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  1. RoadPilot

    Chinese girl attempts suicide, after tiresome work in iPhone/iPad making factories

    There's something oddly ironic about listening to someone complain about the way sausage is made while stuffing thier faces with Andouille and Bratwurst. If you feel so inclined to "do something about it", then stop buying Apple products. The previous poster who said it is the growing pains...
  2. RoadPilot

    My Daughter was just mugged!

    You are clearly in need of some education and training relative to both WHY and HOW to carry a concealed handgun. And if you feel that you are not capable and/or trained properly enough to maintain possession and control of you firearm, then you are right - you have no business carrying it...
  3. RoadPilot

    Syncing contacts to Google without iTunes?

    Yup. And if you have other devices (e.g., BlackBerry), you can use Google Sync to sync Google contacts, calendar, etc., with THOSE devices as well, keeping everything in sync.
  4. RoadPilot

    Need a simple password manager

    IMHO, 1Password is the cat's meow. It's integration with Dropbox makes it one of, if not THE, essential apps on my iPad, laptop, and home computers.
  5. RoadPilot

    Pairing with BlackBerry

    You don't need iTunes -or- the BB Desktop software. 1. Use Google Sync for Blackberry to sync your BB with Google contacts Google for BlackBerry 2. Set up Google account on iPad as 'Microsoft Exchange' account, then sync contacts.
  6. RoadPilot

    iPad tragedy. Must Read!!!!

    Sometime peace & quiet has no pricetag. If the Dad already took it away "20" times, it's clear that the kids failed miserably at learning to get along.
  7. RoadPilot

    What do you think of Apple's decision to change the orientation lock switch?

    The only thing more useless than a thread about the screen orientation/mute button change is yet another thread about the screen orientation/mute button change.
  8. RoadPilot

    Why All The Restrictions

    Apparently, you've either forgotten about or are too young to know about IBM's micro channel architecture that the tech behemoth tried to force down the throats of consumers and competitors during the mid to late 1980's. If so, I suggest you go bone up on the history of IBM and MCA. Suffice it...
  9. RoadPilot

    New member just got my free ipad

    So you bought numerous iPads (retail) and resold them, but somehow THOSE new sales did not "help" Apple? :confused:
  10. RoadPilot

    Why All The Restrictions

    Restrictions? It's all because that's how Stevie & Co. maximize revenue and, thus, maximize profits.
  11. RoadPilot

    Well. iOS 4.3 coming up End of the year

    It's just a fix for the mute/screen orientation switch ... ROTF!
  12. RoadPilot

    i can not make this up people ..

    I'm going to start a NEW thread with the subject "I can not make this up people" and put a link in it to *this* thread ...
  13. RoadPilot

    Locking Screen/Internet speed

    I would venture to say that it would depend upon where you bought it, and whether or not it was shipped to them before the release of 4.2.1.
  14. RoadPilot

    Why would I want to upgrade to 4.2.1?

    newfmp3, you contradict yourself in your own post. First you say the concept of multitasking and the taskbar is overwhelming for most people, but then immediately turn around and say it needs more ram, more buttons, and "a slew of things more". If the former is overwhelming, adding a bunch more...
  15. RoadPilot

    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. It's a damn button. Get over it. There are a hell of a lot more important things in life, no? ;) Seriously, I don't care if it's a button, a few swipes, or if it...
  16. RoadPilot

    i can not make this up people ..

    Read your post twice, and I *stiil* can't discern just exactly what the point of that post is/was ... :?
  17. RoadPilot

    Wifi over 3G

    Leave 3G off even when you know you're NOt out of wifi range. Why waste battery running the 3G hardware when you are using wifi? I also keep the Bluetooth off unless I'm specifically using it, too.
  18. RoadPilot

    Did You Have Problems with iOS 4.2 Update?

