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    Bubbling Math – your kids will love math tasks

    Your child will love to do math tasks - because this is a game - complete with levels, goals, nice graphics and music. Your child can practice all the elementary math operations, and you, as a parent, can set what task to practice. We focused in our new app to both children and parents...
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    Paddle Pong HD

    Paddle Pong HD [Today FREE] Cool pong-like game with features never seen before! * 1 or 2 players mode * rotate paddle using your fingers * use various bonuses during gameplay to beat your opponent! Try to beat your friends or best computer player "Startblastr"! If you like to write...
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    Geotag Photos – taken by any (DSLR or compact) camera using iPad (3G only) and iPhone

    Geotag Photos - iPhone application for automatic geotagging of photos taken by any (DSLR or compact one) camera. This new version supports iPhone OS 4 multitasking, so that it can run on background, when user is using any other application. You don't have to read rest of this text, you can try...
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    Best Pong game

    Which Pong game do you like for iPad? I play only our Paddle Pong. It's realy funny.