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    An app that turns on/shuts down iPad at specific time?

    I've now converted my old iPad into a digital photo frame, using the iOS' own photo slide function. A very nice one at that too. There is one shortcoming: I can't control when the photo frame should turn on and shut down. Ideally, I would like the iPad to turn on in the morning and shut down at...
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    Is there an app for audio recording + powerpoint annotating?

    Many of today's lectures and talks utilize powerpoint slides. So what I do is print out the powerpoint slides in advance and take notes on the printout. That makes me wonder. If there was an app that lets you make annotations directly on powerpoint slides and even record audio of the lecture...
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    Is there an app that can stream music saved on Google Drive?

    Is there an app that can stream music saved on Google Drive? Google's own iPad app can't stream music, so I was wondering if there is a third-party app that can do it. (For comparison, Google's own Android app can't stream music either, and there are third-party Android apps that streams music...
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    Lag in searching email address in iPad 1: also issue in iPad 2 or new iPad?

    When I type in the first few letters or name of an email recipient, my iPad 1 searches my contact database to figure out the full email address. It's an invaluable feature for me, as I sometimes don't remember people's full email address. The only problem is that my iPad 1 takes time to do it...
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    iPad app that can take down notes on Powerpoint slides?

    For a recent conference, I took my iPad instead of a laptop for the first time. While it lessened the burden on my back, the overall benefit was equivocal. The most prominent problem was the lack of easy way to take down notes on powerpoint presentation materials. With a laptop, I'd just run...
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    Is there any app/hack/method to parse DOI (digital object identifier)?

    One thing that prevents my full migration from laptop to iPad for RSS reading is DOI (document object identifier) capability. RSS feeds for academic journals often include DOI links for full-text PDF. When I'm on my laptop, whenever I come across a DOI, the DOI-handler plugin within the...