    Let's see: Estimates ranges from as low as 3 million to as high as 6 million iPads sold so far, and you consider 5 pages on a forum as "many, many" people experiencing problems. Hmmm. Doesn't add up. Heck, 84% of respondents to the poll in THIS thread report little or no problems. Just a...
  19. RoadPilot

    Forum Runner on

    Any chance these forums will install the (free) plugin to support the Forum Runner app? Forum Runner - vBulletin / phpBB Forum iPhone App The client is, of course, available from iTunes store - both free (read-only) and paid app.
  20. RoadPilot

    What is the best Browser for iPAD

    Atomic here.
  21. RoadPilot

    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    Gotta love the folders feature, eh? Not so good things - miss the hardware orientation lock switch! It's in the taskbar. Slide left to right, and you'll see the orientation lock icon. Depends upon what the app is doing, I suppose. If you're just editing a document, then I'd say, no. But if...
  22. RoadPilot

    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    Of course it didn't -- that's because I don't store my iTunes media on the C: drive.
  23. RoadPilot

    iOS 4.2.1 Available Now - Yes, Really

    Took my Windows 7 box a whopping 8 or 9 minutes to complete the entire process, and that *includes* the 5-6 minutes of download time. No problems here!
  24. RoadPilot

    iPad in Law Enforcement

    henry2: We *are* using new technology, henry2 (e.g., e-Tickets, wireless upload of data from MDT to servers @ the office, etc.). But, again, it's all department owned and approved hardware.
  25. RoadPilot

    iPad in Law Enforcement

    Makes sense. As long as the department politicos are on board. Standard, run of the mill RDC is way too insecure at this point. The most popular CCTV/DVR systems are made by Pelco (they do most of the prisons, jails, etc.). There is not a native client for iOS, and streaming via RDP simply...
  26. RoadPilot

    Now you can Play flash Videos on your iPad!

    Sure they can. It's called providing an OPTION. Silly, huh?
  27. RoadPilot

    Now you can Play flash Videos on your iPad!

    Actually, YES! In case you didn't realize it, businesses do a crazy thing called 'market research' to determine what customers want BEFORE developing a product. Quite often, this 'research' does, in fact, include 'POLLS'. Wild, huh? So if Ford or Toyota sells cars without a feature that...
  28. RoadPilot

    iPad in Law Enforcement

    Next time I "walk through" I should "take a hard look"? LOL. How about "next time I get in a cruiser to work a shift"? Apparently you missed the part of my post that included, "All the software *we* have/need is ..." I didn't say other hardware wasn't used or needed. I said using...
  29. RoadPilot

    Returning the iPad

    Depends upon the company, but I think that *most* of that is largely due to a false stigma attached to the idea of a "refurb", not actual issues involving refurbished units. Now that is odd. :confused:
  30. RoadPilot

    Now you can Play flash Videos on your iPad!

    Shouldn't the focus be on what the CUSTOMERS want on the iPad, not what APPLE wants on them?
  31. RoadPilot

    iPad in Law Enforcement

    All the software we have/need is on the MDT (mobile data terminal, in the cars). Many departments would frown upon the use of personally-owned computing devices to collect and store information about incidents, subjects, victims, etc. (i.e., liablity issues if the device was lost, stolen...
  32. RoadPilot

    Returning the iPad

    I wouldn't worry about it. Remember, "refurb" doesn't mean it was beat to hell and then they just wiped it down and sent it back out. For example, someone could have received an iPad with a volume button that only works when decreasing the sound. They replace the button, ensure everything...
  33. RoadPilot

    What is your ipads name?

    I *never* said it was. My entire post was: "The name of my iPad is 'This thread is stupid'." And it is:
  34. RoadPilot

    What is your ipads name?

    I *never* said it was. My entire post was: "The name of my iPad is 'This thread is stupid'." As you should clearly be able to see above (my attached image), it was a completely accurate statement. P.S. - Millions and millions of people bought pet rocks, too, but I sure as heck wouldn't...
  35. RoadPilot

    What is your ipads name?

    Yes. I named it to pay homage to this wonderful thread.
  36. RoadPilot

    What is your ipads name?

    Fixed it for you. How, might I ask, do you know that THAT is NOT the name of my iPad? What if you don't approve of someone naming their iPad "Mr Darcy" or "Maurice" -- will you "house clean" those posts, too? Are you telling me that, what I name my iPad must meet YOUR approval?
  37. RoadPilot

    i sold a lady in the ipad today

    Yes !!
  38. RoadPilot

    Oprah Reveals her Favourite iPad Apps

    Quite frankly, I couldn't care less what Oprah's favorite anything is ...
  39. RoadPilot

    Chronic Dev Team to prevent cracked apps running on their jailbreak?

    Feel free to explain the difference between the two ...