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    No Facebook games are flash games, if Apple allowed customers to play free games they would not be able to sell the same games in iTunes. Apple does not bend ever that is one reason why many people hate Apple. Do not know why people need to ask about Flash over and over again.
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    No Blu-Ray no Apple macbook ever. I do not understand Mac fans buying obsolete hardware and greater cost.
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    Starting to lose interest in iPad 2.

    How can I lose interest in product that has not been released and is just rumor?
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    Will I need to move from the iPad?

    I read that Apple wants to get a 30% cut from Amazon and Kobo why would any company pay Apple this fee? Apple is not the big fish for eReaders, you have Kindle, can read them on a PC, any Android device. I am worried Kobo and Amazon may refuse to sell books with Apple and just sell them on...
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    If it gives me a reason to upgrade say 128Gig of storage other than that I will pass
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    iPad 3 in September?

    One crazy rumor.
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    I really do not know if the iPad 2 will be a big deal for me or not. I can not tell until Apple actually releases a device because all I read is either a guess or rumor. Not sure if more RAM if it happens will help. As you know for then reason of being completely cheap the iPad had only 256Meg...
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    apple forum on android market

    ??? Which forum and who cares. Android is open not a censored, they do not if some people want access to some Apple Forums.
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Yes it will die. As the Android Smartphone made the iPhone irrelevant; Android has a greater share of the market. When the dozens of Android tablets are released this year the iPad will soon be irrelevant too. Before .... I get the iPhone basher thing, the numbers are real and I will likely...
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    Will the Kindle app leave the app store?

    Simply buy an Android tablet and stick it up to the man!!! The more I read of this the more certain I am I will never buy another Apple iPad. I seen the videos released today of Android tablets running Android 3.0 and it looks very slick. I could be certain my eBook reader will work forever...
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    Rev B who is buying?

    I will buy it only if there is a model greater than 64Gig, even 128Gig I am in. Cameras do not carry my iPad everywhere, I have a real camera..... do not care
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    Apple Making a Mistake?

    Same story, I get my eBooks from Kobo if Apple pulls this off I could not care less if they get a 256Gig HD model the same price I will go with Android.
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    Apple iPad announced one year ago today

    zzzzz... not all of us.
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    LOL I cant believe some of you get that upset when someone else says anything bad about the ipad, are we back in school? some love it, others are not 100% in love with it, who cares, really! ..... very true. OS5 if they call it that will not be here until summer with the next generation iPhone...
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    Macs do not do compression?

    Do not think she is very tech savy. I am pretty sure Mac has some type of native compression. If I knew what would work with I am sure I could create a Mac compatible archive file. She may have an older Mac, older OS.
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    Macs do not do compression?

    I know only on Apple fan sites people may know, because most people use Windows; I had 19 Microsoft Word Documents and went to email them in a Zip to somebody with a Mac. She told me in the Mac World ?? they do not have the ability to open Zip Files ? So what to the Mac people do email 19...
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    This ebook thing is expensive!!!

    I use Kobo, I out of spite because of the fact Apple took 4 months to sell anything in Canada will never buy an ebook from Apple. Anyhow Kobo is owned by Chapters the biggest book retailer in Canada and I have yet to find one book in the store which I could not download with Kobo. There are...
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    iPad satisfaction hits 95% - are you satisfied with yours?

    I am not a blind fan. A few things I do not like, the price, no flash, the aspect ratio is not wide screen it should be 16:9 "Do not buy 4:3 TVs or do you?". A few things that are ok a few apps are worth the download Kobo for example. I mainly use the iPad to read books and I think to myself...
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    But keep in mind that the main reason behind space limitation is that indirectly it postpones quick file sharing ie. piracy acts (in Apples view )and second it gives reasons to buy into cloud storage. The only thing Apple is worried about is having people not buy movies from them. For the same...
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    does ipad support java and flash?

    Now countless sales people point to Apple's rival Android tablets and say "it is not an iPad but at least it does Flash". Not sure that level of advertising was what Steve had in mind. Flash does what it is made to do, it works and works fine. People point at the load time on flash...
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    Game Central

    Do not understand? The issue is this some people do not what to create an account and sign in to Game Center. "I am one of them" You read the 8 or 9 pages of legal stuff you need to agree to? Some people buy stand alone games to play for a few minutes to kill time and they do not care where...
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    Game Central

    Not interested when I play Angry Birds for example just want to kill a bit of time. I do not care where I rank or ever plan on playing a game online....... I logged in anyway. I wonder what happens when you play a "STAND ALONE" game and you are not on WiFi or 3G
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    Game Central

    Everything I start something like Angry Birds the iPad asks me if I want to sign in to or join Game Central. Can I program the iPad to not ask? Never attempt to sign in to Game Central?
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    How much does the iPad 2 have to have?

    I ask a question what would it take "You" to buy. It costs $879 today with no accessories and no tax, the product cost me more like $1000, I was kind saying $900 Accessories - Apple Store (Canada)
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    How much does the iPad 2 have to have?

    Not everybody is a fanboy, I am not. If it is good people will buy it? That is the defining way fanboys think. It is not enough to be good if you own an iPad now, because even though the iPad does not have Flash it is good. Some people do not run out and buy everything Steve Jobs sells because...
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    How much does the iPad 2 have to have?

    How much does the iPad 2 have to have before you think of getting one? I think from what I read .... rumors I would be crazy spending $900 on the iPad 2. Cameras not for me, can not see me going anywhere with my iPad where I would not have a camera on my phone or a real camera. I read that...
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    The Truth about the Ipad

    These posts are boring and I do not have the time to read them. I did read the Pros and Cons of the iPad in the OP and I agree but the other posts I can not read too much "I love Apple Stuff". To the OP you can not post anything negative against Apple on any board that has any connection to an...
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    Steve Jobs Taking Shots at Competition

    So what Jobs will end out with pie in his face, the Galaxy Tab will sell. Two things I like about it, nothing to do with iTunes and you can actually carry one in a large coat pocket.
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    Incorrect aspect ratio.

    Anybody other than me annoyed the iPad has the wrong aspect ratio for watching movies, it should be 16x9?
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    Opinion on iOS 4.2 beta 3

    Can wait only have Kobo on mine I do not need or want any other applications so I do not need folders. For me iPad = Good eBook reader and a fair movie player even though the device is not wide screen Other than that it is useless.
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    What Do You Think People Will Be Saying..?

    Affordable $900 .... ??? 10 years people may not even remember the iPad
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    Opinions: iBooks on Android

    I will never need an Apple iBook on my Android devices, because I will never buy an iBook, Apple took 3 months to start selling them in Canada and during that time I found Kobo and it does everything I need for a book reader. And before you not Apples fault .... 1) iPad was 3 months late...
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    The Flash Debate

    Very nice and very true. Me too I can not use it to browse because site after site I get message saying the iPad is missing the Flash plug in. But I do use it to read books, excel, presentations, docs. email, apps, and notes. To have a crippled browser they may as well not bother. It is not...
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    Flash: Why so important to the Ipad?

    Apple fanboys does not equal intelligent debate. Go to do a search of non-Apple sites you get the true motivation; Apple is the worst type of big brother organization in the World. They sell media Adobe offers media but Apple gets no cut.
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    Just installed the 4.2 beta

    And most of the world does not use Macs and never would.
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    4.1 vs 3.2.2

    I will update to 4.2 when it comes out in November. If it comes out in November how often has Apple delayed 4.x already.
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    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    The last two guys..... first you do know you can attach a keyboard to your iPad ??? Just saying because you and people that defend Apple seem to have forgot it. Where do you surf where you do not find Adobe Flash, Do you browse at all ??? I find with my iPad not being able to visit flash sites...
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    Can't download adobe flash player to ipad

    And I have a bridge to sell you know wonder why people buy Apple products. The only reason Apple does not let Flash go the the iPad, iPhone/Touch is there are thousands of Flash based games that you can play for free. Apple does not like the "FREE" part. If you do not believe me go to any...
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    iPad wanna be's

    What ever.... I tell you I will in time own an Android tablet. They just need to exceed the specs of my iPad and then I am selling the iPad. Battery life is important to me and the limited selection of Android tablets do not have good battery life. Apple does not stand a chance on staying...