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    Apple ID Email Question

    I have read that when iOS is released in the fall, it will require that you use an email for your Apple ID. If I change my ID now, is there anything I have to watch out for, e.g., updating apps, keeping subscriptions in sync, using any iTunes or iPad features?
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    Joining In and a TapaTalk Question

    Hello everyone. I have recently joined this forum, after reading various threads and posts via google searches and finding consistently useful info. I have a 1st gen iPad and live in the Southern California area. Quick question (hopefully this is the right place for it). I recently...
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    iPad Will Not Sync

    My First Gen iPad will not sync. It stayed at Step 1, backing up iPad for over three hours and would not continue. My iTunes is on a Windows PC running XP. I previously created a backup with no apparent problem and updated to OS 4.33. But then I noticed that none of my pdf files were in...