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  1. ziffos

    Hay day!all users.

    Dont know about anyone else but I do not have a clue what this OP is talking about - she has maybe been eating too many pumpkins !!! ;)
  2. ziffos

    App store updates

    Yes I did - the only answer is either to Jailbreak then use a "badge hide app" or other option is to update to IOS6 - I am not jailbroken so got fed up with badges so updated to IOS6
  3. ziffos

    iCloud and New iPad

    Back up to restore from iTunes onto your new iPad - wipe old one using "Find my iPad" - set up a new password for your iTunes account - Done If you do not have "Find my iPad" on your old ipad then just do parts one and three.
  4. ziffos

    Apple is so dissapointing, where can i get a youtube app with good quality videos

    Try YouPlayer - its free on App Store
  5. ziffos

    Head in the clouds, any concerns?

    Cloud storage is excellent UNTIL you cannot "get hold" of your files when they will not download from the cloud because of cloud problems - iCloud has been bad for me lately!!!!
  6. ziffos

    Ipad 3

    Can you do this via iTunes?
  7. ziffos

    How much can i get for my first generation iPad 32 gb

    Not much - too many available to choose from with prices starting as low as £30 GBP ($45 USD) and the most expensive one I have seen was £100 ($150) but this has so far remained unsold. So based on those "retail" prices I guess a Pawn shop would offer you about £20 ($30) up to £60 ($90).
  8. ziffos

    Ios 6, missing youtube ?

    Don't forget YouPlayer guys - it is excellent on my ipad3.
  9. ziffos

    Password protecting files

    You could also try "My Apps" - its a secure folder that requires your combination/password to enter and you can store many different types of docs including spreadsheets. Available in apps store.
  10. ziffos


    Sorry dhewson777 but Avast has been withdrawn but try on your PC going to
  11. ziffos


    Yes - Lookout - free - excellent and on App Store. "Find my phone" can also be obtained from iTunes Store. It all depends what sort of security you want and whether you are Jailbroken or not.
  12. ziffos

    I love my Ipad 3 but...

    I totally agree with this post - the link provided works perfectly and enables even iPad 3 to charge direct from a PC (a lot of PC's and laptops will not charge from their USB ports but with this installed on your PC or Laptop it WILL) - try it - its free.
  13. ziffos

    Ios 6, missing youtube ?

    Jasmine does it for me :p Also have a look at YouPlayer - it is basically YouTube on iPad - excellent - in fact I am thinking of getting "rid" of Jasmine. :mad:
  14. ziffos

    Need some help here, problem with cydia

    Looks like some corruption in Cydia - maybe caused by something you have downloaded? Best answer may be to delete most recent downloads then reinstall them one at a time to see when or if the problem reoccurs. If it does then looks like a full reinstall of Cydia!!
  15. ziffos

    Best office Suite?

    Combination of DropBox and CloudOn works perfectly.
  16. ziffos

    Using apps at the same time

    The only way I can think of would be first to have a Jailbroken iPad then you could use either CardSwitcher or Quasar. Perhaps other members know of other ways?
  17. ziffos

    Buying IPad in US to use in UK

    NO PROBLEMS AT ALL - you will only need to get your self a UK power adaptor for the iPad (you can even buy these in the USA Apple Stores) or when you get back home and a UK micro sim.
  18. ziffos


    Yes it will - however it will ONLY be a NEW EE CONTRACT that will recieve 4G - any excisting Orange or TMobile contracts will NOT get 4G despite your ipad or phone handset saying EE on top left (network supplier name). You will however be allowed to transfer your excisting contract with Orange...
  19. ziffos

    IPad App for Fixture Administration

    Sorry my friend but the spreadsheet was completed and sent to my sons head office and unfortunately I would not have been allowed to let you see it because of its content. Get yourself spreadsheet app (many are free on iTunes app store) then experiment for formatting and layout etc. it will...
  20. ziffos


    Couldn't have said it better myself - and didn't lol. :rolleyes:
  21. ziffos


    I agree but whereas IOS is "protection" BEFORE the event, Jailbroken apps protection is AFTER the event.
  22. ziffos

    Shrink - Change Size of Icons and Labels

    Thanks Marilyn - this gave me a lot of answers.
  23. ziffos


    Your best antivirus is the actual operating system because IOS is virus free. If your iPad is Jailboken then this could - repeat - could open it up for possible virus infection from "other" apps
  24. ziffos

    Newbie Introduction

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  25. ziffos


    Sounds to me like you are "heading" for a FULL RESET as something has obviously "upset" your iPad - hopefully you have your iPad backed up on iTunes so that you can restore.
  26. ziffos

    Moving from Australia to UK

    No pitfalls as your iPad will work very well in UK. The only change you will need to make is to the plug (Uk uses 3 pin plug) but you will find plenty of these adaptors very cheap and easy to buy - even buy in airport. Sims are easy to buy (1 to 2 GBP each for pay and go) or even get free...
  27. ziffos


    No problem using the iPad in UK but make sure you use the iPad charger and NOT the iPhone charger - you will be able to get a plug adapter very easily to fit the UK sockets.
  28. ziffos

    iOS6 Release Date has nearly arrived

    What? - you mean there is going to be an IOS 6 soon - I really must keep up :p
  29. ziffos

    Why do you prefer iPad to iphone?

    Got to be iPad for me - I have had and since sold my iPhones including 4s as I did not enjoy using them.
  30. ziffos

    Watch live football/tv on ipad ??

    Using your current home Sky package then use the app called Sky Go to watch live TV but remember that Sky Go will not work on a Jailbroken iPad.
  31. ziffos

    IPad App for Fixture Administration

    I had a similar problem but not for soccer - I finished up by designing my own spreadsheet.
  32. ziffos

    ipad 3 printing

    YES you definitely can print directly from that printer - that's what I use.
  33. ziffos

    Box contents label in Spanish

    And providing you register yourself as the owner (on Apple website) then any future problems within the warranty period are covered.
  34. ziffos

    Ipad3 camera?

    Take it into an Apple Store and providing you are the registered owner (registered on Apple website) then they may exchange it providing they find it to be faulty.
  35. ziffos

    Quick intro

    It is definately not easy to move over but can be made less painful by using Dropbox on your PC and iPad, plus CloudOn on your iPad. You then put your Microsoft docs into Dropbox which then automatically syncs with ClouOn, then you can view, edit, within CloudOn on your iPad. Then rather than...
  36. ziffos email

    You could try "Skydrive" which is a Microsoft cloud app. It will sync between pc's, ipads etc and its FREE!!
  37. ziffos

    Which case you prefer?

    My recommendation has got to be Yoobao Executive Leather - stunning I have had Yoobao for my iPad1, 2 and now 3 and they are great.
  38. ziffos

    Will the Apple Magic Trackpad work with the iPad?

    @DecSkinner - I love your response - perfect The only option I can offer is that you Jailbreak your iPad and then get the Mouse Bluetooth Stack - mouse or trackpad then work perfectly.