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    Need recommendations for a lightweight case

    I have my iPad 3 in an STM Skinny at the moment, but the case (which has held up quite well, really; it's a year and a half old) is starting to break, so I'm in the market for a new one. Wondering if there's something better than the Skinny that I should get instead of just buying another. The...
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    Sounds still playing when on mute

    Ah! I didn't have the side switch set to mute, but when I changed it and took a look, I noticed it was showing a separate volume for the "ringer". Checked my settings and it seems my "Ringer and Alerts" setting in the Sounds section had was set to not change with the volume buttons. I have no...
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    Sounds still playing when on mute

    I've been having a really weird problem with my iPad (3, iOS 7) since yesterday. Most of the time I keep the sound completely off. Yesterday I turned it on briefly to test out the Facetime app for the first time, and then turned it down to mute again. But even though the sound is supposedly...
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    M-Edge Executive Leather Case

    Question about this case: how do you find it for typing on, when sitting on a flat surface? As far as I can gather there's no way to stand it up at a low angle.
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    Cases with magnets--problem for 3G?

    I've noticed several iPad cases have magnetic clasps or similar. Which sounded great until I read a review of the Eco-Vue that mentioned the magnetic strip interfered with the functioning of the compass in the 3G model. Has anyone else experienced this problem with cases that have magnets...