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    ipad 2 upgrade 4.3.2 to 4.3.3

    What are BLOBS ?
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I have a notepad on my screen. It looks like a legal pad and is labeled simply "NOTES". It is very handy and I use it daily.
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    Welcome to the new iPad Help section!

    Hi.... My suggestion would be to find someone you know who has an iPad and see if he or she would be willing to show you around a bit. Most iPad owners love to put it thru it's paces. If you don't know anyone, go to your local tech store (Best Buy is always helpful) and ask a few questions...
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    Had to Reserve My IPAD 2 from Best Buy...Still Waiting

    I ordered from Apple today and they said it would be 6 weeks. I'll be lucky to get it then!
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    Your favorite stylus - here's mine

    I have many different types of stylii (??!!?) and I've decided I don't particularly like the Dagi or any other angled tip. I never seem to have it at the correct angle and it takes several stabs at the target to get it right. It's true that sometimes the rubber tip comes off, the foam-tipped...
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    Is 16gb enough?

    If you're definitely buying the new model and it comes out really soon......16g may do for now. You won't be able to store many songs or pics and you can't get many apps. I'd go straight for the big boys...64 g. I've had my 64 g for 4 months and it's 3/4 full. As you can see, I like excess...
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    Cydia Apps

    Could you tell me how to download XBMC? I'm having problems. Thanks
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    Cydia Apps

    I'm trying to get XBMC from Cydia, but I can't follow the directions because the Cydia on my home screen doesn't give me any way to go to "Manage" to get started . Has anyone else had this problem? What do I do? Is there an alternate way to install XBMC?
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    Additional Mail Folders

    I'm using microsoft's I guess I'm just out of luck! Thanks anyway.
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    Additional Mail Folders

    Is it possible to add more folders to my mail? I'd love to have some way to sort the mail I need to keep.
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    Cydia - This device has a pending TSS request

    What do you mean by "blobs" ?
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    Please Answer and explain if it can be done?

    Thanks, guys! Until you explained, I thought of the kernel as something that could be simply downloaded and installed. Now I'm scared to death! LOL. I'm not at all afraid to do these things under the direction of an "expert"' but not by myself. Since there isn't a catagory called "kernels...
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    Show Your Art!

    Sorry, JTownsend! I was talking to NumbLock! He had said he traced an actual photo in his portrait on page 1. Your art is VERY good. I especially liked the time lapse!
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    Using Moto Droid to Tether iPad

    Where does one get kernels to download?
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    How many pay for 3G /4G SERVICE?

    I have a rooted DroidX but I've been unable to tether. I have installed Wireless Tether and Barnacle, but neither is able to connect me to the Internet even though my iPad shows that the apps are tethering. I'd love to find someone who would spend time to help me. What did you do?
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    Please Answer and explain if it can be done?

    Could you explain the concept of a kernel to me? What are they and where do you get them? And. What is UD 2.5? People talk about changing ROMs. What are THEY, and where you acquire them?
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    Using Moto Droid to Tether iPad

    Do I install cyanogenmod on the Droid or iPad?
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    Using Moto Droid to Tether iPad

    What is a kernel? I know that is a newby question and I'll most likely get lots of condescending remarks, but if I'm going to become a hacker LOL and tether my iPad, I have to know these things.
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    Using Moto Droid to Tether iPad

    Where did you get cyanogenmod? I found a website but no way to download. And what exactly IS cyanogen? I saw that it is a ROM, but I don't understand what that is in that respect. It used to mean Read Only Memory, but I think that if I knew what it was and what it did, I'd have a better...
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    Please Answer and explain if it can be done?

    Yes...PLEASE chime in! I've done everything I know how and I still can't get Internet access on my iPad. I rooted my DroidX, downloaded and installed both Wireless Tether and Barnacle. Although both show up on the ipad as working , so far I've had no success actually connecting. ANY...
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    Any way to get Wifi Through Droid X?

    I'm still trying to get Internet access and neither of these programs has worked yet. I feel it's something I've set incorrectly, but I can't figure ou what!:confused:
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    Any way to get Wifi Through Droid X?

    I did that and I still am unable to connect to the Internet. Could someqone help?
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    Using Moto Droid to Tether iPad

    This is my problem exactly! I, too, have wireless tether and barnacle and both will show on the iPad but neither will connect me to the Internet. I.m going to try to find cyanogen. If you have success, please post it and so will I.
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    Disguised for public transport

    I suppose it depends on whether you want to merely carry the thing unnoticed or whether you want to use it while you're traveling.
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    Little less hate out there, already, ok???

    I've noticed that the people giving the advice assume that the recipient knows the basics. A noob is a NOOB. Thats what it means! Give them a break! Be kind!
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    Anyone use their iPad less?

    I wish I WOULD use mine less! I spend all day doing jigsaw puzzles, logic problems, etc. I really need to get some things done.
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    I've tried wireless tether and barnacle on my jb'd DroidX but I still can't get wifi service on my iPad. Does anyone know why?
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    When to Turn Off iPad

    I've only turned mine off once since I got it. I put it on charge every night so I can use it all the next day.
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    How many iPads do you have?

    1 iPad (64 wifi) 1 iPod (unused) DroidX
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    iPad really needs .... a max, min, close buttons

    OMG! Think of the time that would save. The way it is, it's like starting all over every time you change apps. This "multitasking" is a joke.
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    This works! Targus Stylus for Apple® iPad™

    It seems like the longer I use a stylus, the more it drags on the screen. Even tho it drags, it doesn't do the job unless I press really hard. This happens with all brands of rubber-tipped ones.
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    iPad sets off store security alarms?!?!

    At least you have an excuse if you need one! LOL
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    Thanks! Hookbill sent me a video about Barnacle si I downloaded it, but it doesn't work...

    Thanks! Hookbill sent me a video about Barnacle si I downloaded it, but it doesn't work either. I'm sure it's some setting I have wrong on my iPad.
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    Any way to get Wifi Through Droid X?

    I realize we are limited in what we can say, but if any of you have knowledge of wireless tethering....please send a private message. Thanks
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    Why Are Apple So Ignorant ?!?!?!?!?

    Hey Hookbill.. How can I get in touch with you?
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    Hi..I've seen many of your posts, so I know that you are VERY knowledgeable. I need help and...

    Hi..I've seen many of your posts, so I know that you are VERY knowledgeable. I need help and tho I've posted to several threads, I'm getting no answers. Would it be feasable for you to help?
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    African Blackwood iPad is a thing of beauty

    I'll bet that's expensive! It's beautiful tho.
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    New Nook App

    I suggest you get the Kindle app and ditch all the others. That way, you have all your library in one place. Of course, it isn't as cute as that little shelf of books.....
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    Any way to get Wifi Through Droid X?

    If and when I get Wireless Tether to work, will it use up the minutes in my phone plan?
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    Any way to get Wifi Through Droid X?

    I have a rooted DroidX with Wireless Tether installed. For some reason, even tho it shows up on my iPad as being on, I can't get it to work. It says it can't open the websites because the iPad is not connected to the internet. What do I need to do in order to use it?