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    Decal Skins

    I use decal girl skins. They are fairly easy to apply--just a little patience required. Mine have held up well on all my devices. Some say they can be reused if you are careful in removing them, but I only change mine when I'm tired of the design. I'm debating taking the front skin off my...
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    Flipboard Twitter feeds?

    cnnbrk Newsweek comedybot nuttyjokes TechCrunch digg_offbeat funnyoneliners CBSNews mashable Discovery digg_sciences NuttyNewswire dailygalaxy newscientist oreillyfactor DiscoverMag science factlets
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    We Farm

    It looks like We Rule friends may show up automatically. At any rate, I had several that were there already. Add me too please. charriga
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    What Happen to Math3w?

    I think he is military and went overseas.
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    Will iPad Fail in School?

    We also need to consider the audience. There's a big difference between a primary age student and a high schooler (my thoughts were based on teaching high school). I'd just like to see kids carrying a device with the books and tools they need preloaded instead of lugging around 30 lbs of...
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    Will iPad Fail in School?

    I love my iPad, but I think a laptop would be a better tool for school. 1. Either could house etextsbooks. I would love to see my students and own child not carrying 30 lbs of books. 2. A laptop has a better keyboard for the reports students have to write. 3. A laptop allows for...
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    How to set the monitor so it rotates?

    There's a tiny slider switch next to the volume rocker.
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    Does anyone know if Pages comes with an equation editor?

    No clue if it works with iPad, but have you looked at mathtype? Edit. The website says it works with iworks.
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    I use, and like, an Oberon case for my Kindle. I'm not sure I would like it for the iPad. It's a thick, sturdy leather--not a soft, touchable one. The design doesn't seem to be hand-tooled. The recessed parts of the design are stiff--it seems more like it's been branded in. They are...
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    ipad skins!!!

    I've skinned several of my devices. One thing I've learned is that there isn't a totally perfect fit. To avoid an edge showing(standing out and looking tacky), it's best to choose a skin that contains a lot of whatever color might show at the edges. My first skin was to cover scratches on my...
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    ipad skins!!!

    Another vote for decal girl. The skins last and don't leave a residue when removed. My ipad wears "infinity."
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    Something weird is going on with mine too. I'm having a hard time connecting. When I finally get in, I get the ordered delivered notice and when I click on it, instead of the "horray" and getting paid, I'm getting an "aww, you can't have " whatever. Their website is down too.
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    iPad owners average age

    I think population being skewed towards older adults isn't due to us needing more help, but rather that 1) we can better afford an expensive toy and 2) younger people are more "on the go" and a pocket size device probably suits them better. My teen wasn't impressed with the iPad. He always...
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    Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

    You can get a taste of what it's like on twitter. It's shitmydadsays all one word.
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    Slow Backup on iTunes

    I'm another windows 7, 64-bit user with slow backup. While still slow, it did cut my time from half a day to an hour and a half. I had itunes version In itunes, it says I'm up to date. But I went ahead and downloaded to my desktop and then installed it. Backup time is...
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    I figured since I always wind up taking my Kindle out of the case at home, I'd be happier with a sleeve. I decided to go flamboyant--got the Sena sleeve in red alligator. I haven't taken my iPad out of the house much, so it hasn't had much use. So far, no trouble from the magnets.
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    Free Kindle book list

    There's also inkmesh Ebook Search Engine, Free Ebooks, Ebook Price Comparison | Inkmesh and addall AddAll Ebooks - Amazon free Kindle books
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    Who here bought an iPad even though they dislike Apple products?

    I became anti-Apple the first time I sat down at an Apple IIe--"What do you mean there's no DOS prompt?" A few years later it was reinforced when had to attend a workshop in a Mac lab--"What's wrong with these mice?" I do have an ipod nano. But i-tunes and the app store make me crazy...
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    Help !!!! Not loving the ipad at the moment.

    I did a quick skim at an e-reader site I lurk on. If they are from the sony book store you may have a hard time making them work. I don't think Sony has an ipad app. There's supposed to be an app called TXTR that works for Sony epubs (not lrf files) on the iphone. The post was a few months...
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    Spider solitaire

    Thanks! I've got to have my solitaire fix. Probably sad, but being able to play while watching tv was one of the things on my list of justifications for the iPad.
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    Spider solitaire

    Has anyone run across a spider solitaire app that has the same look and feel as the windows version? I downloaded one that has a big, black spider, but the cards aren't marked right. It makes it work, instead of fun to play. Thanks, Cheryl
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    Add me too please. :) charriga
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    iNewbie from California

    I definitely need to get a planner app. I'm way past due for making it a habit to use one. You've given me a vision of starting the day of starting the day in bed with a mound of pillows, coffee, and the iPad. Summer vacation just started, and that sounds like an ideal way to start the day...
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    Pickup iPad From Local Facility?

    It's easy--I miss the driver all the time. There should be an address on the delivery ticket. You go there, with a photo ID, after their pick-up time (usually 4:15 or 5:00). Hand them the delivery ticket. They check your ID to make sure you are really you (and not some one who took the...
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    iNewbie from California

    Thanks for the welcome Cheryl. :) I think I'm going to love my new toy. It's easy to use, but figuring out what to use it for is where I'm going to need help. It looks like there's lots of good info and friendly people here.
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    iNewbie from California

    The iPad seemed like the product I've been waiting for (tablet, fairly light, lap friendly for relaxing, and an escape from the machines where I do real work). I haven't had a lot of exposure to Apple products, so don't have the background that iPhone users have. Apps are a new concept for me...