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  1. iLloyd

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    Im only glad I bought my iPad 3 on release day. If I had bought it within the last couple of weeks I would have felt like I have been shafted. Silly little upgrade though not worth calling it a 4 isit?
  2. iLloyd

    School restricted iPad

    Guided access in iOS6 ? Allows to lock the ipad to a certain app and restrict the use of screen, home and sleep button..
  3. iLloyd

    New Apple Smartcover

    Black leather one to follow ?
  4. iLloyd

    IPAD 2 PC Printing

    Kodak have their own app but it only works for printing photos.. Not documents etc
  5. iLloyd

    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    When do i even turn my computer on? Now that is the question haha!
  6. iLloyd

    I Tunes Gift Card

    Got to appstore, featured, scroll to bottom, click redeem. Enter code... Download apps :)
  7. iLloyd

    iPad shut itself down?

    Just pauses whatevers being playing from the music app. It has only happened once im just trying to figure out why :s wierd
  8. iLloyd

    iPad shut itself down?

  9. iLloyd

    iPad shut itself down?

    As usual i finish work put my iPad 3 in its dock, put a podcast on and set the timer to switch podcast off after an hour. I do this every morning (work nights) Normally i wake up and start sifting through emails but today my iPad was off? Even whilst in the dock charging? The battery was at...
  10. iLloyd

    Looking for good word processing app

    Let us know what you think.
  11. iLloyd


    Or E-mail it to yourself ?
  12. iLloyd

    Scratches on ipad
  13. iLloyd

    Smart covers?

    Ive bought a black leather smart case for mine. It is really nice and I think when it's worn over time it will look pretty cool. Can't help but feel slightly ripped off though.. Don't think I can justify spending £60 again for one. I don't even think the leather is of a high standard either...
  14. iLloyd

    iCarbons carbon fibre skin!

    to Hi, will the new iPad with the iCarbons skin fit into the Apple iPad dock? ---- Hello, The skin will not inhibit the use of Apple's iPad dock, or Apple's Smart cover.
  15. iLloyd

    iCarbons carbon fibre skin!

    It adds zero thickness to the iPad and it works fine with the iPad dock.
  16. iLloyd

    iCarbons carbon fibre skin!

    Just receieved my iCarbons rear skin been waiting about 10 days for it as im in the UK and I think it came from Florida. Really happy with it, works fine with smart cover and with the instalation video on youtube it was on within 5 mins. Very easy.
  17. iLloyd

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    I have gone from the 1 to 3. I am more than happy with mine. Im glad ive missed the 2nd gen as i would probably would have been a little dissapointed going from 2 to 3. My iPad 1 was sort of getting sluggish, even when typing sentances the keyboard clicks were off sync with me if you get what...
  18. iLloyd

    Pixelated apps

    Updates will follow for all apps to have correct resolution. Just a matter of time. It's like the switch from the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4
  19. iLloyd

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I get annoyed with Siri as it never understands me but dictation on my new iPad is actually really good. Well happy !
  20. iLloyd

    16 or 32GB

    Interesting read, thanks.
  21. iLloyd

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Pre-ordered mine tonight to pick up at 9am tomorrow in Comet !!
  22. iLloyd

    16 or 32GB

    The iPad 16gb is actually not even 14gb !!! 13.6 ish i think it is. So bear that in mind ;)
  23. iLloyd

    worth upgradeing?

    Is it possible for Siri to come to the new iPad as part of a iOS update? Perhaps iOS 6 ?
  24. iLloyd

    Which kind of movies you like to watch again and again?

    Never Back Down and Dumb & Dumber
  25. iLloyd

    worth upgradeing?

    Im upgrading from the 1st gen. If i had the ipad 2 i would skip this model
  26. iLloyd

    Apple Ripped Me Off

    A simple google search would have been a good idea.
  27. iLloyd

    No iPad 4 section?

    The next iPad will not be called the iPad 4. It will replace the new iPad with the newer iPad.. And that then will get replaced by the newerer iPad and so on. When the newer and newerer models come Out, the predecessor and predecessors will become the old iPad, the older iPad and the olderer...
  28. iLloyd

    Apple iPad event set for March 7, 10am PT !

    If there is no home button how do we operate siri?
  29. iLloyd

    Apple iPad event set for March 7, 10am PT !

    We have something you really have to see. [Apple TV, iTV etc...] And touch. [iPad 3, 2S, 2HD]
  30. iLloyd

    Have you sold your iPad ?

    Are many of you selling your iPads early In preperation for the iPad 3 release? If so, list which model and how much you got for it. Sold mine on eBay today. iPad 1 Wifi only 16gb - £250 / $396
  31. iLloyd

    Rumor: iPad 3 to employ a $70-80 price hike?

    Sold my iPad today and i already miss it so much. Feels like my arms have been chopped off!! Price increase... Oh well thats not gunna stop me Getting it. March 7th *fingers crossed*
  32. iLloyd

    Touchscreen unresponsive

    Did you try to soft reset?
  33. iLloyd

    at launch will the price of ipad 3, be the same as the currant ipad 2 price?

    The iPad 3 is going to be the same price as the iPad 2 (£399) for basic 16gb wifi version. It will be silly of them to up the price.. There are talks of a cheaper smaller version of ipad 3/2S to compete with other manufacturers. But i'd suggest you wait for iPad 3 announcment see if the...
  34. iLloyd

    iPad owners average age

    So has anyone actually done the math and worked out the average?
  35. iLloyd

    Rumor: iPad 3 to be announced on March 7

    My iPad 1 is on eBay as we speak :) Sent via my Opposable Thumbs
  36. iLloyd

    Netflix subtitle problem

    Well i've only been watching heroes seasons 1-4. Im now coming to the end of my free trail but im going to subscribe monthly. Bought Apple TV also and thats great.. Netflix remembers where you've paused across iphone ipad and apple tv. So thats a great feature. The stoner movies section seems...
  37. iLloyd

    Storage and movie downloads

    You're downloading the movie from iTunes store? That wont be saved in the cloud... Sent via my Opposable Thumbs
  38. iLloyd

    Netflix subtitle problem

    Hi.. Everytime i go to watch something on netflix subtitles always turn itself on? I know its not much to turn off but its really annoying. Anyone else having this problem? Also i cant find any sort of settings menu? Is there one? On iPad 1 in the UK. Cheers Sent via my Opposable Thumbs