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  1. Hdchiky

    Ipads on Sale : Post the best deals / coupons

    I just got my iPad air (32g wifi) at Target and got a $50 gift card. Chiky
  2. Hdchiky

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    Just completed updating the iPad, still uploading to the iPhone. Didn't seem like it took but maybe 15 minutes or so. I did it using a MiFi here at my desk at work. Chiky
  3. Hdchiky

    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    I voted, I upgraded from the first generation iPad (iPad 1). Didn't get the iPhone 4s, didn't get the iPad 2... So I could not take it any longer... Had to go get this New IPad! Love it so far... Chiky
  4. Hdchiky

    Hi everyone!

    Hey KatieBug... from another Alabamian.. I live in Birmingham! You certainly have found the best place to get information about your iPad and if you read the links listed above you will find tons of information. Just reading the forum, you will learn a lot. Have fun and enjoy! See you on the...
  5. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    in to green
  6. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    the gingerbread house
  7. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    diamonds on it
  8. Hdchiky

    Everything to do with XMAS!

    Hayles66 - I think it is great the way you are about Christmas. I think I have all of the same movies you do and it does not feel like Christmas if I do not get to watch most everyone of them at least once. I love the Hallmark Chrismas shows on TV too! I am older now, the kids are grown and...
  9. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    to put his
  10. Hdchiky

    Low Memory

    Tim, I see the same information on my iPad when you go in to Settings>About>Diagnostics & Usuage>Diagnostic & Usuage Data. If you have 'Automatically Send' checked you will see information here. I have a lot of stuff??? Not sure I probably should have 'Don't Send' checked. I don't think anything...
  11. Hdchiky

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    I've noticed that too... and I like to game, but... is there a thread designated for that?
  12. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    but what the...
  13. Hdchiky

    For those of you who DIDN'T have any problems upgrading to IOS 5.....

    Was out on vacation the week the update came out, didn't mind - hoping all the bugs would be gone and the upgrade would not be bogged down by so many applying it. So I applied it to my iPhone4 and 32g WiFi iPad 1 last Wednesday (10.19.11). Not sure how long it took as I started it (iPhone4) and...
  14. Hdchiky

    Creating photo album

    Tim, In fooling around with my iPad this weekend I discovered (new 0S loaded successfully) that I could create a new folder in my Photo Album. I also moved some photos in to it - all done on the iPad??? I did not have to do anything at the PC/MAC first. Just letting you know...
  15. Hdchiky

    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    So sad, so young! Such genius... condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace, Steve! Chiky
  16. Hdchiky

    Like the new Layout!

    Looks pretty good... still checking it out. Does look like an iPAD2 forum when you first log on - with all the little iPAD2's showing on the screen. Chiky
  17. Hdchiky

    Sound? I've lost my sound! Help! Please

    Tim! You need your superman pic back out there!!!! For sure YOU are my hero! That WAS it! All sounds seem to be back! That was the one place I never looked (double clicking the home button...nothing showed in settings). Thank you so very much. Can't stand for anything to be wrong with my...
  18. Hdchiky

    Sound? I've lost my sound! Help! Please

    Hey... I would never get mad!! Not that kind of girl!!! The iPad shows the version as 4.3.5 (8L1) a does that tell you anything? Thanks for your help!
  19. Hdchiky

    Sound? I've lost my sound! Help! Please

    Thanks for replying Tim! No, the mute button was not the issue. Yes, I had turned it off/ on, but.... You were right about the headphone - when they are connected I hear the Angry Birds! What have I done? Chiky
  20. Hdchiky

    Sound? I've lost my sound! Help! Please

    Not sure what is going on with my iPad. I can play music from the iPod app - hear sounds from YouTube videos. I cannot hear any sounds from games like Angry Birds or Trucks & Skulls or my keyboard clicks (which are all set to ON for sound). Any suggestions for somewhere I can look? It must be...
  21. Hdchiky

    What does your Screen Name/Member ID mean?

    Couldn't remember if I ever replied to this post so... HD - Harley Davidson Chiky - female rider (ride my own)
  22. Hdchiky

    Do you leave home without your ipad?

    Absolutely - it goes EVERYWHERE I go! :)
  23. Hdchiky

    Post your Pet

    Couldn' t remember if I ever got this picture of my new baby, Mickey, out here. This makes Chi number 3 . Guess I am a glutton for punishment, but I love them all very much! Chiky
  24. Hdchiky

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes Saturday and today at the $1 theater saw Pirates of the Carribean -,the last one. Apes was a better movie imho... Chiky
  25. Hdchiky

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Captian Amerrrrrrrica!!!
  26. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  27. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  28. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

    ummm.... RIBS?
  29. Hdchiky

    New Member

    Hello JamesRJ.. from Birmingham, Al. I was just in Cullman a couple weeks ago. I bought a new Chihuahua puppy from a breeder in your fair city. I hope you enjoy your new iPad as much as EVERYONE does! It is a fabulous device for lots of things! See you around! Chiky
  30. Hdchiky

    Review - Treegloo - Customisable Moleskine-style iPad Case

    Maybe that means there's hope for mine to arrive soon!!!
  31. Hdchiky

    Post your Pet

    The newest member of my pet family - M I C K E Y!
  32. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

    Victor. (Y & R)
  33. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

    Uh- Pa!
  34. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  35. Hdchiky

    Who paid for your ipad??

    The first one (16g WiFi) was given to me by the BF, then for a 40th anniversary with the company I work for - one of the gifts I could choose was an iPad (16g 3G WiFi) I traded it unopened at the Apple store for a 32g 3G WiFi + $100. So I guess you could say I have had 2 iPads given to me...
  36. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  37. Hdchiky

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Just plain not interested... on the iPhone or iPad. Chiky
  38. Hdchiky

    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

  39. Hdchiky

    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    Same here... but my Kindle was bought 'AFTER' the iPad was purchased and used for reading. I love them both but the Kindle is much smaller and easy to throw in my purse on the run, not so heavy when reading in bed. Though, usually I have the Kindle, my iPad, the iPhone and sometimes a...