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  1. mandapandalove

    With the ipad mini coming out is ioad 3 gonna be outdated?

    I ask because I bought the new ipad back in april and now with the new release this year makes me feel mine will be outdated. :( it sucks my 4s is but now my ipad? Say it aint so.
  2. mandapandalove

    Itunes problem

    I'm Having trouble verifying my account. It tells me my security code is wrong. It's not I entered everything as it appears on my debit card. I tried choosing non payment in settings but there is no option like that for me. What's weird is I haven't had a issue like this before till two days...
  3. mandapandalove

    About itunes?

    On my boyfriends computer I don't have my library on there but I have a lot of apps and stuff I put on directly off the ipad itself. I would like to plug it up to itunes on the pc to add to my ipad. But I'm afraid I will lose everything and have the pain of reinstalling all over. Since I would...
  4. mandapandalove

    Isafeplay problem????

    When I started using this app last week it was fine. I could see all my downloads now today I downloaded a few videos and it says its there. But when I look for it in my files its not there! I can't locate the file. Help!
  5. mandapandalove

    Anyone wake up in the middle of the night and go on your ipad?

    I don't always but usually if I can't get back to sleep I go on for awhile web browsing. And whats funny is before I go to sleep this is what I'm on. It's a rountine with me lol I think I have a problem because even my boyfriend complains at times telling me to put my ipad away for awhile and...
  6. mandapandalove

    Any draw something people?

    Started playing a few weeks ago on my iphone and been hooked. And also have it for my new ipad. But what I don't like is when people give the words away! Litterly. They actually spell what it is. They don't Attempt to draw a hint or even type out one. Fustrating. Anyhow anyone have that problem?