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    iPad sales in Sweden disappointing

    I think you're right Beerman. Tablets are still niche products. But if they start to become more mainstream, and Android starts taking large chunks of global market share because it caters to the needs of media owners in smaller countries (read: runs Flash) - then maybe Flash will appear in the...
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    iPad sales in Sweden disappointing

    Apparently the iPad isn't selling very well over here. "Ipad Key reasons seem to be price and a lack of local video content availability (apparently the web player versions of the local TV channels require Flash). And local magazines are pulling iPad editions. Could be that Flash...
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    I-Tunes Billing

    It'll come. iTunes bills every week or so. It's a way of reducing their bank and credit card transaction charges. The banks charge for every transaction so Apple leaves it for a week or so before processing purchases in the hope that you'll buy more stuff during that time and they can process a...
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    Ipad and digital magazines

    Digital magazines have been a bit of a flop so far. Speak to any of the large publishers. They generally use services like Zinio for their own use - mainly for their sales people when they're on the road so they don't need to carry a heavy bundle of paper copies around. They sell very few copies...
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    I agree, but I'm not holding my breath. OSX hasn't made any quantum leaps forward in the past 10 years. And a major change of iOS to accommodate the larger screen of the iPad would mean that Apple would effectively end up having to support 3 OS's. One of them for what is still really a...
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    Who uses their Ipad for 'serious' writing?

    I have a friend who does serious writing (screenplays/scripts) on his iPad to prove a point. But we all know he sneaks off to his MacBook Pro for 99% of his actual writing. As a scribbler myself I'd go MBA. Actually, if writing was my main activity I'd go cheap and cheerful lightweight PC with...
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    Flash For Ipad

    Give us the short version then
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    Basically a thinner MacBook Air with a convertible touchscreen and possibility to switch between OSX and iOS
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    Flash For Ipad

    Because the hardware is too weak to handle it.
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    Flash For Ipad

    The advantage of each browser varies by the type of Flash content you want to view. I found that Puffin worked best for my own online digital magazine site. It isn't perfect, but it works. It's the scrolling that's the main problem with these Flash enabled browsers. Hopefully they'll improve...
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    here comes the competition...part 2

    I guess they could attach a thin keyboard to the next version to make them feel a bit more substantial (and protect the screen, and hold it in a good position for viewing). Apple will then follow up with an upgraded, even thinner and lighter MacBook Air/iPad3 cross breed with touchscreen...
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    Would you buy an IPAD 1 now?

    Here's an idea for anyone thinking about upgrading from 1 to 2. Buy an Android pad instead now and then upgrade to 3 whenever that appears. That way you have every base covered.
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    New MacBook Air - competition for iPad?

    Give it a convertible touchscreen and a gyro and you could wave bye bye to the iPad (and any other tablet for that matter)
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    Steve Jobs Pours Ice Cold Water on Rumours of 7-Inch iPad

    7 inches is too small when you have a colour screen. The iPad is a media consumption device, and most colour media - anything with pictures - needs plenty of screen real estate (magazines, films, picture books, the web). And given that most people are using their iPad at home it just doesn't...
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    What it needs?

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    Interesting new Apple patent

    Apple files ‘iMac touch’ patent - Telegraph
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    How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad... 23 years ago

    Forget electronic clipboards. Where's the Apple phaser? Set that sucker to stun and beam us down Scotty!
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    Who doesn't own an iPhone . . .

    I guess there's little point in having a full size iPad plus a little iPad that does the same stuff, but on a smaller screen and has a poorly functioning phone included. You only need one device to take advantage of the Apple apps - and a bigger screen generally beats a smaller screen in the...
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    After a week of usage, here are my thoughts

    I'd be interested in that answer too. Maybe I'm the only person on the planet who wants this, but I'd like a larger iPad. Maybe around 12 to 13 inches instead of 10. It'd be just as easy/difficult to lug around and those few extra inches of screen real estate would make a huge difference (at...
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    BBC iPlayer, won't play videos

    I'm pretty sure Yately is in the UK. I suspect you need Flash to use the iPlayer. Not sure if they've made it iPad friendly yet. I know there was a bit of a discussion within the Beeb a year or so ago about why they should be spending license payer's money to format content specifically for a...
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    I am suing Apple

