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    Apple bashing -why?

    You describe my experience perfectly. As a user of an Android phone, an iPad and mostly Windows PCs (I started out owning one of the original Macs 26 yrs ago) I'm covering a wide range. Simply stated, my experience on the iPad is much smoother than the other two, but I chafe at the...
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    3g version

    You can pay for the connection at will. Once you've started it for a given month, you've paid for the month (and I believe that is a month from when you turn it on), then turn it off and at the end of the month you won't be billed until you turn it on again (turn it on is identified as a...
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    Blown away

    I just picked up the keyboard dock from Best Buy and would have to say that I'm blown away. The only downside at this point is that I have to pull the iPad out of the Apple case to put it on the dock. You can use the keyboard without the charger plugged in, or plug the charger in while...
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    How to stop ipad from backup ?

    I want to be careful with this recommendation, but I use a utility called "backoff" that causes iTunes to skip the backup. It is available at BackOff Speeds Up iTunes Sync for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I am not associated in any way with this tool. Before using this tool, ensure that you...
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    The New Clear iSpot Portable Hotspot Allows iPad Access To 4G Speed

    I'd say for any of these things, now is the right time to stay out of contracts, whatever you do. This is a category where the technology is changing so fast that whatever you get into could put you into a dead end. **** written by a guy with a Verizon Droid that was supposed to have...
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    Really stupid question but need answer

    I'm glad to see the the Virgin Mobile arrangement suggested. I'm running a Verizon Mifi right now, but fully intend to switch over to Virgin Mobile once my contract is up. I would not be surprised to see more of the companies offering more contract free arrangements like this.
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    How Many Of You Use MIFI w/ Your ipad 3G?

    It's not my primary connection for the iPad ... I use the AT&T plan, but it usually connects when AT&T won't, and it comes in really handy as a good way to get around the 20M limit for application download.
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    owa (Outlook Web Access)

    I use exactly that setup at work, and it works perfectly in the mail app. I far prefer that over the safari screens.
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    Plastic bag in came in?

    Personal bias This is just a personal bias, but I don't enclose circuitry in plastic bags once it's been exposed to the open air. Closed plastic bags do a good job of trapping any ambient moisture and circuitry doesn't mix well with moisture.
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    I'll toss in another vote for the Targus Citygear Netbook bag. The only downside I've found is I'd like a little more space and pockets that can close securely (i.e. Zipper). I also carried a Swiss Gear bag for traveling with my Nook, mifi, phone, etc. I saw someones comment in this...
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    Help !!!! Not loving the ipad at the moment.

    Do a Google search for the "Adobe Digital Editions" program put out by Adobe. I haven't been through the process you are attempting myself, but when purchasing Sony books and using them on my Nook, I need to wash them through ADE on the way to the Nook. Adobe then identifies the Nook as an...
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    wifi, 3G and the new ATT data plans

    Not spam, honest, just an alternative I use a Verizon Mifi unit myself, and am stuck under contract for that setup for a number of months yet. Once I get out from under that contract, the following is where I intend to go. MiFi 2200 Hotspot for 3Gstore's No-Contract $49.95/mo Verizon Plan...
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    iPad for Business: Replacing the notebook?

    Take a look at iMeetingPad for note taking. I literally just picked it up so haven't used it extensively enough to truly review it, but it looks promising.
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    When worlds collide...

    A setup that will really twist someone will be the Lenovo U1 Hybrid coming out at the end of this month. Screen, when docked is a windows 7 based typical laptop. You can undock the screen, and when you do that, the screen becomes a Linux based touchpad machine.
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    OK,, I take it back...

    You just reinforced one of the early decisions I made. I don't have my pad in yet, it's on order, but I recently picked up a B&N Nook and arrived at the conclusion that such a pad was going to be a gift I would give should someone close to me become disabled. In the case of the Nook, it was...
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    Man, it's hard waiting

    Let's see, introduce myself. I'm a system analyst with 31 years of experience in the IBM world and I've pulled the trigger and placed the order. Got the keyboard, apparently, I'll find out when I get back into the office, but the iPad itself doesn't show up for another week or so. Man, it's...