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  1. J

    Dropbox for iPad and iPhone Gets New Features Via Update

    I had to delete and reinstall, now works perfevtly
  2. J

    Dropbox for iPad and iPhone Gets New Features Via Update

    I have updated and the app now wont open.
  3. J

    Survey finds that most iPad Owners Like to Keep it Safely Tucked Away at Home

    Why have a portable device hat never leaves the house. Mine is with me every time I go anywhere.
  4. J

    Charging my ipad with my pc

    I connected my Ipad to my work PC yesterday. Got the 'not charging' message, however when I connected my ipad was at 28%, when I disconected it was on 85%. The Ipad had been conencted for the better part of a workday. SO it appears that it will charge, just very slowly.
  5. J

    Wife strikes........

    Kids will only damage an Ipad if they are not taught to handle their belongings with care. My kids have always had free access to what other's might call fragile items with no disasters. My 5 year old grand daughter likewise handles her belonings with care. I have no hesitation in allowing...
  6. J

    How to keep kids from accidentally deleting apps

    Teach them that when the little crosses appear, they must hit the home button. Works with my 5 year old grand daughter.
  7. J

    Weird request

    Mike, I never let the device leave my hands. It is more about curiosity so far because the Ipad is not yet avaialble in Australia (only pre-order at the moment) people tend to becoem a little excitable when they see one in the wild. I suspect that it may become a little more unsafe to use in...
  8. J

    Weird request

    LOL, the first chap may have had some luck if he had tried it as a pick up line, the second, I think I would have been hollering for the nearest police officer :)
  9. J

    Weird request

    Has anyone else been approache dby complete strangers who then ask if they can take a photgraph of your Ipad before whipping out an Iphone to take a picture. Has happened to me on two occasions, the first time a young bloke sitting beside me on a train was rather excited to see a "real live"...
  10. J

    iPad vs Archos 9

    Brad, I commented earlier in the thread about my experiences with the Archos 9, which were not positive.
  11. J

    iPad vs Archos 9

    I am curios to know takeovers thoughts on the Archos now that he has one.
  12. J

    iPad vs Archos 9

    Exactly, gentlefury, the Archos requires a great deal of work to even begin to be useable. I would not be spending any furhter money trying to make it do what I want. The Ipad simply works out of the box. Takenover, if you decide to buy one, I would be keen to hear of your experience.
  13. J

    iPad vs Archos 9

    Not very well.
  14. J

    iPad vs Archos 9

    As someone who has an Archos 9 as wel as an Ipad (32gig Wifi) there is absolutley no comparison between the two devices. I purchased the Archos 9 prior to release having looked carefully at the specs and knowing that the included version of windows 7 was inadequate for what I needed. However...
  15. J

    Wifi Performance

    I have no issues at all with the routter in my home, however when using my mobile wifi modem, the connection drops out if unused for a period of time. I figure this is due to the wirless modem needing to manage battery life and shutting of. Also used it at a freind's home with no issues over a...
  16. J

    Why 4:3? Why not wide-screen?

    I also voted no. I have the archos 9 which is wide screen and the dimensions are very awkward for anything other than video (even that is not very good).
  17. J

    what happen to my ipad?

    Looks to me to be similar to what I have seen with broken e-ink screens.
  18. J

    Any hope of a 3g adapter.

    That's what I am using and it works very well. My only gripe about it is the battery life which seems to be around 4 or 5 hours.
  19. J

    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    Mine is with me all the time, I catch then train to work and this is a little over an hours journey, so the Ipad provides an easy to use device to work on. Sometimes typing work documents, other times surfing the net or simply reading. Funiest experience occurred last week when a young bloke...
  20. J

    iPad for Students

    my Ipad gets it,s first workout at Uni tomorrow, looking forward to seeing how well it will function for note taking purposes. already reading text books on it where possible. Course readings have all Ben given to us in a bound book which I am not happy with. but all additional readings are...
  21. J

    iPad sales outside of the US

    I paid $950 aud for my 32 gig model from Ebay and that was the cheapest I could find here..
  22. J

    Buy A Sprint Overdrive and Get A Free iPad Case

    I am using a Virgin mobile wifi modem with my Ipad which is working well. Here in Australia 3G Internet is priced extortionately and on a plan a both $50 a month for 5gig. I have gone with a prepaid service rather than be tied to a plan. The major drawback to the wifi modem is batty life which...
  23. J

    itunes store (outside USA)

    Got the iTunes store working. Now happily reading my books on the Ibooks app which is working well for my pubs. Now have kindle for any kindle or mobi books and Ibooks for pub.
  24. J

    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    I have purchased the Ipad to replace my Archos 9 which was a s, Low and clunky machine which despite many hours spent tweaking has never worked in the way that I wanted. My Ipad on the oth hand has worked straight out of the box with no issues. I am really enjoying it.
  25. J

    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    Grab the itextspeed app, will Allie you to practice typing and increase your speed rapidly. There is a lite version which is free.
  26. J

    itunes store (outside USA)

    will that affect the apps I allready have from the Aus store.
  27. J

    itunes store (outside USA)

    I am in Australia and cannot access Itunes from my Ipad. I get a message stating that Itunes is not available for this country. Not a major issue as I can access most of what I want from my PC and then since.
  28. J

    Folders on home page

    Not yet. will be able to when the new OS is released later this year.
  29. J

    International Apple iPad Launch Delayed

    Likewise, when there was still no anouncement RE: firm release date on Monday, I ordered that 32gig model from an e-bay seller, will have it in my hot little hands tomorrow when I get home from work in time for the whole wekend to play with it :). All up with dleviery it cost me $1000 from ebay...
  30. J

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    My main use for the Ipad will be: Reading to replace or augment my Kindle DX. Photogrpahy books and ht elike are going to be awesome on this machine. I will have a dock on the kitchen bench so that I can use the machine as a cook book. I currently do this with my laptop but it is an awkward...
  31. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I am weak willed, just pressed the buy now button on a 32g Wifi model on e-bay. How could I resist, it is in Sydeny and I can have it in my aching hands by the end of this week as opposed to not knowing when I might get the 3g model. I figure my hubby will be smitten by the device and willw...
  32. J

    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Well at leats when you are 7 and it's four days from Christmas, you have a calendar you can check off the days and you know how many more sleeps there are to go. We have no idea how many sleeps there are until IPAD 3GS day. Oh and I will add another painful aspect, for we Asuies, we don't...
  33. J

    iPad ushers in a new age, for all ages.

    Computers have long held a lot of potential for learning aids for children, however the Ipad just takes the concept so much further. My 5 year old granddaughter already accesses a lot of apps on her ipod touch and I look forward to seeing her reaction to my Ipad when it arrives, hopefully later...