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    iPad 3 MockUp Shows 3D Amoled Display

    Actually I would be fine with an edge to edge display. I have a case that I hold instead of the iPad. Increasing the screen size as opposed to the device itself would be awesome. I have no opinion about 3d. It would be a nice feature to have as an occasional gimmick, but I can't see myself...
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    Holy Crap, Zite is AWESOME!!! . . . and other observations

    When I really like something I like to give detailed reasons why, so sometimes I worry that I will be accused of working for the company that made whatever I am advocating. And I've actually have been accused of that before. But no, I'm just a finance professional in the healthcare industry.
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    Holy Crap, Zite is AWESOME!!! . . . and other observations

    Only a few months ago, Flipboard was released and hailed as one of the best apps for the iPad. In that program, you can select articles from different sources such as RSS feeds, websites such as the Economist and Facebook, as well as other special interest topics, and then see all of that...
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    Shameless Promote Your Book Thread

    Pieces of the Empire - now 99 cents at the iBookstore! I'm discounting my book, Pieces of the Empire, Book One in anticipation of the release of Pieces of the Empire, Book Two which should arrive at the iBookstore by June of this year. You can find out more about this series by visiting...
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    Why I’m Not Getting the iPad 2

    I'm glad I was able to communicate in a way that so many people could connect with. Although I don't always make it, my goal is to write intelligent, thoughtful posts with a touch of humor. Looks like I hit the mark this time.
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    Why I’m Not Getting the iPad 2

    The iPad 2 is now upon us. The first reviews are in, and they are as strong as the reviews for the original iPad which was released a year ago. This time the device is lighter, thinner, more powerful, comes with two cameras, and has the ability to utilize a neat magnetic cover which doubles as...
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    Anyone Want To Create an App With Me?

    A friend of mine recently created an app and that's gotten me excited about creating one of my own. I'm looking for 1 or 2 partners to help in the process and to have fun. I don't expect to make money on this venture, but I'm hoping to minimize my losses and create something I would actually...
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    The Upgradies

    One of the joys of apps is that things you bought or even got for free get better over time through upgrades that cost nothing. A lot of the time the upgrades are around stability issues or adapting an app for the next operating system, but there's plenty of great functional additions to apps...
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    The Missing Link

    There's been a lot of discussion in this forum and in other sites around the need for a file management system on the iPad. In the 9 months since it's launch, the iPad has seen numerous apps from developers to help solve this problem. Unfortunately, these developers have only solved half of...
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    Zumocast - this is what I've been waiting for

    Every since my first MP3 player, I've longed for the day when my player would have capacity enough for all my music and that I could load new songs automatically without having to hook up my device. As players have become larger in capacity, the first issue isn't as much of a deal anymore, but...
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    Why does itunes suck so bad.

    Just to throw my 2 cents into the ring, I've had the opportunity to use Windows Media Player, ITunes, and Zune to manage my music. Of the three, I think WMP is by far the best in terms of the users ability to edit info (track, artist, etc.). Zune is pretty close to WMP in this regard, but...
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    I will throw my opinion in with the lot of you and say that I have no regrets at all over this purchase. I sold my netbook to get my 3G 32GB and that was completely worth it. I love the ipad as an easy to access internet browser (despite some sites not working as well as I'd like), an e-reader...
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    FlatPad Vs. IPad ?? Anyone??

    Apple has an amazing strategic advantage over other proposed tablets as it has been on market since April (over 4 months now) and continues to have tremendous buzz. Watching articles and announcements about completing products is kind of like having about twenty people try to squeeze through a...
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    Microsoft's Chief Exec Says Competing with iPad is a Priority

    My favorite clip from the meeting was when Ballmer noted that Microsoft had years of experience working with tablet devices, implying that experience would be a strategic advantage to them. The funny part of that phrase, of course, is look where it's gotten them. There is nothing in its...
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    And Then There Were Two

    Amazon made the big leap today with their app, including an instant dictionary feature that works fairly well (although not as good with long definitions). With all the changes going on with these apps, Apple and Amazon have clearly established themselves on the top of the heap. Apple has the...
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    This is certainly an interesting development, but it screams being an inferior product. The price point is too dramatically low and there's no other information available on the internet about this device. And then there's the K-mart thing. I can see 2.5-3 stars in the future of this device...
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    Of course when you venture into the realm of self publishing, the quality of the works will vary significantly. That can mean a lot of weak material. But there's a lot of strong stuff there as well. Personally, I think it's worth the risk to find a fresh author with interesting ideas...
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    E-readers Fade to Black as iPad Gains Momentum

    I agree. The primary reason I use the iPad is for eReading. Then comes web browsing as a close second, followed by games. I had a Sony Reader before I bought the iPad, and I really liked that device. But the iPad does reading better, and I gave my Reader to my mom. No regrets, and I'm...
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    Perfect Web Browser

    I'd like to put another plug in for the Atomic Browser. It's been fantastic, and I can change the colors! That might seem superficial, but it's nice to have a change in scenery. It keeps my browser looking fresh.
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    A better way to find apps...

