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  1. tdmsu

    What's the last movie you saw?

    World war z was a great film, and surprising for a zombie flick. Can't say too much more without ruining it, tho.
  2. tdmsu

    PDF editor.. using stylus

    I've had great results annotating PDFs for my students using Notability. It handles ink rendering much better IMHO.
  3. tdmsu

    Ipad mini or ipad with retina display/ipad4?

    I think I'll go with an iPad 4. I'm willing to trade weight for speed and the retina.
  4. tdmsu

    Flipboard, Pulse or Other?

    I like flipboard better, and I use Zite, too.
  5. tdmsu

    Best stylus for ipad

    I use the Cosmonaut stylus. It is a little bigger than most, but that fits my hand better. I like the rubbery feel of it. Mostly what I use it for is to grade papers - I am a teacher who is trying to have a paperless classroom, so when students email me their work, I can annotate it and write...
  6. tdmsu

    What are you reading now?

    I just started reading A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami - I'm already hooked on it's surreal goodness. Has anyone read anything by this author? I recently discovered him, and so far, so great!
  7. tdmsu

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Please add me tdmsu
  8. tdmsu

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    I think if you are using it naked in a relatively safe environment, it would be fine. Now, I don't think I would be comfortable using it naked at work or in a greasy diner! :)
  9. tdmsu

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    I found the cord, but discovers that the plug is broken on the keyboard... Contacting zagg customer service.
  10. tdmsu

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Does the cord used to charge need to be from ZAGG, or will any micro USB to USB cord work?
  11. tdmsu

    zagg sports leather

    Well, I ended up getting the baseball leather for both my ipad and keyboard. It does feel like a baseball and adds no weight while protecting from scratches and looking cool. I chose baseball over football because the football one would not have lain flat.
  12. tdmsu

    zagg sports leather

    Does anyone have experience with these? There does not seem to be many reviews online, and I am curious about durability and feel. I am thinking of going with either the football or baseball one to cover my ipad2 and the logitech keyboard I just got. Thanks for any advice!
  13. tdmsu

    WOTG: MBA 11 vs iPad 3 w/ Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard Cover

    cool comparison! good photos. thanks!
  14. tdmsu

    Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

    I just got one today. so far it works very well. i do miss the auto capitalization, though. it is very light and easy to carry - i think i'll be getting the football sport skins from zagg to put on it and the back of my ipad2 to give it more grip.
  15. tdmsu

    WOTG: MBA 11 vs iPad 3 w/ Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard Cover

    I picked the iPad because it is so much lighter and easier to bring along. I have not tried the specific keyboard you mentioned - I think that might be the big factor for you - if you can use the keyboard at the speed and efficiency you desire.
  16. tdmsu

    Don't know what you've got...

    I am missing my iPad. I sold it a few weeks ago to help fund our holiday trip, expecting to replace its functions with my laptop and iPhone. I am realizing now that I preferred my iPad to the laptop for most things. I can read books and rss on my iPhone, but it was so much nicer to read on my...
  17. tdmsu

    What are you reading now?

    I've realized that I am woefully lacking in the classics, and money, so I downloaded the Essential Fyodor Dostoyevsky and began reading Crime and Punishment. I've started it before, but was always defeated by its length. Not this time!
  18. tdmsu

    How many Ipads does your household own?

    We have one iPad 1. My wife has offered to get me the iPad2 for Christmas, but I might ask her to hold off for the iPad3... not sure if I can resist though... :)
  19. tdmsu

    The Guardian Launches iPad App

    It's a very well done app. I will enjoy the free trial and decide if $20+ a month is worth it later.
  20. tdmsu

    Cases, covers and accessories

    I use a Dodocase with a Zagg shield. I like them both, but sometimes I think about removing the shield. The case is good and light enough to carry around. I don't have any problems with it falling out. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  21. tdmsu

    Upgrade to iPad 3 if Only 3G?

