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    Ipad as computer replacement?

    I have to say after having my new MacBook air for two weeks I could do without the iPad and stick with the MacBook. The iPad is king at consuming content, and you can't turn a MacBook to portrait, but if I had to choose between them, I think it would be the mac for me. it's just more versatile...
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Yep, any typical portrait shoot I'll probably rattle off over 100 and once they're on the PC they can go. I guess I should be more organised and delete them whilst connected to the PC, but still would be good to not have to do the two finger swiping all over the screen...
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    I have just one.. Select all button in photos, multiple selecting them for deletion is a PITA
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    Intermittent (and random?) Chime?

    Calendar alarms? Husband has synced to his work calendars but leaves his iPad at home so when I am working at home it's dinging all the time with reminders!
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    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Whilst ICS is quite feature rich, I don't believe it's amounting to a great user experience, I have a Samsung phone running ICS. CoPilot hasn't worked for a large amount of people since ICS came out (me included). I've got a few other apps which consistently don't work either. Now whilst this...
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    Ipad as computer replacement?

    i'd suggest an MBA would be the best bet. Highly portable and long battery life and you can hammer out long documents easier. The return to school offer isn't bad either. I am about to spring for an air over the next couple of months. I do have an iPad and the external keyboard and whilst it's...
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    Siri comfirmed for new iPad

    I'm quite interested to effectively test drive siri. After 4ish years of android I'm tempted to jump ship completely over to the iPhone as well. Personally very fed up of how much just isn't working on ICS. Everyone's different but I have been impressed with dictation so far (compared with...
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    Best photo editing program??? Thoughts?

    Snap seed and photogene get my votes in equal measure for different reasons. Chucking out quick edits from Raw files but keeping some semblance of copyright in the exif is handy from photogene but the effects in snap seed are great, and it's made by the people who do the nik PS plug ins I have...
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    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    I'd try taking it back to comet, but you might need to involve apple as comet aren't exactly renowned for their customer service. My 3 and the old 2 in the house run at a comparable speed so it suggests your 3 has issues... Good luck!
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    Iphone and ipad sync

    Ok let me clarify that, sorry the photo stream doesn't count so once your photos are in the photo stream you can delete the photos from the device. I use my iPad with a doxie go to scan in docs for Evernote and keep having to go into the photo stream to delete them!
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    Iphone and ipad sync

    Note photos don't count towards that 5gb either.
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    Tucano Cornice Leather Folio Case for iPad 3!

    Egads, that's a little too much for me. Mine's in and out of a knomo bag so don't need the handle or strap. I like the case on kick starter with the place to keep the keyboard mentioned on another thread, I just think the elastic to hold it in place looks cheap... I am starting to think this...
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    Tucano Cornice Leather Folio Case for iPad 3!

    One month on... Whilst the design of the case is still excellent, I'm afraid mine is suffering... The edges don't appear to be stuck together too well and are coming apart both on the corners and down one side of the cover. My iPad does get shoved in and out of a bag daily, and my hubby did drop...
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    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    Well this uk one is fine. 64gb wifi works just as well as old iPad 2 at home and whilst out and about connected to my voda mifi.
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    Ipad 3 and Siri

    Have to say I am sold on Siri too, given how accurate dictation is for my UK midlands accent it would be a darn sight better than shouting at my android phone. I'm just not ready to give up the other features I like on my android just yet. Fingers crossed iOS 6 delivers but I'm not hopeful in...
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    Using data traffic via mobil using bluetooth instead of buying model with 3G ?

    I'm pretty sure data must be over wifi. The experia is an android phone and assuming it's running on 2.1 or above, it will support wifi hotspots. This is where you can set up to 5 devices to connect at any given time. You should contact your carrier to determine whether wifi tethering is...
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    Looking for sympathy - wont's get it, but looking anyway

    I have a white iPad, white iPod touch and a black car, am I confused lol? I thought the contrast against my photos was better and I don't play too many movies. To be honest it's hiding in a case now so don't see much of it anyway... I've got about 10gb of apps, so getting a bigger iPad is...
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    Ipad 3 vs Transformer Pad Infinity 700

    Flash may be still supported but it's widely recognised as being phased out on android. My Samsung sgs2 on ICS doesn't want to know. The iPad has native RAW photo support for a significant proportion of most major camera manufacturers. That's why I went for it, and the IPS panel over a year...
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    Need help deciding on which one to buy...

    Hi debi, Very late to this thread but as a mum of two children (youngest being 6), I'd say using the iPad as your camera whilst out at weekends just isn't going to cut it. I'd say it's too bulky, it's not as convenient as pulling out a compact camera or a mobile to take that shot. I do some...
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    Hi!I need help!

