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    Test messages stopped to iPad

    Text messages have recently stopped coming to my iPad, although they’re still coming to my iPhone. How do I reinstate them to the iPad?
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    iOS 12.3.1 OK?

    I’ve been waiting to do this download until any bugs have been worked out. Is it ok to download it now? I’m not finding useful current articles in the topic.
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    What is media?

    When I look at my iPad storage a lot of it is “media.” What is media?
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    Texts to iPad

    How can I get text messages to appear on my iPad, and how can I reply from my iPad Air2?
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    Transferring to new iPad

    How do I transfer everything from my iPad over to a new iPad? Connect to a computer and then connect the new one? What about apps purchased?
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    Is 11.2 safe?

    Someone told me it causes problems. This is for my iPad only.
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    Ipad can't connect

    My iPad Air connects to other wifi networks but not to my home wifi. Other devices are connecting to my home wifi. I'm not at home now and I can't remember the error message that I get. I've rebooted the iPad and my home wifi. Any ideas?
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    Accessing the App Store

    I'm unable to access my App Store account. It forces me to use a fingerprint login but I don't remember ever setting one up. I'm unable to login with my password either. My fingerprint isn't working when I try the fingerprint login. Can I disable the fingerprint login or how do I bypass it so I...
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    iPad won't connect via Blutooth

    My iPad tethers to my iPhone but lately it won't connect. Bluetooth is turned on on both devices. The iPhone shows as "discoverable" and the iPad shows that it's searching. Any ideas?
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    Install 10.3.2?

    I have an Air2. I get notifications daily inviting me to install the new OS but I've heard there are problems with it. Should I install this OS? Same question for my iPhone 5? I've heard the new OS is particularity problematic for older iPhones. Lastly, is there a way to disable the daily...
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    Playing iPhone content on an iPad

    Is there a way that I can take movies, etc. that are on my iPhone and play them on my iPad? Either playing content wirelessly or with a hard connection? My iPad has little storage capacity whereas my iPhone has lots of space.
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    Getting pics onto my iPad

    I have an iPad Air2. I can't remember how to get photos from my Canon camera onto the iPad. I have a connection device that I used to transfer photos onto an older iPad but it doesn't connect to the newer one. I'm willing to buy another one that will connect to the Air2. Is that what I should do...
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    Deleting an app

    i have Good Reader on two iPads and am having trouble with it on one iPad only. If I delete it on that one device can I either restore it without buying it again, or if I delete and repurchase it I hope it won't delete from both devices?
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    Help! IPad crashed, won't do anything!

    My iPad has crashed. It wasn't activating when I opened the case so I tried to turn it off using the sleep-wake button but nothing happens. what do I do? I forget what iPad I have but it's about five years old. I haven't tried to connect to a computer yet as I'm not near my computer for another...
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    Need to restore my iPad

    My iPad has become as slow as ****. I think restoring it to factory settings is pretty easy but can't lose my photos and apps. Once I've restored it to factory settings and sync it again in iTunes will it automatically restore all of my data or is there another step I need to take? Will my...
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    Restoring my iPad

    I need to restore my iPad to factory settings as it's really slow and cumbersome. I don't want to lose my apps. What's the process? If I connect to my computer will it back everything up, then I do the reset and plug it in again to get the apps back onto my iPad? I just need to know if this is...
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    Does the iPad support OTG?

    I found a great deal on a flash drive and it says it supports devices with OTG connectivity. I want to use it to transfer files between a computer and my iPad. Does an iPad have OTG connectivity? So far I've been doing the same thing by emailing files to myself and then picking them up on the...
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    Any GNEO users with a review

    I've heard that GNEO is a good app for organizing and tracking tasks on a to-do list. Anyone use this app who would provide comments? It's $9.99. I'd like to hear from users before buying. Or maybe someone would suggest a different app?m
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    Editing video

    Is there an easy way to take videos and edit many of them into a movie? I want to make vacation movies. Can I take the videos on my iPhone then transfer them to my iPad? Can I do the editing with the apps that came with my iPad 2 or do I need to download a new app?
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    iPad loses 3G connection

