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    Returned my iPad to apple store sold out

    Not as exciting as the title sounds. Ended up with 2 64's and one 16 plus apple cases for each. Keeping the two 64's and returned the 16 and apple case. At this point two are going to meet the need until gen 2 comes out. I was surprised to find the apple store has been sold out for a...
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    Movie Converting - Handbrake - Optimal Ipad

    Looks like not a lot of MOVIE converting/putting on IPAD stuff going on. I can tell you that using handbrake the settings for Apple TV are not ideal for the Ipad. I converted Chance of Meatballs using the default Apple TV settings and you get a super wide screen (narrow slit) 1+GB file...
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    I'm finding that the backup's are taking Too long. Being new to I-tunes is there an easy way to tell it not to backup the device and or to limit what it backs up?
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    Video Converter 1024X768

    Anyone using a good one that will do 1024X768? I was using PSP movie creator but it does not go up to 1024.
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    Store Pick-up + Cases in stock to Boot *PIC*

    First in Reserved Line for Pickup - pleasantly surprised that cases were in stock as well. Ended up with a 16, 32 and 64 and a case for each. Was kicking myself for not just pre-ordering but overall glad that I was able to pick it up first AM and not have to wait for the UPS truck.