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  1. Norriemca

    Are you going to buy the ipad pro 10.5 inch?

    I bought this case from Amazon UK and love it. iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case, UCMDA Protective Smart Case: Electronics
  2. Norriemca

    What's the Secret to Putting on Screen Protectors?

    For me, the only screen protector of any use is the Moshi iVisor AG AG means anti glare. The Moshi SPs are so simple to fit as the adhesive is only around the edge. These fellows go on with no bubbles whatsoever. All you need to do is line them up to the home button and lay them on. There are...
  3. Norriemca

    New iPad Air

    Currently, I have an iPad 2 which is working fine. I have been thinking about upgrading to a new iPad Air. The Air would give me a faster, lighter iPad with a Retina screen. To keep "like for like" I would buy an Air with 32 gb and wifi + cellular. Then - A case - Apple of course. A...
  4. Norriemca

    I pad slow

    You might try this. Press home button twice and you should see all the application screens that are open. Close them one by one by swiping upwards. Then go to Settings>Safari and toward the bottom of the right hand page click on clear history, clear cookies and data. Hopefully that should help.
  5. Norriemca

    Ipad pillow for bed

    Glad you like the iProp beanbag. You will get it on Amazon Canada, but seems expensive. You might be better buying direct from the iProp online website. Good luck
  6. Norriemca

    IPad Cover Magnet Problem

    Thanks to all. My watch is an expensive Swiss Longines quartz and very accurate. That is how I noticed it had lost a couple of minutes when close to the Smart Cover. I just keep it well away from all magnets now.
  7. Norriemca

    Ipad pillow for bed

    I have an iProp which is a small beanbag with a little shelf. It holds my iPad and Smart Cover ok and sits between my legs when in an easy chair or on my stomach in bed. It holds the iPad fine. See link below...
  8. Norriemca

    IPad Cover Magnet Problem

    Thanks Giradman. I have found that strapping my iPad to my wrist is a bit clumsy. Much prefer the watch !! Ha Ha. I am quite happy that it is the IPad cover magnets that slow down the watch and I just want to warn others to keep their watches away from the iPad covers. Any magnet will of...
  9. Norriemca

    IPad Cover Magnet Problem

    I have discovered that my quartz wrist watch loses time if it comes near the magnetic side of the Apple iPad cover. This can't be good. I will remove the cover in future if I have my watch on
  10. Norriemca

    just joined virginmedia and cannot connect to broadband

    Charlie05 Go to Settings, wifi and set up router name, router security etc under "other"
  11. Norriemca

    Connecting to 3G in Dubai

    Thank you gents. My iPad has wifi and 3G. I'll contact Du and/or Etisalat when I arrive in Dubai. Their prices are high in comparison to many places though. Regards Norriemca
  12. Norriemca

    Connecting to 3G in Dubai

    I will be in Dubai for a week and want to connect my iPad to Internet with a 3G micro sim. Does anyone know if Du or Etisalat sell a prepaid DATA sim or micro sim for this? If so how much will it cost for say a 1gb data sim? Note, I do not want a mobile phone connection - just an iPad Internet...
  13. Norriemca

    Attach photo to webmail and send from ipad

    Thanks gents. I'll try on ios6 and if that doesn't work, I'll set up a G mail account.
  14. Norriemca

    Attach photo to webmail and send from ipad

    Thank you Twerppoet. I have tried Dropbox, but it seems to want to upload photos via the iPad mail system and I cannot send emails that way. I must be on Talktalk webmail (or some other webmail) to get an email out. Cheers
  15. Norriemca

    Attach photo to webmail and send from ipad

    When I am away from home I must use Talktalk webmail to send emails not iPad mail. When I click the webmail paper clip to send an attachment it is greyed out and does not allow me to select a file or photo. I have tried to copy a photo but cannot paste into the webmail Anyone know how to do...
  16. Norriemca

    Generic chargers for ipad2?