    Lately, after a few hours my iPad loses its 3G connection and it says no service in the top left corner. I have to restart the device and it's good until the next time. It's been happening for the last couple of weeks now.
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    iPad frozen, please help

    I was downloading the new iOS and my iPad is now frozen. I can't do a hard reset. What do I do?
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    Using iPad while charging

    I''ve heard that it's not good for the device to use an iPad (also an iPhone) while it's charging. Is this the case?
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    Disabling iCloud

    This applies to both my iPad and iPhone. Since I activated iCloud when I sync my iPad and iPhone my calendar doesn't sync. I thought I'd deactivate iCloud as that is likely the problem. How do I deactivate iCloud to allow a sync of my calendar. How do I do this, or is there some other solution?
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    App for dictation to email message

    What app will allow me to dictate an email message then put the copy into an email? Can it also allow me to say the recipient's name then put the email address in the TO line?
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    Calendar no longer syncing computer and iPad

    My calendar used to sync to my iPad and iPhone, whichever device was connected to my computer. Now my calendar isn't syncing any more. I had noticed that my iPad started to sync wirelessly, perhaps via iCloud, but even that isn't happening any more. How can I make it so that my calendar syncs...
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    Downloaded new iTunes and now can't sync Outlook calendar

    I got a message that I needed to download the new version of iTunes, so I did. Now when I back up Outlook to my iPhone and iPad my calendar isn't being backed up. Can someone help me? Is this unrelated to the iTunes download? I have rebooted my computer but not yet my Apple devices, which I'll...
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    iPad battery questions

    I've been checking around and am getting conflicting advice on a couple of things. Some say you should run the battery down to almost 0% monthly, although I've also been reading that this is bad for the battery and it should never be run down totally. I've also been reading that it's bad for...
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    Creating blank page for apps?

    Is there a way to create a new, blank page to move apps to? For example, let's say I want to create a blank second page (or screen) and reserve that page for business apps and move all of them there. Then maybe I want to create a blank third page for entertainment apps. This would be easier to...
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    iPad not sending e-mail

    When I try to send e-mail, I'm getting an error message that says: A copy has been placed in your outbox. the recipient (address here) was rejected by the server. I know the address is correct and it's doing this now for all e-mail. Anyone know how I can fix this? I've "rebooted" my iPad and...
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    iPad sync not backing up calendar

    When I sync my iPhone to my laptop, it does a full backup including my calendar. However, when I do a backup for my iPad the calendar isn't backed up. I've checked settings for the iPad and they seem to be the same as for the iPhone. What am I doing wrong?
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    Cannot send email from iPad when using wifi

    I'm unable to send email from my iPad when I'm on wifi. The error message says the connection to the outgoing (server server name)failed. I have to first activate cellular data, which I sometimes don't want to do, then deactivate cell data when I'm finished. What must I do so I can send...
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    10-foot charge cables

    Do those 10-foot cables take a lot longer to charge an iPad and iPhone? I have a couple and they sure seem to take a lot longer than the shorties.
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    Can't delete an email

    I have one email message that I cannot delete. I've tried swipe and delete and the delete botton on top. Why did this happen? How do I delete it?
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    Odd icon has appeared on my iPad screen

    I'm seeing an icon in the top right of my iPad screen beside the power status. It's a tiny lock with an arrow around it. What is this and how do I get rid of it? I don't know how it got there.
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    iPad phone app

    What apps can I use to turn my iPad into a phone?
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    Why do I need iPhone data?

    I have an iPad and an unlocked iPhone5. My iPad is almost always with me so I took data off of the iPhone (virtually never used it). I added it back on recently and have not used the iPhone for data. I've always had a data package on my iPad. With data in my iPad and iPhone wifi, why do I...
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    Weather app?

    Is there's weather app for the iPad that will always display the current weather without having to open it up?
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    iPad texting

    Is there a reliable way to text from my iPad using my existing cell phone number? I don't want a different number.
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    Deleting photo albums

    How do I delete an entire photo album on my ipad2? When I hit edit everything is greyed out and I can't delete.
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    ipad in Europe

    We're going to six countries in Europe and is there any problem with me using my iPad? There is free wifi on our river cruise. I suppose I could put it into airplane mode and then activate wifi separately but is there any problem is I have my data turned on?