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  1. K

    the Pros of upgrading to 3.2.1 (with JailbreakMe)

    Wifi signal seems stronger and more consistent after the upgrade. I didn't have any specific wifi problems before, but upgraded anyway. The overall device performance seems faster too...
  2. K

    Looking for alternative photo viewer app

    Actually after thorough searching I found this app Private Media Folders - Photos, Video & Office for iPad on the iTunes App Store which is very good for this cause.
  3. K

    Looking for alternative photo viewer app

    Hi everybody. I am looking for a photo viewer app with folders support. Also I would like to be able to have my real .jpg files structure, not the strange structure that the original ipad photos app has. Finally I would like to have the nice user interface of photos. The only app I have found...
  4. K

    Popular PDF Viewers Tested (Large PDF)

    I also did my tests. Tried some big 140mb PDFs and the only app that would not crash after reading through the documents was goodreader.
  5. K

    Web Browsers

    There is an app in cydia named browser changer which can change the default browser. I use it successfully to change to icab!
  6. K

    Hello from Greece

    Hi everybody! I am a proud owner of a 16gb ipad. It is my first apple product, allthough I am an old pc user. Still trying to figure things out...