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    Best iPad browser other than native SAFARI?

    Atomic I like in every way but one. Safari remembers my login, whereas Atomic does not. Why?
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    A little advise from more learned than me.

    As a test, I printed a photo from my iPad directly to my HP8100 using clip print using wifi. Worked perfectly the first time. I have no doubt I can print text. You can also download an app that runs on your computer, so your file goes to your computer and then directly to your printer. I'm...
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    I'm wrong. Which means I need to borrow a Droid. Although I'm really happy with Apple products and AT&T. And I hope I'm wrong on Verizon's current mind set. Even a company deserves redemption.
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    I have a 6 month old Kindle using Verizon. No reception... Had to go to town to download my books. My iPad, which I'm using here, and my iPhone both work in house or anywhere in the area. Glad I could show you how to use the maps. Your claim that zooming gives you misleading data is...
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    Take another look. Both are shown with selectable tabs. Plus you can expand on any area. I used this map before I bought an iPhone. It turned out be correct... So now I have both an iPhone and an iPad. My kindle sits, as it does not work where I am... Which I believe is Verizon.
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    Try AT&T Coverage Viewer I suspect AT&T is being conservative. That has been my own experience. The map Verizon shows, shows their orientation to "facts", imho.
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    While I agree with your signature quote, the AT&T map is at least 8 years out of date. Not to mention I've had reason to distrust Verizon going all the way back to their roots. The map you show is yet another example. Where did you get it?
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    iPad owners average age

    The graph is reflecting the demography of the US, skewed a bit on the high side since reading is a prerequisite. I would suggest that ownership of an iPad is reflective of some other factor than age, or some combination of factors. I would like to think curiosity is one key factor.
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    Verizon doesn't work where I am, period. Although I'm probably a special case location wise. SE of Loma Prieta. There is a cell repeater above us that was put up by Cingular 25 years ago which thankfully AT&T has maintained. As far as the rest of the bay area, no problems with AT&T that I'm...
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    Jailbreaking Explained

    Downloaded iTunes 9.2 and iOS4 yesterday... 4x4 group folders with 12 icons max per folder. Big improvement.
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    When to charge?

    You will hear a lot of opinion on this... most of it just hand-waving opinion. The LiIon batteries are so much better than NiMH, that you are unlikely to keep your system long enough to experience battery performance issues. Just use it and enjoy. Personally I leave the phone and iPad...
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    Do you turn off your ipad?

    I leave it on, much like my iPhone. Both stay plugged into a charger most of the time. There are various levels of "off". The lowest power draw is what you call off. You can use airplane mode to lower draw significantly when you are not near a charger or prevent connectivity to other devices...
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    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    I use "Mint" to track all accounts... fast and a simple way to verify account activity. Sometimes I pay a bill or transfer on BofA using their app. Whereas I used to check via my PC, now I update the computer only once a week. This gives me a long term record, and allows for long term...
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    can not find ipad anywhere!

    Online Apple... works well.
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    Jailbreaking Explained

    Ok... I'd rather leave it to Apple. Not worth the time or hassle for me. Not to mention I'd rather Apple worry about security. But I get the argument. Thanks.
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    Jailbreaking Explained

    Remind me again why I want to jailbreak my iPad?
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    Updated Kindle app even better.

    Nice improvements in the Kindle update. Ain't competition great?
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    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    Do you see that as inconsistant? The game hasn't changed. :)
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    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    Of course you are right. My answer was none. Not a luddite, just unwilling to invest time and energy in temporary games. Of course I should say I do play chess and bridge, online and off. I check any apps related to those games. And I do own both of the best golf games. The wife enjoys...
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    What PS3 or PC/Mac game are you playing right now?

    Don't play games that haven't been around for over a century. Yep, i'm an elitist snob. There may be a few of the games developed in the last 30 years around in the year 2080. Maybe one. Maybe none.
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    A Tale of 4 eReaders

    iBooks uber alles, for all the reasons mentioned. I would add the word link also gives a quick link to google or wiki, as well as other occurrences within the same book. Very useful!
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    Device low in memory!

    Which app do you recommend?
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    The basic question is, will the processor handle the added demands without bogging down often enough to be annoying. I suspect not. Even the existing system will bog down occasionally, but not enough to annoy. Sometimes more is not better. But you said it better.
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    So, the World Cup

    Brazil has the means, motive and opportunity. The olympics coming up will provide an extra incentive. Then again, I'm not an expert. Just a guess based on the above.
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    iPad owners average age

    The curve is truncated Curve would benefit from two more bins. You can see the mean, but not enough definition over '55. First car was 1957... I was 14, Dad bought me a 52 Studebaker which I could drive if I replaced the main bearings, which I did. First programming was Fortran in 1965...
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    GPS Maps?

    Thanks Adam. Haven't yet tried Navigon with the iPad, however it works fairly well with my iPhone. I had assumed the occasional dropout was due to poor triangulation from available cell towers. But since it has GPS I assume those events are just poor GPS reception. Which leads to the...
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    GPS Maps?

    Gps Does my iPhone 3GS have exactly the same GPS setup as my iPad 3G (64gb)?