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    Synchronize problem with PC

    First, authorize your PC to your iTunes account. Then, you can copy your apps from your iPad to iTunes by "transferring purchases". For everything else, like Music and Videos, use an iTunes replacement program, like: Free iTunes alternative-Manage iPod iPad iPhone without iTunes This way...
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    Not real internet

    Two words: Atomic Browser You can then masquerade as any browser by changing your user-agent. I find the browsing experience on an iPad the same, if not better, than on a desktop. And on "trying to download FireFox", you need to learn the difference between iOS apps and Windows apps. And about...
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    Help with Pages app

    Not really a solution, and somewhat off-topic, but I had to mention it since it's related. Damn You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories
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    Disabling Multitasking

    If you don't mind a little manual tweaking, you can try the following: - Using iFile, go to the directory "/System/Library/CoreServices/" - Look for a file named "N82AP.plist" or similar (like "N88AP.plist", etc.) - Search for <multitasking>, and change the value from <true/> to...
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    iPad 2 Minutes Ahead

    A possible explanation if you have 3G, some networks automatically sync the time of any devices that connect to their network, to the network's clock. I've experienced this on tons of phones (pull out the battery, plug in a new sim card, put the battery back in, turn it on, there's no time...
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    Recommendations for a good IM Client

    I meant I use Meebo for MY iPad. Not exactly "Meebo for iPad". :P
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    Recommendations for a good IM Client

    I use Meebo for iPad. That way, from a single app, you can use your existing accounts (and contacts) in Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace IM, AIM, Windows Live, and more. I use the Meebo site on the browser when I'm on a PC as well. Downside is that they recently introduced some...
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    Is there an APP that allows for downloading Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files?

    Skyfire only supports FLV's (Flash Video format), by encoding it into an HTML5 video. Meaning that only flash streaming videos (that are specifically in .FLV format) will work. Other Flash functionalities (such as controls/links, anything clickable, mouse, etc.), flash games, and the like, will...
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    Best Fast Terminal Server SW

    USBill's solutions do not provide a solution for this part of your post: Try out my setup. Simply install a VNC server on each VM. And then you can use any of the many VNC client apps out there to access it. Each VM will have its own desktop, independent of the server's actual desktop, so VNC...
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    strange charger question

    The iPad charger provides 10w. The iPod charger only provides a maximum of 5w. They may look identical, but those two chargers are different.
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    Can I use a regular SIM card in the ipad?

    AFAIK, most, if not all iPads, come unlocked. Using any SIM is straight forward. Cut it up, stick it in, set the APN, and you're done. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Last I heard, AT&T was actively blocking iPads from connecting to their network when not using an iPad specific data...
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    ITunes purchases for my IPads

    For apps, yes. Just hit the "buy now" button, and if that account has already purchased that app, you will get a message that you already own it and you will only be redownloading it. For music, I heard that you have to buy it again, and that they don't allow redownloads. :/
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    Best Fast Terminal Server SW

    At work, we have a SINGLE server running multiple VMs (virtual machines) using VMWare I think. And we can VNC to each VM separately, which gives the illusion that we all have separate workstations we can connect to. This setup might fit your needs.
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    Making a new iTunes account without money?

    The "none" payment option is actually very strange. I've tried it on an iPod Touch running iOS 4 (select "Philippines App Store") and it was nowhere to be found. Later I tried it on an iPad, also running iOS4 (but selecting the "US App Store" this time), and lo and behold, it was there. Oh...
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    I'm at the Apple Store playing with.....

    To be specific, each app knows what account was used to purchase it (regardless of what account is currently signed-in on the iPad). i.e. the app knows its "owner". So if you want to update a specific app, you need that app's "owner" to do so. You have to use the account that was used to buy it...
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    A Thank You..And SHSH Blog Question

    Unfortunately, your only jailbreak choice right now is tethered.
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    Mirror’s Edge for iPad Goes Free in Some Countries, but not the US Unfortunately

    Also free here in the Philippines (it seems that EA games in the PH store are licensed to us by EA-UK). Sucks that already bought it during the last holiday sale for 0.99 Great game
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    Liberty Wings Flies Free for a Limited Time

    Is this really a universal app? Because it shows up as an iPhone-native app in my app store (and my net connection right now is SO SLOW I can't download it right away).
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    My iPad has 3.2.2 but too late for SHSHs to save? Help!

    Sorry, I meant that as a reply to RussW, and what I meant is that, there are no SHSH blobs anywhere for iOS 3.2.2 installation to his device, which is probably what he was asking. Of course, he already has SHSH blobs for 4.2.1 and 4.2b3 now archived in Cydia, but I don't think that was what he...
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    Stupidly Updated to 4.2.1, and Now Need Clarification

    One reason is so that they can block old jailbreaks. In case they make an OS version so secure that hackers couldn't find a vulnerability for years, anyone who upgrades loses the ability to jailbreak. The restore is still there if your device's OS breaks, so that you can restore to the latest...
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    My iPad has 3.2.2 but too late for SHSHs to save? Help!

    There are no SHSH blobs on the device. It doesn't exist anywhere, if you never created it. All that is on the device is an ECID (Exclusive Chip ID) which is unique to every iPad. When you restore a device firmware (e.g. iOS 3.2.2), iTunes, in a way, "asks Apple for permission" to do so. Like...
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    Stupidly Updated to 4.2.1, and Now Need Clarification

    Sorry, Apple stopped signing ECIDs for 3.2.2. So you can no longer obtain your Signature HaSH (SHSH) for 3.2.2. What this means is that, you can NEVER downgrade to 3.2.2 anymore, if you ever choose to update.
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    iPad 3G uses data whilst asleep

    That's probably caused by iTunes checking for updates for apps, etc. If you're on a time-metered data plan (in contrast to a bandwidth-metered one), and want to completely turn off all data transfer, just change the APN to an invalid one. This works for most carriers that require a specific...
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    sync 2 ipads to different itunes account and share apps

    Personally, what I do is to change the library ID of my iTunes installation to a common one. All the PCs and laptops at home have iTunes installed, all with the same library ID. That way, I can sync to ANY computer, and not worry about anything getting wiped/erased. Just google "change itunes...
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    Why Jailbreak???

    Here are some of my top reasons: #1 Complete file system access (especially with iFile). What does this mean? It means your files are no longer trapped in their apps. You can type up a document in Pages, then do any of the following: - copy it over to a bluetooth/wifi file-sharing app, and send...
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    Some 3G iPad questions

    Thanks for the replies. I have a question about the apps for SMS and voice calls. Would it use my carrier's actual SMS and voice call capability, or would it be using an online service (like Skype?) i.e. if my carrier has a plan with unlimited free SMS and unlimited free voice calls to...
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    No wifi

    From what I've read on the net (regarding the iPhone and iPod though, not the iPad), a greyed-out WiFi icon, with a "No Wi-fi" message, signifies a hardware problem, and not a software problem. i.e. something's wrong with your wi-fi chip, so you'll have to send it in to get it fixed/replaced...
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    Some 3G iPad questions

    Hi, I'm considering getting a 3G iPad, but I have a few questions: - Can I send/receive SMS messages on it? - