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  1. Fool

    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    I have now got mine working perfectly My main cause was the BT router I changed the channel again (4th time) but now gone to a rarely used channel and it's perfect Very pleased and relieved to be honest so try your routers if you have issues
  2. Fool

    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    My iPad is new and has only ran 3.2.1 but wifi is poor I got it online from apple uk So might take it to a store to see what they say.
  3. Fool

    Convert videos to ipad?

    I have downloaded handbrake tonight so how do I get a DVD to appear in it's menu??
  4. Fool

    Is there a DEL(ete) key on the keyboard

    Is it the same in pages as in other apps??
  5. Fool

    Iphone4 and ipad tethering

    Do you have to jailbreak your phone to use mywi??? Even though you spend $9.99!!
  6. Fool

    Pictures FROM iPad to a website ~ how? OK so i cheated .................. I'm on my mac at the mo
  7. Fool

    Pictures FROM iPad to a website ~ how?

    ok so using this theory.... can i use my .mac account or idisc (apple's little bit of server that i call my own....) to store and draw pics for use with my ipad????
  8. Fool

    Pictures FROM iPad to a website ~ how?

    thanks for this guys. I will obtain the photobucket app and give it a go.
  9. Fool

    Pictures FROM iPad to a website ~ how?

    so you have to export to import to export...............
  10. Fool

    Pictures FROM iPad to a website ~ how?

    great question this must be the same for iphone and ipod too looking forward to a responce from someone in the know
  11. Fool

    Space Invaders HD Keeps it Old School

    I've wanted this for a while now so i'm very happy. Thanks for posting. Anyone know if they are thinking of doing a manic miner retro game???
  12. Fool

    iPhone to iPad Tethering a No Go

    I still think this is a shame that apple have not put their loyal customers first, the more apple stuff you buy- the more privileges you should get!!!!
  13. Fool

    Damn-smug iPhone friends

    ipad is a much more quality way to enjoy what we have all got used to!!!
  14. Fool


    thanks captain. I have spotted the link on appstore and will download it
  15. Fool


    Can you buy one month or do you have to subscribe to 12 months???
  16. Fool


    another one Magazine directory - Media UK Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) Zinio Digital Magazines eMagazines Digital Magazine Marketplace
  17. Fool


    good link ravynshadow
  18. Fool


    Ok so we need to compile it ourselves. copy and paste if you get a link. I'll start. Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) Zinio Digital Magazines
  19. Fool


    Is there an official list for digital magazines for the iPad I love mountain biking and v dub/ Audi stuff and would like to get mags digitally. Thanks in advance
  20. Fool

    iPad owners average age

    Lol It would be nice to be 'young' again
  21. Fool

    What should iPad should i go for?

    I have the same. Just went against the 3 g because I was annoyed with the resounding "No" from Mr Jobs!!
  22. Fool

    iPad owners average age

    I'm in the highest average bracket again.........
  23. Fool

    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    Looks like most of us sync to mac
  24. Fool

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Ipad Iphone 1st gen Iphone 3GS 2xipod touch 2nd gen (1 for each of the kids) ipod nano Imac at home and and Imac at work I love apple and I just hope they stay loyal to there loyal following!!!!
  25. Fool

    Hey up.

    thanks guys is there any really good links i should be aware of??
  26. Fool

    Hey up.

    Been a lurker for a few days and my new pad is in the post. Ordered a 64gig Wifi without 3G . I love my Imac and had a couple of iphones so THE PAD was the next move for me. Loads of good threads on here and grateful for the knowledge that you guys are spreading. Happy days.