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    How many pay for 3G /4G SERVICE?

    I got the wifi model.. Couldn't stomach the idea of paying for another mobile contract, and don't often find myself in need of 3G. At home i have wifi, at friends and families homes i can use wifi, at work i can sort of use wifi, and if i ever get desperate anywhere else, i can use my nokia e71...
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Definitely the fact that i can't use the file system like a normal computer or usb drive. Means i can't just plug it into my PC and move files around as i please, can't easily share files between apps, can't see how much space is occupied by each app (iTunes tells me the basic size of the app...
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Just 2: iPad 64GB and iPod Nano 8GB.
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    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    Currently have 175 apps on my iPad, though i have another 200 or so sitting in iTunes which i've removed until (a) i need them, or (b) they get significantly updated. Some of them i'll never use again because i've since got better apps for the same job, but i rarely delete any apps completely.
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    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    Bought it for myself pretty much as soon as was it was available in the UK. Had to work hard to get permission from the wife first, though.
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    How many hours your ipad is used.

    Had my iPad for some months now, so novelty is wearing off a little. Neverthless, still using it for about 2 hours per day.