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  1. KronicKaos

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Not everyone thinks that SBSettings or Winterboard/Dreamboard, etc. are cool though. I think a lot of people don't want to JB because they're happy using the iPad as Apple intended. If you take away all the apps people can get through Cydia, the iPad is still quite an amazing piece of equipment.
  2. KronicKaos

    Case or no case?

    LOL, iPad included? :eek: I got the Otter Box for mine as I'm in Afghanistan right now. Thing is holding up like a champ. Can't say enough good things about the cases from OB.
  3. KronicKaos

    about hacking ipad2 is the one you need. However, as new versions of iOS come out, you'll have to wait a while before you can update because the devs need time to figure out how jailbreak each new version.
  4. KronicKaos

    Swype Comes To iOS With iSwype Beta Cydia Tweak For iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad?

    LOL, it's just that the title is misleading. No need for Swype to get a bad name for something they had no part in. Apparently iSwype isn't quite up to par in terms of how good it works in comparison to Swype.
  5. KronicKaos

    Swype Comes To iOS With iSwype Beta Cydia Tweak For iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad?

    I don't know if the OP knows this, but this isn't an actual Swype release and the app in questions is currently under an investigation as being a possible "hacked" version of the real swype. And from Swype's CEO:
  6. KronicKaos


    It takes like 2 minutes.
  7. KronicKaos


    It was hot here in Germany today which means it will probably be cold and raining tomorrow. :D
  8. KronicKaos

    iPadforums and the Others

    lol. I think you should leave your Yahoo group. Seeing as the Apple iOS Dev program hasn't even released the final version of iOS 5, I highly doubt there is anyone outside of Apple employed devs working on any form of iOS 6.
  9. KronicKaos

    Awesomeness is Here!

    Dude, that's pretty awesome. Welcome to the boards noob. :D
  10. KronicKaos

    iPad owners average age

    Awesome to see that the iPad has helped close the technological generation gap a bit. All you boomers using the iPad, keep it up, you guys all rock!
  11. KronicKaos

    Did anyone sent $$ to comex for his hard work?

    The entire Dev Team makes a good bit of $$ from donations. However a majority of people don't donate unfortunately :( If every person who jailbroke their device donated 1-2 dollars, they'd be set. Fortunately for all the tight-wads out there, a lot of these guys do this stuff for the challenge...
  12. KronicKaos

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  13. KronicKaos

    True Blood

    I'm kinda bummed what they did with Erics character. He's like a wimpy gay dude now. He better return to form and break that witch off.
  14. KronicKaos


    I like it so far. Even though it's in its infancy, it looks really promising. The only problem so far that I've come across is there just aren't enough people using it yet. I think once it really gets rolling, it'll catch on. Hopefully it doesn't end up like Google Wave... monumental "oops"...
  15. KronicKaos

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    I know what JBing gives access to, I was part of the "1st Gen" of jail breakers when the iPhone first came out. Back when there was no Winterboard or MyWi, and you had to manually edit files to get results because the app support on Cydia just wasn't there yet. The thing with the iPad is that...
  16. KronicKaos

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Simple answer: Aside from thinking your iPad looks cool because you used a theme that SOMEONE ELSE created, there's really no benefit to jailbreaking iPads for the vast majority of users. 95% of people jb because they want to theme the OS and they think it makes them a hacker. I jail broke my...
  17. KronicKaos

    New To JB'ing Apple Products...

    Let me preface this by saying that I totally support jail breaking iDevices (I've had every iPhone since it was first released, and have both iPads), however, you're gonna get a lot of fanboys/girls saying "ZOMG jail breaking is the winz because you can do so much awesome stuff." In reality...
  18. KronicKaos

    Glass orb theme custom icons

    it's not going to be in the orb theme folders. try var/mobile/applications and just go app by app
  19. KronicKaos

    if i jailbreak my ipad 2

    If you can find an app on Cydia that converts the flash movies you can. I think there was one released a while ago called Frash or something like that.
  20. KronicKaos

    Okay, I jailbroke, and now what?

    How does one "accidentally" JB? :confused:
  21. KronicKaos

    OMG We got an iPad! Its an iPad

    Much better reaction than the little brat that complained about getting books for xmas. awesome stuff!
  22. KronicKaos

    What do you least like about iPad?

    Not true... CineXPlayer plays .avi files.
  23. KronicKaos

    Where do you dl mp3s besides itunes?

    Haha, well if I like a song from an album though I usually buy the album through iTunes.;)
  24. KronicKaos

    Where do you dl mp3s besides itunes?

    Pirate Bay... :o
  25. KronicKaos

    Disabling screen caputre

    LOL, that's awesome.
  26. KronicKaos

    STUNNING NEWS: Tethering with Android -ain't going to happen

    :rolleyes: over exaggeration much? LOL, doing time for rooting your Droid and tethering with it. If that were the case, there'd be a lot of iPhone users locked up right now.
  27. KronicKaos

    Ipad shuts down in heat lawsuit.

    I used mine for a few hours on the beach in Rimini Italy and didn't have any issues with over heating. People will always find something to complain about though, it's just human nature.
  28. KronicKaos

    JailbreakMe 2.0 Star Released

    November according to Apple Insider
  29. KronicKaos

    An iPad as my sole 'device'...almost.

    I only use mine when I travel and at night to read. Other than that, I rely on my MBP to accomplish anything of relevance.
  30. KronicKaos

    HEADS UP: Free App Plays AVI - XVID Movies on iPad

    i believe this was already posted somewhere. It's definitely a cool App though.
  31. KronicKaos

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    You're very hard to peer pressure Marie... :p
  32. KronicKaos

    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    A lot of Droid users have iPads for some reason. I used to be in the Droid camp, but switched back to an iPhone when I got to Germany.
  33. KronicKaos

    Hide Apps from Appstore?

    lol, this goes on the list of "odd" requests.
  34. KronicKaos

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    What are you scared about? Bricking your device? If it gets bricked, all you do is restore it back to clean firmware. All you do is put your iPad into DFU mode, when iTunes pops up and says that it has discovered an iPad in recovery mode, you hold the Alt key and click on the Restore button...
  35. KronicKaos

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    There have been a lot of different methods used to jb. Pwnage, spirit, iLiberty, and ZiPhone just to name a few.
  36. KronicKaos

    backing up cydia apps?

    purchased apps are stored on cydia. When I got my 3G-S, I went to reinstall some apps and went through the process like i was going to buy the app again and it was recognized by their database that i had already purchased the apps.
  37. KronicKaos

    Military iPad Users

    US Army checking in here. I mostly use mine for FM's, AR's, TC's and other reference materials as most of our documents are in PDF format. About to take mine to the field next week, when I get back next month, I'll report how she holds up. :D
  38. KronicKaos

    Just got my iPad. Have a few questions!

    You should read the whole owners manual. The best method of charging is through an outlet. As far as apps like Facebook... that's on the devs at FB, not Apple.
  39. KronicKaos

    How Many Of You Actually Used iPad....

    That's a no-go. I hope you wash your hands before you pick it back up after wiping. :eek:
  40. KronicKaos

    Do you regret jailbreaking your iPad?

    the only people i could see regretting that they jailbroke their iPad are the people who somehow brick the device. I've been part of the JB scene since the very first iPhone and never had a problem.