is it wise to buy an Ipad Pro now or wait for the next one, presumably in March 2017
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    iPad 2 Air Speaker Problem

    To add to scifan57 post, you could try to get a headphone and plugging and unplugging it in fast a few times. It might jar the jack.
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    Intermittent orientation lock problem since 8.4 update

    Keeping my fingers crossed, but it seemed to have fixed the problem on my Ipad
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    Lock sound on ios9?

    I have a smart cover, and there is NO difference on my Ipad 2 air. It sounds the same as it always did.
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    Can someone post photos of what the iPad Air 2 looks like in direct sunlight?

    It leaves a lot to be desired. To me, it is not practical
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    iTunes not recognising iPad under Windows 10

    Try under Account, authorize this computer in Itunes
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    Intermittent orientation lock problem since 8.4 update

    I am having the same problem on my Ipad Air 2
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    Crashing iPad 2 -- could it be newer apps on older iOS?

    Did you try the reset? Hold down the Power off button and the Home button at the same time till it goes off and reboots itself
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    Lightning connector loose?

    Mine is tight. Sometimes, I wonder if it is too tight
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    Side by side two iPads one connects the other cannot

    After you reset the network, did it come to the point where it asked for the network password?
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    Fuzzing noise from iPad speakers

    I had a similar symptom three different times. All sound had a fuzzy/distortion to them. One time I reset the audio to mono then back to stereo, and that fixed it. Another time I just rebooted it, ( press and hold down home and power/off at the same time ). Might be worth a try.
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    Change font/text size in ebook reader

    I don't know what particular reader you are using, but as an example, the kindle app allows that. Tap at the top of the page, and you will see ' Aa ', tap that and you can adjust the font size and a few other things.
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    Better Sound

    I have a Bluetooth speaker for that reason, Works nice
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    Safari & apps repeatedly exit out.

    I wonder if resetting network settings would help any. A while back I had a wifi problem that resetting network cured It.
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    How to make Zillow app really go away?

    You might try Settings, Safari, Clear History, and/or Clear cookies ad data. Be aware that if you rely on cookies and history in Safari for other sites they will be gone also
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    How does iTunes upate 7.1.1 stackup?

    I do not see any problems with my Ipad 2 since the update. I definitely see an improvement in battery life.. So far, no problems (fingers x'd )
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    Odd behavior w/iPad 1. At times connects to WiFi smoothly; at times it won't. Help?

    You could try to reset the network, Settings, general, reset, reset network settings. Just have your network password ready.
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    The sound on my iPad 3 just stopped

    Did you check the switch in the upper right side, with the home button at the bottom
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    ipad won't start

    Did you try this : Hold the Home and the power off buttons down at the same time until the screen goes black and off. Then hold the power button down until it comes back on.
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    Very Basic Question

    A lot of the ads have an X in one of the corners to get out of it
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    Dropping wi-fi connection

    Go to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. Try it, see if you have any luck
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    Lost my connection to the Internet after reloading a backup through iTunes

    Another thing you can try is in Settings, General, Reset Network Settings. Then setup your network again
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    I use a browser, IE 11.. I found where to set it. Maybe if the other person does not set his to notify, I won't see it. Mine was set to on, but I still did not get any email from your reply.
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    I have another question. At one time, if someone replied to my post, I would get an email notification, but for some reason I don't receive them any more. Where is that setting. I.E. to read your replies I have to open the thread under "My Posts".
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    FWIW, when I receive an email, if I forward it to myself, then open the forwarded email, it will open and load the attachment. It's a work around for now.
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    Does anybody else have a problem with ios7

    I have an Ipad 2 updated to ios 7, and I really like it. After two weeks of using it, the only problem I ran into is that some, not all, attachments to an email will not download.
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    They are related to MANY posters having trouble ever since they updated to IOS 7
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    I noticed that you are mentioning Gmail, but I don't use Gmail. I use Comcast. I am not having any problem with the attachments on my PC, just with IOS 7
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    Again, thanks. I did just that, deleted my account , but still the same. It must be an IOS 7 problem, because it shows up a lot on Google and Ipad forums.
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    Thanks for the reply. It appears to be random, and the file size is very small, a 33.5kb picture for example. My sister is running into the same problem after updating to ios 7, and googling seems to show many others are having the same problem.
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    Email attachment not loading on ios 7

    Since updating to IOS 7 on my Ipad 2 some .jpg attachments in my email just sit there and says "loading" and will not load. It does not happen to every one. Any ideas? Some load, and some do not
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    One thing to check is in settings, facetime, ON