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  1. abababababab

    iPF serious problems

    Well, I'm not a new member but I thought this was te most appropriate section for my post. I am having problems with iPF on my iPad 3 running iOS 8.0.0 while browsing through it on Safari. 1. I cannot post attachments. When i upload a file and select the 'close' button, which I used to do...
  2. abababababab

    Already downloaded app 'loading...' again

    Hi! I was kind of surprised to see an app again 'loading...' as I closed it.(Pressed home button to exit the app) I have restarted, resetted, reinstalled the app, checked the forums(no probs with anyone else) Any help on this problem would be appreciated.
  3. abababababab

    Not Happy with latest iOS update

    This is a very common issue visible in the latest iOS update and has again got me. My iPad slipped into recovery mode when i resetted it when the bar was standing still for a long time during installation. I have restarted iPad after that and also oept it undisturbed for 15 minutes. Still its in...
  4. abababababab

    iPad forcing restore

    I was out of range of wifi coverage for a few days. Suddenly, one day my iPad started showing a message that iCloud storage was almost full (though about 3.6 GB was remaining). Today, it suddenly slip into recovery mode and shows the iTunes icon with the picture of a lightning charger and an...
  5. abababababab

    Which Off-Topic thread do you like the most? :p

    Just curious...
  6. abababababab

    Can't add attachments from PC

    I remember the last time I had accessed the website from PC, and I had been able to add attachments to my posts. However, now, it doesn't allow me to upload attachments. Even when it says it has completed uploading them on that small window, and then I click on upload, it acts as if it has...
  7. abababababab

    Wifi problems

    On all my Apple devices, the iPF app is the only thing that connects to the internet always. I started to experience this problem from day before yesterday. I own an iPad, and 2 iPhone 5s. When I open any page on Safari, on any of these devices, it may open sometimes, but after 2 minutes, i...
  8. abababababab

    Facts R Fun

    There are so many facts that are known to less. Some are funny, some are astounding! Lets share them here! To start with : The World Mobile Throwing Championship is held in Finland every year since 2000. The current world record was set in 2002, where the winner threw his Nokia 5110 a distance...
  9. abababababab

    2 Game Centre accounts and 1 Apple ID - IS THIS POSSIBLE?

    Hello! Is it possible to make 2 Game Centre accounts linked with the same Apple ID. I have tried searching the web, but that has only made me more confused. All help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. abababababab

    Hay Day Barn Raising

    Hello, and welcome to the new thread - Hay Day Barn Raising. This is an initiative taken by all high level players to help low level players in building a better farm. High level players will host a barn raising session, saying to gift a specific number of a specific thing to whoever posts a...
  11. abababababab

    Game Centre not loading?

    Hi! I have been playing some games, which use GC to add friends, but from today, my GC friends are not loading. The white background appears and that's it. The game doesn't recognise those friends. I have proper internet connection, BECAUSE, 1) The game is an online game and doesn't load without...
  12. abababababab

    iCloud Password Verification?

    After upgrading to iOS 7, I have been getting a notification to verify my iCloud password a number of times. Maybe once or twice in a day. I don't know whats wrong. The only change is that I cannot reinstall apps that I had previously done and deleted. The sign of iCloud with a downward arrow...
  13. abababababab

    Can we connect any USB device to iPad 4?

    Hello, can we connect USB devices to iPad 4? If yes, then how can we? Thanks.
  14. abababababab

    List of Incoming Gifts

    This thread is being started to keep a list of the ones those who receive gifts from a certain friend. This is to prevent waste of gifts. We are very sad about the happenings with Janie and hope we will get some solution soon.