    I'm with the previous poster. Appshopper has been great! I prefer it over iTunes for apps by a mile.
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    iBook and Kindle Questions

    I really like iBooks to read, it just feels more sophisticated than the other eReaders. However the Kindle selection is by far the best of all the sites, and the app seems to be improving all the time. I don't mind hopping from app to app, but generally my go-to apps have become iBooks and now...
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    My Book Has Arrived!!! - Special Offer

    As of today, my e-book (see the footer below) is now available on the Apple iBookstore! I’m really excited about this and am very proud of this novel. To help encourage interest in my book, I’m making a special offer. If you buy my book in July, I will send to you a signed print of the...
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    Kobo App = Borders App

    In response to some of the posts above: I've only interacted with the store on a limited basis, but the search results I played with returned the exact same matches between the two apps. There certainly can be a difference between them, but I don't see it yet. Sorry about the confusion for...
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    Kobo App = Borders App

    Most of you probably already know this by now, but for those who don't, the new Borders App is identical to the Kobo app with the only difference being in the color scheme (blue vs. red). They even both come with the same free books.
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    Mental Note

    In response to the questions: 1. No, there is no wrist protection for lefties 2. You can't import PDFs, so there's no highlighting function 3. The way audio clips work is that you pick a spot for the audio note, then you record a message. It shows up like a horizontal line. It's not...
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    Mental Note

    Good questions. I don't use any of the functionality that's being discussed so I don't know. I think there is no wrist protection. I'll look into these things and report back in a few days.
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    Mental Note

    I've had a chance now to play with the note taking app Mental Note and I highly recommend it! I used it to brainstorm ideas about my new website and it worked perfectly. A stylus is needed to really make it work well, but I think the same can be said about all the note taking apps out there.
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    iPad and E3 Coverage

    Also, what's the best way to track scores for the World Cup? I've been using Sports Tap, which is okay. I'd like to know how many minutes are in the match, but they won't show the clock. :(
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    iPad and E3 Coverage

    Any tips on what website to go to on the iPad to stream coverage of E3 events this week? I should point out that I will be using 3G during this time, not wifi.
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    Apps and memory

    I don't have a good answer for you, but I can say from personal experience that I have over 130 apps and they take up about as much as I had thought they would. I haven't tied out the numbers exactly, but I know they are in the ball park. Having noted this, I'm guessing that the more apps you...
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    Updated Kindle app even better.

    I think iBooks is the best for a variety of reasons, but you have to respect the selection that Kindle provides. I think when the Kindle gets the dictionary, depending on how smooth it is to use, it will really rise in value.
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    A Tale of 4 eReaders

    Since I wrote my initial review, including the follow-up to include Stanza, I have realized that there were a few key features that I neglected to include. They are Annotations/Notes, Highlighting, and Dictionary functions. The first two I don't use much, but it occurred to me that other...
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    Need help, cant decide...

    When it comes to storage size, I think the best way to understand what size you might need is to understand how you will use the device. For example, in my case, I use the iPad essentially as an extension of my computer. My computer runs a few servers on it which is for the iPad specifically...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I'm trying an app called Mental Note. I've just played with it for now, I'm waiting on my stylus to arrive to really give it a spin. I picked it because it allowed both free form drawling and type text, although the placement of the latter seems to be quite limiting. I like to write novels...
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    Who here bought an iPad even though they dislike Apple products?

    I've never been a big fan of Apple, basically due to a small number of people who were really annoying in their love for Apple and couldn't shut up about it. It it weren't for them, I'd have no opinion about Apple at all. But given them, I've shied away from Apple products in the past. I...
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    Help !!!! Not loving the ipad at the moment.

    I'm glad we can convert files from the Sony Reader to the iPad. Frankly, there are at least 5 major eReaders out there on the iPad and there isn't room for Sony to enter the fray. I had a Sony Reader and loved it, but I've given that away now I have the iPad. Sony is simply too late to the...
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    A Tale of 4 eReaders

    It's kind of hit or miss, but all of the services provide some sort of preview or sample. I think that it is governed more by the publisher then the reading service. I know that with my book, I made 50% available as a sample.
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    A Tale of 4 eReaders

    Ooops . . . A Tale of 5 eReaders There were quite a few good responses to my original post, and I can’t believe I missed Stanza. I was just talking about Stanza to a co-worker earlier this week! Sorry about that. I went ahead and plugged Stanza into the mix, and this is how I rank this...
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    A Tale of 4 eReaders

    Right now there are at least four good options for eReaders on the iPad, and all are free and carry free books. There’s iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. But which one is the best? Which one is the go-to reader when you first want to look for a book? Which gives the best reading...
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    The Entertainment Dollar and the iPad

    Yeah, I think most of us will actually be chasing that break-even point as we buy more and more apps and accessories for the iPad. It's a nice thought just to think that maybe we could reach that magical point, even though we may never actually hit the mark.