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  1. ReshadGP

    Cleaning ipad2 surface

    Hi guys, i wanted to know is it harmful to clean the touchscreen surface of my ipad with alcohol or perfume? Thanks
  2. ReshadGP

    A5 wallpaper

    This is my wallpaper and I really like it.
  3. ReshadGP

    Some question about ipad2

    Hi guys: I have some questions about my ipad2 as follows: 1. How can i use my bluetooth, i mean transfer files between me and on other device? 2. Is there any ftp server app which i could connect to an ftp server and download files from there? 3. Can i change my app store from one country to...
  4. ReshadGP

    How 2 charge simcart credit with ipad2?

    Guys ! today the credit on my simcart in the ipad2 finishes and I must recharge it, how could I enter the codes of recharging? Thanx
  5. ReshadGP

    How to dowload more than 20mb

    Hello guys When i want to download an app which is more than 20mb, my ipad doesn't allow and says u must connect to a wireless network to download more than 20mb ! Is there any setting that i could change and download more than this amount? Tanx
  6. ReshadGP

    C programming software for ipad?

    Hello does anybody knows a program which could do the c programming?
  7. ReshadGP

    Best Movie player?

    Hi guys: I wanted to know, which software do you use for watching movie or video clips which is free and supports all formats?