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    Apple Ipad2 Smart Case - does it ruin the screen?

    Just to follow up on what Tarkio said - I have seen the stripes people have been describing on my iPad. It appears to me that the cover really does clean the screen where it comes in direct contact with it, as Apple said it would. The stripes are simply where the cover doesn't touch, hence...
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    Smart cover wear and tear?

    No such problem with my poly cover
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    Is it just me or does IPAD2 camera really stink?

    When I decided to get the iPad 2, the cameras weren't a factor. I really didn't even expect to use them. But I'm finding them a nice bonus and pretty fun to have, especially the vid capability and for quick stills for Facebook posts. The operative word for me is "fun" as in, if I want really...
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    How is the new speaker (sound level or volume) on the iPad2?

    OK, but if I can't tell without a meter it's not a significant difference to me. Perhaps I'm just not a very discerning user, or had inherently low expectations for onboard speakers in a device like this. I have bluetooth speakers I use when I care about the sound level and don't want to wear...
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    Can you afford it?

    True, in fact I just got the 2010 dividend on purchases made with my card and it came to a little over $400. I pay in full every month and there is no annual fee, so basically I'm getting paid to use the card. Just saying that managed responsibly, cards aren't always a bad thing.
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    How is the new speaker (sound level or volume) on the iPad2?

    The new speakers seem as loud or louder to me, as long as they aren't blocked by whatever the iPad is lying on.
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    Ipad 2, does it scratch easily?

    Seems that way to me too. Not nearly as smudged up after use as the first iPad would get. I have a smart cover on it - maybe it really does help?
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    My Ipad 1 vs Ipad 2 review (for people on the fence like i was)

    Things that are really noticeable for me are the thinner form (of course), faster performance, and brighter screen. The weight difference isn't real obvious to me but I sold my first iPad a few days ago and can't do a side by side comparison. Maybe if I did it would be very apparent. Just...
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    So nobody went to walmart and target...FAIL

    I called the closest WalMart and AT&T stores and they said they wouldn't have any. So I went to Apple and stood in line. Store employees came by with free water, coffee, hot chocolate throughout the afternoon. It was fun to talk with like minded people in line when I wasn't reading a book...
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    Are lines forming where you are?

    Salt Lake City Apple store has 450-500 people in line, we're starting to move now...
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    Thoughts on MobileMe??

    Good comments. All I'll add is that if you do want Mobile Me you can get it cheaper thru Amazon. I think I paid $69 or something like that for a year long subscription.
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    Engadget review of iPAD2

    You guys need dogs. Mine think I'm brilliant! (mostly because I can work a can opener)
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    Can you afford it?

    I can afford it, but given that I had a first gen iPad that worked fine I was still having trouble justifying it to myself - until I sold the first one online for $468. I thought that was a decent price considering the market is flooded with iPad 1s now (if I'd made up my mind last week instead...
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    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    I just sold mine yesterday and planned to buy online, but the withdrawal symptoms are already setting in. Would really like to get my hands on the new one Friday instead of next Tuesday or whenever an online order would arrive. I have a local WalMart but they have no idea if they will have any...
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    Viewing PDFs on iPad?

    You're right, there are lots of ways to read a PDF and those are two good ones. But if you have a lot of PDFs or need to make notes on them, then an app with well designed file management and annotation tools (like GoodReader) is invaluable.
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    Viewing PDFs on iPad?

    I use GoodReader all the time too. It has great PDF annotation tools.
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    best note taking app for ipad 2

    I take notes in at least one meeting virtually every work day, so I've tried a variety of note taking apps. In the end I found it easiest to just use the native notes app to type in, then I mail those notes to Evernote because of its tagging, filing, and search capabilities (and because I like...
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    Not sure I understand this logic. Apple comes out with new versions of their stuff yearly, pretty much like clockwork (no surprise or sneakiness there), but the old one still works. If you like the product why give it up because there's an even spiffier version available? Seems self...
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    I really want the new iPad. Thinner, lighter, faster is hard to resist in a device I use all the time, at work and at home. I can almost justify it. But then I remember the gen 1 I have isn't exactly big, heavy or slow, and still works perfectly, so I'm trying hard to hold out for gen 3...
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    Best note taking app on iPad? Notes?

