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  1. MadChef

    Thanksgiving Nightmares

    Since Thanksgiving is coming up next week I'd thought I'd start a thread recalling your worst fails or experiences. Being a professional chef I always always pride myself on the quality of the meal I serve. The Thanksgiving meal is important to me. I want each holiday meal to be an experience...
  2. MadChef

    This Just In

    I was watching local TV and the had this story. This from the Orlando Sentinel Mar 15, A Central Florida couple hatched an elaborate plan to rob a Best Buy at gunpoint and steal more than $1 million in Apple products, but their scheme was foiled early Thursday by an alert off-duty...
  3. MadChef

    iTunes Card Sale

    I saw that Walmart has iTunes cards on sale today. $50 card for $40, not as good as last year but it's a sale! Number is delievered electronically to your email. I picked one up, I always like having the money there for that impulse buy.:D I found the details here. iPad News, Reviews...
  4. MadChef

    Found You Today

    Just want to say hello. I found the forum today while doing a search for a question I had. I've already found information I can use and did not know about.