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    How to find what takes the space on my iPad?

    Hello I have iPad 3 16 Gb space. In settings I see that 4.4 Gb is used. My apps use no more than 1.5 Gb. I deleted all movies and pictures from my device but it did not make any difference. Could you please advise how to find what takes the space and get rid of it? Thanks
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    Transfer video file from iPhone to iPad using Photo Transfer App

    Well ... I failed to find any app for transfer video file from phone to iPad but finally I bought Photo Transfer App. It claims to transfer pictures and video files between these two devices. The current problem is that it'll recognize only .mov format for transfer. I converted my video file...
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    Get rid of VIP mail account

    Hi, I realized that after upgrading to iOS 6 I have in my mailbox one more account VIP. Actually I don' need it. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks
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    Move pictures inside the album

    Hello, I'm using iPad3. Using Dropbox I uploaded my pictures to Camera Roll album. Now I have all my pictures in place by some of them are not in the order I'd like to have. Is there an option to re-arrange pictures inside the iPad album? thanks
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    iPad Google Authenticator does not work properly

    Hello, I'm using Google authenticator on my Droid phone , version 2.24 I'm trying to use Google authenticator on my iPad3 , version Unfortunately iPad authenticator provide code wich is not accepted by Google authentication. What could be wrong? What's the reason of this app if it does...
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    Media sharing between iPad and PC

    Hello, I feel like I hit the wall and need someone's help. I have iPad3 and I want to establish media sharing in my home network. I have a few DLNA compatible device and iPad3 is one of it. The others are HTDV and my smartphone. I understood that I have to install any Media Share Server on my PC...
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    How to use DLNA on iPad 3 ?

    Hello, I just bought HDTV (with WiFi) which supports DLNA. I'm thinking how could I use my iPad3 to connect to TV using DLNA. Could someone please explain me what should I do on iPad 3 side to enable it ... like install some app? Which one would you recommend? I'm hoping that using DLNA I...
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    How to email video clips?

    Hello, I'm quite novice with my iPad3 and never had to email photo or video clips from iPad. This morning I took 4 video clips. I don't know the size of it and don't know how to check the size of clip but I see that duration of each clip is between 20 sec to 1 min 30 sec. I tried to open a clip...
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    How to use iPad as alarm with Boombox

    Hello, Yesterday I've bought in Brookstone store Boombox. It plays very nice with my iPad. I'm just thinking how I could configure my iPad to work as an alarm clock. I do use app TuneIn ( radio app ) which has alarm inside hence I could start radio with alarm clock. But my question is ... how...
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    Music tags are garbled on iPad

    Hello, I'm quite new to iPad. I wanted to play music on it. I have a few songs on my PC which are partially on English and partially Russian. On PC I could read the name of songs right i.e. some of them have Latin and some Cyrillic characters. I copied all my songs and pasted it in iTunes music...
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    iTunes over WiFi on Virtual machine on Linux

    Hello, Not sure if it's the right forum for this question but I'll try I recently bought iPad3 and need iTunes. I run Ubuntu 11.10 and iTunes doesn't support Linux. Well I installed Virtualbox on my Ubuntu and it's WinXP. Then I installed iTunes on windows. Now the problems started. My VM is...
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    Bluetooth for iPad3

    Hello I am thinking of buying a bluetooth which will stream not only phone calls but also music. I think it might be useful when use Skype in a crowded area or watch TV or listen the radio. My current BT supports only phone calls but I'd like to listen to music too. Could you folks share your...
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    Prevent iPad to fall a sleep

    Hello. I am using VLC Streamer to copy my movie from PC to iPad. Copy process might take a while. I noticed that when I close the cover iPad falls a sleep and stop copying very soon. I just wondering if there is an option when I could disable it? I mean I want to leave my iPad charged, close...
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    How to stream video usng VLC to iPad?

    Hello, I just was able to install VLC on my Ubuntu 11.10. I could play video locally using VLC but could someone please explain me in a nutshell how to stream it to my iPad? The whole idea behind it was not to play it on my PC but stream it to iPad. Therefore I've bought VLC Streamer. It looks...
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    How to kill running application?

    Hello I am just wondering how could I close application which I am not interested any more after I launched it. I understand that if I switch to another one it will run in background consuming some space. Not sure how it'll impact on device performance but I just think that less app using memory...
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    Could I make a call using iPad?

    Hello. I am just wondering if I could make a regular phone call from my iPad. I know that I could use FaceTime but most of my friends are not using Apple devices. I know that I could use Skype to place a call but it's not free :) Could I use Google voice or any other voice over ip app to make a...
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    Russian phonetic keyboard issue

    Hello. I'm interested in typing Russian sometime.... Well I added Russian keyboard to the list of keyboards. Then it offered me 3 options: Russian, Russian--PC and Russian phonetic. I am interested in phonetic layout but it doesn't work for me. I mean that whatever layout I choose from those...
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    How to access local files on iPad?

    Hello. When I was using Kindle Fire I used to use file Explorer application in order to browse local files. Which application should I use on iPad to access local files? Thanks in advance
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    Why I can't read .epub book?

    Hello. I was Kindle book reader for a while. I used to download .mobi book and read it on my Kindle Fire. Now I am iPad ebook reader :) I installed 2 reader apps: Kindle and Ebook reader. I could read my .mobi book only in Kindle app. It looks to me that Ebook Reader has better interface but it...
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    Add google calendar

    Hello, I would like to add calendar I'm using with google account to built-in iPad calendar. Based on documentation I have to add information in 'Add Subscribed Calendars' in settings. My issue is that I don't know the server name I should use to access google calendar. Could someone give me a...
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    Find my iPad on not Apple devce

    Hello I'd like to use Find My iPad on my iPad 3 but I don't have any other Apple devices. I noticed somewhere in description that it could be used from PC browser. Is it right? If it's true how could I do it? Thanks
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    Bluetoth devices

    Sorry if my question sounds silly ... I am only second day Apple user :) I wanted to connect my iPad3 to Bluetooth headset or android phone but failed . Is it right that iPad Bluetooth could be connected only Apple Bluetooth devices? Thanks
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    How to use iTunes with Ubuntu ?

    Hello, I'm using Ubunty 11.10. Yesterday I bought iPad 3 and now I'm reading manual. It states that the only way to sync between iPad and PC is usng iTunes. Let say I need to transfer files in either direction or etc I should use iTunes. Also manual states that after I connect my device to PC...
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    How to download applications using safari?

    Hello. I am completely new in Apple world (it's my first Apple device iPad3). I wanted to use some apps I am using on my PC or android based devices. E.g. I wanted to install xmarks for Safari browser to be in sync with all my bookmarks on other computers. Download page states that xmarks Is...