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  1. cmmgar15

    Case or just smart cover?

    I have the otterbox defender and I love it. It does add a bit of weight but I dont mind as i have a 19mo little boy. Also the plastic removable hard cover for the screen has smart cover technology so it wakes the iPad when removed it also doubles as a stand in viewing and typing modes. All in...
  2. cmmgar15

    Ipad 3 to buy or not to buy???

    I was in the same boat. I took the dive (or actually my wife bought one for me to shut me up lol) and although I've only had it for a day I LOVE IT. No problems so far at all. I've had 2 iPhones so not much of a learning curve for me. The screen is just's hard to explain how cool...
  3. cmmgar15

    New here

    I finally got it!!!! This thing is just absolutely awesome! I put a few videos and tv shows along with pictures, music and a few iPhone apps. Now I just need to conquer the app store lol. Oh and if anyone is wondering about the otterbox defender case for this it's great fits like a glove and...
  4. cmmgar15

    New here

    So I got some great news and no one to share it with lol. My white 32gb 4g 3rd gen iPad will be here in a few hours!!!! I'll post up some pics of my set up when I get it. Sorry just super excited to get my first iPad I've been wanting one Since the first one came out but I'm glad I waited. And...
  5. cmmgar15

    New here

    Hi new here and I've read alot of threads on here thought I'd join in on the fun. I have a black 16gb iPhone 4 and extremely excited that I have a white 32gb iPad 4g 3rd gen on its way! So anyways just Wanted to say hi and I'll be asking many questions as this will be my firs iPad. Thanks...