    The trouble with 4G is that it eats battery so much faster that I don't think the speed trade off is worth it right now. Perhaps the iPad 3 will have enough battery capacity to address this, but not likely.
  22. tdmsu

    What would it take to get you to buy an iPad 3?

    I think if the screen was significantly better than the iPad 2. I have the iPad 1 now, but I'm considering a 2 because I don't think the 3 will be that much better in the end.
  23. tdmsu

    Monday night football

    I agree with Wookiee2cu. I would gladly pay a subscription to watch any game on my iPad... even to watch the redzone channel would be great!
  24. tdmsu

    iPad 2 as a gift?

    You should go for it. He will love it. Besides, if he doesn't like it, you can have it! ;) My wife says she might buy me one for Christmas, so she can have my iPad1! :) I am a lucky, lucky man. Now, I must be off to our fantasy football draft (my wife has the #1 pick! I am stuck at #9)
  25. tdmsu

    Amazon’s iPad Rival Kindle Tablet Will Be 7 Inches and Cost $250

    I think for a 7-inch screen, the price is still too high. If they delivered the 10 inch for that price, it might be a different story. Using an LCD also ruins all their commercials hyping reading near the pool, etc. I'll keep my iPad, thanks.
  26. tdmsu

    Keynote for IPAD

    I use Keynote and I find it very easy to use - I have created presentations from scratch with it and edited others imported from the desktop version of Keynote and from powerpoint. It does not have all the high end capabilities of the desktop versions, but it is adequate for simple good-looking...
  27. tdmsu

    To Jailbreak or not to Jailbreak that is the question

    I agree with Tim, no need.
  28. tdmsu

    Best weather app for iPad?

    I like Wundermap. It uses the very accurate forecast from and has animated radar with local conditions and local webcams.
  29. tdmsu

    Do you like typing on the ipads on screen keyboard?

    I don't mind it - I use it for email and forums and the like, but I use my MBP for writing papers.
  30. tdmsu

    IOS5 - What are we most looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward to the Reminders system. I would like to replace my current task management and calendar system with something that seems to work so seamlessly.
  31. tdmsu


    +1 for an education forum. I am a teacher and I've used my iPad to create documents for use in class, but I have not used it to project anything. I have taken attendance on it while logged into our network in safari.
  32. tdmsu

    Are zagg screen protectors scratch-proof?

    I've always had good luck with zagg. I've used their shields on all my devices for years without any scratches.
  33. tdmsu

    CITYVILLE friends

    I found this thread... ...EDITED BY MODERATOR...NO OUTSIDE LINKS....READ THE RULES.....
  34. tdmsu

    CITYVILLE friends

    I am in the same situation. It seems that the game only looks at your Facebook friends to see if any of them play. I don't see another way to add friends.
  35. tdmsu

    How to restart I books on Ipad

    Sure, I think I can help. Tap in the middle of the screen (so you don't just turn the page), then look at the top left corner. There should be an icon that looks like a very small table of contents. Press that, and you will return to the table of contents for your book. Good luck and have fun!
  36. tdmsu

    Office App Comparison

    Thanks for this great comparison! I am happy with iwork, but I now have an appreciation for the other options, too.
  37. tdmsu

    iWork vs Office

    You're right, iWork is $30. I have not used docs to go, so I cannot compare them. My purpose was just to say that iWork is worth the price for me.
  38. tdmsu

    iWork vs Office

    I agree with USBill. iWork is an excellent value that promises to get even better when iOS 5 comes out to provide more seamless syncing. I also agree that the iPad versions wil not do complex formatting, but for me that is ok.
  39. tdmsu

    Just in, my new Grove made case/cover

    Great looking cases! Thanks for sharing! I may have to save up!
  40. tdmsu

    Who uses a screen protector for their ipad????

    I use a zagg - it seems easier to clean and I'm less afraid of scratching it. I must confess, those skins with matching wallpaper are very cool looking! See decalgirl or gelaskins