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    Welcome to the new iPad Help section!

    Help help help I downloaded the new update stated it transfered data blah blah blah but when it went to sync all data back to froze in the process....long story short i have LOST EVERYTHING!! I had an IT guy take a look to see if he could "find all my missing apps"
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    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    A bit pricey agreed.....but then I thought what the heck...spent all that $$ on the ipad itself why not go for the "gusto" with it's cover (although this will not be my first cover) but I did like the fact that it has the c/c slots ect......keep me posted if you "spring":)
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    No...Not.....Never......have buyers remorse. I carry mine with me everywhere...I can easily log onto my work computer when I am at home without having to get the computer to read ebooks, news, listen to my favorite songs....even watched a movie on netflix while coming home from my...
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    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    Hey Captkirk......check out these ipad leather covers on have beautiful portfolios that DO have slots for credit cards, business cards..ect. They are preorders at this time but to be shipped 5/20....they also have 20% off discounts if you search sena discounts......check...
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    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    yep...mine is with me all the time.....can't go anywhere without someone stopping you and asking something about it! I love it.....didn't get anything accomplished at home yesterday other than sitting and "playing" adding more apps and still trying to get where I can get to my work...
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    Cannot get cellular data account to complete

    no problems here went through quickly the first try.....sorry you are having issues:(
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I am right there with you EDLEX.....its here in my office but cant play with it yet although I did get it out of the book....just to google over it for a few minutes and put it in its new leather cover......damn I can't wait to get home and PLAY!!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    it is soooooo great to hear the happiness is everyone's will be interesting to keep reading through the weekend to see how everyone is getting along......what a beautiful beautiful piece of work this ipad is!!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    ITS HERE!!!! OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to get it all set up..........
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    STILL patiently waiting......oh everyone that has theirs in their hot hands sound like they are over the top!! It should be soon.....I keep going and checking the parking lot at work for the fed ex guy to get here........
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    TIP: Perfect App for 3G iPad when out in traffic

    thanks 4phun for all the COOL apps you keep feeding us!!
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    iPad 3G Data Service Explained before Friday's 3G iPad Launch

    I am going straight for the unlimited.....only makes sense and then there are no worries....
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    I received my shipping notification!!

    To Itzdjx Thanks for such a nice post.......we are all beyond excited and wait has been Excruciating to say the least......tomorrow will be a happy day!
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    I received my shipping notification!!

    I recieved my shipping notification here tomorrow by 3:00........oh soooooo happy! The long awaited wait is almost here.......then it will be total ipad obsession....and 2 whole days to completely indulge!
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    Prepared for Shipment Finally

    My status also reads prepared for shipment......OH getting giddy now.......won't be able to work or sleep till it gets here now!!!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Oh....thanks everyone for the reply's....I wasn't aware they were shipping overnight......oh....I can breathe now.....for a moment anyway. This is by far the worst wait I think I have ever experienced.....I am not a patient person....not one of my better qualities:). I am having it shipped to...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Oh....finally a place to come and cry! The wait is all but killing me.....I constantly check Apple's website to see if those magic words are appearing in my status box....."tracking number"......I am literally getting no work accomplished at work for the continuous searching of anyone that may...
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    Looking for the perfect handbag to carry my iPad 3G

    Perfect purse Depending on what you are planning to spend....I purchased a Coach Leather Audrey which is the absolute perfect size to hold my long awaited ipad 3g......with plenty of room for your other belongings and not a bulky purse either.....
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    Did apple charge your credit card today ??? They did mine

    I just had to reply to EDLEX....I thought I was the only one with this horrible obsession of hunting information when we already really know! I can't stand it anymore.....the week won't pass fast enough.....I have soooooo many apps already for download and use!! AUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH.......
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    Did apple charge your credit card today ??? They did mine

    Apple charged my c/c today!! the long awaited day....Apple charged my credit card today for my 3g 64GB......OH the long awaited wait is almost over....I can maybe get some work done rather than searching the net to see the newest news regarding release dates.....
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    New member today! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pre-ordered Ipad 3g 64gb and have been indulging my brain with all the wonderful news, apps and discussions regarding the Ipad. I will be looking forward to intermingling more when it is actually in my hands!