    I arrived at a similar solution, except that I combine it with Evernote’s organization and search capabilities. Basically I use Notes as my input app because it's a really quick, clean interface that doesn't get bogged down trying to sync while I'm using it (I have poor cell coverage in many...
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    Any easy way to really close an app in 4.2.1?

    To me the main advantages of multitasking are having apps re-open where I left off using them, and having a choice in what music app I can have running in the background. So quickly switching between apps is not the only reason to have multitasking, or even the main reason for me. But since...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    like many prevous posters, I use GoodReader for reading and annotating PDFs. I love the file management system it offers. I use Pages and Numbers for text and spreadsheet editing respectively. I'm very happy with the capabilities and import/export options of all three apps. As for getting...
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    Did You Have Problems with iOS 4.2 Update?

    I installed in early evening the day it came out. Did a backup/sync then downloaded the new iOS and installed. Everything went by the book, done in less than 20 minutes. I used a MacBook and a never-jail-broken 64GB iPad with about 12 GB free, for what it's worth. Oh, and updated my iPhone as...
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    Probably a dumb question about cursor placement...

    Yes, the lack of arrows on the on-screen keyboard is a much-lamented issue. If you do a lot of typing then an external keyboard might be worth getting. But short of that, you can improve the accuracy of your fingertip cursor placement by touching and holding on the spot you want to put the...
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    Cannot get cellular data account to complete

    I was having the same issue - the iPad account set-up would not accept my address because (as AT&T explained to me) the area I'm in is not served by AT&T. Funny thing is I DO have an iphone that's charged to the same VISA account, I just had to get an out of town number for it. Local AT&T...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    all synced and have been playing for a half hour or so Wow, I'm loving this!!!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    My delivery status just changed to "delivery exception - Deliver by Monday" MY HEART SANK! But as I was typing this the FedEx truck pulled in - whew! I think the status must automatically switch to "exception" when the 4:30 deadline passes. Anyway I'm off to unpack and sync...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    OH TUCKER - hurry and good luck!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    OK it's 4:20 and FedEx is supposed to deliver by 4:30. He'd better hurry up - I'm starting to come unglued reading about everyone else having theirs already!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    2:40pm I resorted to cleaning the window I've been staring through, to pass the time and the better to see Santa when he comes.
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Edlex, when you find that high end leather cover be sure to post about it because I'm looking for something very similar. Like you I wanted to let the 3G model be out a while so companies could get a good fit designed.
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Thanks Ireyn330, it's good to hang out with people who understand! Most of my friends are not very techie and would roll their eyes if they knew I'd taken the afternoon off work and was staring out the window, waiting for FedEx....
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    2pm and still waiting here. I know from experience I'm on the end of the FedEx route but there was always that slim hope it would be delivered earlier. On the up side, I know it will come in 2.5 hours or less, and then I have the whole weekend to play. I can wait that long!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Mine went in circles in CA before finally heading east: Rancho Cordova, to Elk Grove, to Oakland, back to Rancho Cordova, back to Oakland, to SALT LAKE where it sits now, about 3.5 hrs away!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Mine started out from Rancho Cordova and is now in Elk Grove, CA. Considering I'm in Utah, I doubt I'll be lucky enough to get it in the morning. Might as well go to work tomorrow. :(
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Finally got it - to be delivered by 4:30pm tomorrow.
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Still no shipping notice here! I'm about 3 hrs from a city, preordered March 12 about 6am
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    still Prepared for Shipment here too - aarrgggh
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    yes, I think that's right - it's prepared for shipment, but not shipped yet, so both statements are true. We can only hope that tomorrow it'll say SHIPPED and that @&?! "Late April" will finally go away completely!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    WOO-HOO! just changed to "prepared for shipment"! I ordered at 6am March 12th.