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  1. WitchOneSalem

    Where can I locate this composite wire?

    Have been hunting for awhile and can not locate a way to hook up my iPad 4 to my TV using a composite connector. The ones that I see are for the non lightening devices. Anyone have any ideas where I can find such a connector? Sent from my IPAD 4th generation. WIFI only. 128GB
  2. WitchOneSalem

    ROKU instead of Apple TV

    Since I own a ROKU 2 and do not want to spend the monies for an Apple TV device like 90 dollars. My question where are the settings to mirror my iPad 4 and iPhone 4s to my TV? Sent from my IPAD 4th generation. WIFI only. 128GB
  3. WitchOneSalem

    Pocket Tunes

    Where is the Pocket Tunes application in the App Store? Sent from my IPAD 4th generation. WIFI only. 128GB
  4. WitchOneSalem

    Indtalled Itunes to a external drive.

    When I downloaded itunes I was given the option to install to a specific location. So I installed to a external hard drive and is working fine from there. So I deleted itunes from C:drive. Sent from my IPAD 4th generation. WIFI only. 128GB
  5. WitchOneSalem

    Lightenig to VGA Adapter Connection

    What do I connect to this adapter to make it display my iPad 4 on my TV. Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  6. WitchOneSalem


    Maybe I can put the pictures here. No not allowed here either. Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  7. WitchOneSalem

    Data Transfer

    Any recommendations on software that will copy ALL data from one iPad to a newer iPad . I ask because I read that if some reason iTunes foes not transfer third party data from iPad to iPad. Sometimes will not even transfer some of the applications. Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  8. WitchOneSalem

    Mirror DISH Anywhere.

    Can Dish anywhere videos be viewed on a HDTV using the muttering process on a Ipad 4? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  9. WitchOneSalem

    New Iphone

    I purchased an iPhone on eBay which the phone looks new. I wanted to set the pho e up much like I did my other iPhone. Both phones have bad ESN numbers which is fine I use iPhones for wifi services. On the previous iPhone I was able to set the phone up with out any problems. On the one I just...
  10. WitchOneSalem

    Internet not on all devices.

    Sometimes my iPhone and iPad do not have a internet connection from my router but, my phone which works off the internet works fine. When I unplug my router and plug the router back in the internet works find on both devices. Why does this happen? Happens much less hen I do not have my...
  11. WitchOneSalem

    Leave iPad on for a long time.

    I broke my iPad screen and will be having the screen repaired by Saturday. Would it hurt to not put my iPad in sleep mode for a few days like 4 the most. The reason for is that when shutting down then turning on the iPad I have to keep turning on and off the iPad until I can see the sign on...
  12. WitchOneSalem

    A5 vs A6

    I am you going to either get me a iPad 3 or 4. All the specifications seem the same except for the iPad 4 has the A6 installed. Is there that much difference in speed between the A5 and he A6? Reference: I am using the original iPad now but want to upgrade. Sent from my IPAD 1st generation...
  13. WitchOneSalem

    How do I SYNC perfectly?

    I had to recently reinstall iTunes. When I sync my iPhone and iPad how do I make sure nothing is deleted or changed on these devices. Do I do an immediate back up on my iPhone and iPod? I do have a back up of both devices on the drive the I devices were SYNCED to but I could not open that...
  14. WitchOneSalem

    Delete Songs from Ipad

    His was available before the new update. But you can now delete songs from iPad by swiping the finger across the song and there is a DELETE button that gives you this option. I tried this on my original iPhone using 3.1.1 and the delete option is not available on that phone. Sent from my IPAD...
  15. WitchOneSalem

    This was strange.

    My iPad made a noise like Pay Pal makes when something new happens within ones Pal account. This happened after I shut the iPad down only by the home key. I decided to sign back on to iPad and I say the groups of applications were all in weird places. I mean some groups over lapped other...
  16. WitchOneSalem

    Best Buy on Screen Protectors

    Ones anyone know if Best Buy installs screen protectors that are not purchased at Best Buy? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  17. WitchOneSalem

    Profiles Installed

    I explain I was looking at my settings and noticed something strange and that is there re 2 profiles nstalled. I purchased my iPad brand new stilled factory sealed. I never installed any profiles. I included some pictures of these. Question: How did these profiles get installed. Sent from...
  18. WitchOneSalem

    If repeat delete iPad out 3/1/2012

    Ok. I heard in the news that iPad 3 I'll be out on March 16th Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  19. WitchOneSalem

    Applications do not shiw up here.

    Ok I want to connect my iPad to my new computer using, of course using iTunes. I did this last night and chose to sync the applications. But after the syncing was done there were many applications deleted. Luckily I was able to get the applications back by restoring the iPad using the older...
  20. WitchOneSalem

    Ipad not charging but did charge

  21. WitchOneSalem

    Tagdisk 1.5.5

  22. WitchOneSalem


    Do you reboot your iPad and why and how often? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  23. WitchOneSalem

    Keyboard Layout

    Would you like to have the keyboard layout in the next IOS update to have both letters and numbers instead offs bing to hit the ?123 key? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 64GB
  24. WitchOneSalem

    Itunes shuts itself down

    hen searching for items on ITUNES the ITUNES application shuts itself down. What would cause this to happen? Sent from my IPAD 1st generation. WIFI only. 32 GB