    Anyone know if the Kindle or Sony reader have the same sun/heat susceptibility problem?
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    Pics of iPad killer

    iPad killer? Nope. I think we're seeing some classic nipple theory playing out here. Apple has grabbed hold of the tablet market's premium nipple, and I can't see them losing their grip unless they screw something up big time (unlikely at this stage). However, the value nipple is still wide...
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    It is strange. There are some private things/places that people seem to think are public (even though they must know that they're private). iPads are clearly one of them. I get this all the time with my planes. I can be working on a plane in my hangar and if the door is open I can guarantee...
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    Will you buy 2nd gen?

    Sunlight readable screen has got to a killer potential improvement
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    Carbon Fiber plz

    A composite back is a good idea. It would allow for some subtle curves and soft rubber inlays to make it easier to hold the tablet with one hand. Carbon is cheap and very easy to work with these days, so it should be cheaper to produce than the aluminium back. You could make it even cheaper by...
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    iPad vs Archos 9

    I'd be wary of anything produced by Archos. I've had a few Archos DVRs that I've used to film my passengers on aerobatic flights over the years. The G forces eventually kill them after a year or so, but regardless, the software they use sees to be very unstable and prone to crashing. Also they...
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    Neofonie Caves to Apple

    I guess you'll be buying a WeTab then.
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    Neofonie Caves to Apple

    Why do you say that? Seems to me that the specs are much better and the price is significantly cheaper (at least in Europe).
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    Writer/illustrator looking for developer

    I agree that the penetration of the touchscreen interface will grow in the future, but I can't understand why you would want to limit your potential universe to just the Apple universe when it is, and is likely to remain, relatively tiny. You can already do some amazing things with books in...
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    Writer/illustrator looking for developer

    You're probably better off developing them in Flash right now. It gives you access to a much bigger universe because I suspect that until the Ipad is made a bit more rugged there won't be many kids out there getting access to daddy's new toy (but they might get to play with his increasingly...
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    Stupid idea for Ipad

    Unlikely to make it to market after they've been sued back into the stone age by ACDC.
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    You want to know what I think?

    Can the iPad stream music to a hifi (via an Airport Express) yet? I think I'd need that. For the past God knows how many years, when I get up and then I stagger down the stairs I flip open my MBP and I'm both immediately online and an unlimited choice of sounds are available (i.e. Grooveshark)...
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    Apple boasting new Popular Science Magazine Format

    I'm not surprised the Popular Science app is struggling. The publishers that own it seem to have completely missed the point of the opportunity the iPad offers them. They could go two ways. The iPad (or any tablet) version has no printing or distribution costs (that is what the cover price...
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    Advice for a potential iPad buyer

    Sounds like you need something more like the Viliv S10 Blade. Not much bulkier, more capable for your needs, available now, and probably about the same cost in Canada.
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    No he isn't, and no it doesn't. It's a great post. It's informative and, quite frankly, a breath of fresh air. He hits several nails squarely on the head. You, Kheldour, are the one insulting and disrespecting a lot of people here by imposing your thin skin on the rest of us. Oddphone is...
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    The iPad is selling like ice in the desert

    I see the spammers have arrived. I wish they'd learn how to write better copy. I clicked on one the other day to see what it was and it was some kind of scriptures for the iPad site. I guess it's a sad indictment on the world when God has to deceive you to get some traffic to his website.
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    The iPad is selling like ice in the desert

    For a product that has such tightly controlled distribution, and relies so much on marketing, I'd be very surprised if Apple didn't know how many iPads had been sold on a minute by minute basis.
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    The iPad is selling like ice in the desert

    They are I'm afraid. They reset the number significantly downwards whenever Apple announces a figure (they were reading 620,000 iPads sold when Apple announced 450,000 sold - and have revised their number downwards at least 3 times to my knowledge) I'm sure that whenever Apple hits the...
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    The iPad is selling like ice in the desert

    Ummm, touch screens and accelerometers and the OS are not meant to counterbalance flaws in the design!! That's not what I'm saying. It's not about design flaws. It's about physical limitations. Mobile phones are by definition small. You can't pack much in there right now (computing power...