    I agree with mickeylittle, whatever you decide on I would say the 16gb ipad2 is too small unless you will just surf the net. I haven't got the game you mention but if it's anything like a couple I have (asphalt and air supremacy) it'll have nearly a gig footprint on it's own... As posted...
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    Uploading from camera

    Hi ronaldo, I do this all the time, I shoot raw on a Nikon d700, an Olympus e-p3 and occasionally on my old Nikon d40. For the first I use an ancient belkin 15 in 1 reader & the USB adaptor, it only works as the CF slot is the first slot on the reader. The other two take SD cards so I just use...
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    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    Danny, odd, all of my google calendars are showing up. One's a shared one from a golf club (so i know when hubby is disappearing lol) and one is shared just between hubby and myself, but they all show up.. Nice to hear tesco seeing you right, I've bought both my iPads from there and my latest...
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    Computer games for women

    I was very careful how I worded my reply! I love having a sneaky go at asphalt but have to fight my son over it lol
  24. D

    Computer games for women

    Words with friends or scramble with friends are great, first one is scrabble and the second is boggle! Play against people you know or pick random opponents.
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    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    iOS takes some getting used to. Hang in there at the lack of dedicated back buttons, and randomly pressing the screen to find actually where the save button is hiding, etc. I personally also don't like the auto correct and notifications are still a little intrusive.. I wanted a tablet early...
  26. D

    Calendar apps

    I have this setup, I also have shared google calendars, all works a treat!
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    SD card adapter on newer IOS?

    I use sandisk extreme sd cards which are class 10 and they work fine with the apple reader, both on ipad2 and ipad3.
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    Should i buy the new ipad3 ?

    Sounds like you should ask for a refund... I'm assuming this isn't the official apple CCK? I find my old belkin reader works with the USB connection, but only enough power for the first slot, which happens to be the CF slot, will work. I've never plugged a camera into it directly. For my other...
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    I found an answer to my question: mediaconnect and flexplayer. Both free, work together and just streamed an mpg from my nas I know isn't in a compatible apple format :-)
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    Costs of Magazines

    Ugh ebooks, I love my kindle but man the price of popular books annoys me.. Why ebooks have VAT here in the UK and printed ones don't, I will never understand! It has encouraged me to go for indie authors and i've found some great ones!
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    Costs of Magazines

    Lunar I'm with you, but for photography magazines... When you start, you subscribe, maybe go a year or two and start to realise the articles are rather similar ... I cut out all the ones I was interested in, will scan them in one day (honest) and these days will go to the net for reviews of...
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    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    Hmm, is this the same computer your iTunes library is on? My old laptop, which I still use for stuff like iTunes suffered the same sort of symptoms you were experiencing (it was also vista not win 7). I found I had to plug the iPad in, do a sync in iTunes, then after leaving it a couple of...
  33. D

    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    Can you not use the "advanced" method, I.e. cable transfer the files into Lightroom, then just hit the wireless sync for the keywords? I agree wirelessly syncing RAWs from a DSLR is far too slow. I'm doing this on a laptop without iTunes... Just make sure you've taken a photo with the iPad...
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    Does anyone know if this will transfer files from a twonky/dlna server? My mifi has got the above and I've got a 16gb SDHC card in it. Hoping to stream files from it to this but I'm not sure this will do it (and the dev website is a little sparse lol)
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    Should i buy the new ipad3 ?

    I have two kids and never had a screen protector on a phone nor iPad... My children know they can use it whilst sat down like me, it's not a toy :-) Still loving my tucano cornice case on mine...
  36. D

    Hdmi adapter, ipad3 and itunes movies

    I think you're right, I.e. films I already own that I've handbraked a copy of the DVD will play nicely with the iPad connected to the tv via hdmi. I guess in the same way that sky here in the uk want you to buy another sky box for another tv set, apple want you to buy their tv if renting...
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    Hdmi adapter, ipad3 and itunes movies

    Suspect I know the answer to this but thought i'd check... The weather here in the uk is pretty lousy at the moment, and was intending to set up a "movie at home" as we call it on Thursday for the kids whilst they are on their Easter holidays. So, plugged in the hdmi connector, whilst in the...
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    Wow! Must say Wow! From 1 time IPAD owner!

    The standard photo app should be all you need then. Pop your sd card in the reader (or plug camera into the USB one), the photos app will appear and you can select which ones to copy. You can now create albums on iOS 5 so you can move your photos around as you like.
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    What do you love about the iapd compared to other brands?

    The fact it doesn't randomly reboot itself.. I love my sgs 2 but since upgrading only to android 2.3.4 it's taken to rebooting itself for no good reason most days... The iPad home screen is in the dark ages compared to the widgets on an android tablet, but it's so much more stable, and...
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    Will there be another iPad?

    If they drop an a6 chip in the iPhone 5 or whatever it's called later in the year, I wouldn't be surprised to see the iPad 4 with it in this time next year..