    I have a 10 ft Griffin cable charger within let's me charge up the iPad 2 and use it at the same time while sitting in a chair. Very happy with it. Norriemca
  17. Norriemca

    I HATE screen protectors

    Try the Mosh iVisorAG. Guaranteed no bubbles!! Take it off and on for cleaning. Easy to apply. Honest you WILL NOT be sorry.
  18. Norriemca

    STV Player

    Thanks Jaxx00974, I can now get STV Player by logging on to STV and clicking STV Player. According to the nice people at STV they had omitted the ML3 postcode from their database. This is now fixed and all is working.
  19. Norriemca

    Scottish Television

    Thanks Gabriel1. I know the app you mean. There is also an STV News app. But no, the Press and the Tech Manager at STV Alistair Brown announced STV Player on Dec 22 which was said to allow iPad users with iOS systems to watch catchup TV. ie programmes shown in the last week or so. Maybe an app...
  20. Norriemca

    Scottish Television

    According to Press reports, the STV Player for iPad was supposed to be active from 22 December. Does anyone know how to log onto it? There is no app (that I can find) and on the STV site, entering your postcode causes it to default to ITV and that says Flash is required. Odd!
  21. Norriemca

    STV Player

    Cording to Press reports, STV Player for iPad was supposed to become active on 12 December. Anybody know how to log onto it?
  22. Norriemca

    Seidio active for ipad 2 now shipping

    I have bought the "SD Tabletwear Advanced ipad 2" folio case. It is strong, puts the iPad2 to sleep when closed, has cutouts in the right places and can be angled to stand in a number of positions. Inside the front cover there are 6 small pockets for business cards etc. It looks like leather...
  23. Norriemca

    Anti glare screen?

    Check out MOSHI AG There are videos on You Tube
  24. Norriemca

    What do you guys use to charge your ipad?

    I use the 10ft. Griffin cable from It has the correct electric spec to charge the iPad2 and is long enough to allow use of the iPad while charging. Good quality if a bit expensive.
  25. Norriemca

    Anti-Glare film

    Hi Joanne, First of all - do get an iPad2. I was sceptical until I was babysitting my grandchildren one evening and picked up my son's iPad. After that, I bought an iPad 2 and I can't put it down!! Sit in your favourite armchair and surf the Internet, send email, play games etc.etc. Without...
  26. Norriemca

    UK Mobile Providers are Robbers

    Thanks for the reply Tim. A hire car can be passed on to another user after it is handed back. Not quite sure what the mobile providers do with our unused data allocations. The fact is that many people only want to have access to 3G in order to obtain Internet access when they can't get a wifi...
  27. Norriemca

    UK Mobile Providers are Robbers

    When we pay (say) £10 for 1GB data, why should this expire after 30 days? After all we have paid and if we have 250MB left after 30 days, we should be allowed to use it. It is legalised theft by the Mobile providers. Come on UK iPad users - let's make a noise and get this sharp practice stopped!!!
  28. Norriemca

    3G Costs

    I live in UK and have a wifi/3G iPad2 and only use the 3G connection infrequently - when wifi is not available. To get a 3G service of (say) 1 gb for a month I must pay £10 micro sim top up. That is fine, but if I don' t use my 1 gb, after a month my £10 expires. To me, this is a rip off...
  29. Norriemca

    The Queen Wants an iPad!

    Queen Elizabeth 2 is the Queen of Great Britain NOT the Queen of England
  30. Norriemca


    Thanks for the welcome Tim. I don't do Facebook, Twitter etc so am just trying to check out how this Forum operates. Love my iPad. Wish Apple supplied a longer charging cord though!!
  31. Norriemca

    Screen protector preference?

    Check out MOSHI AG There is a you tube video
  32. Norriemca

    IPad2 Screen Protector

    Some people have been asking about the best iPad2 screen protector. Please read up on the MOSHI AG . This looks easy to apply and does the job. There are YouTube videos. Hope this helps.
  33. Norriemca


    Hi, I live in Hamilton, Scotland and have just got my iPad 2. Look forward to reading and posting in the forums.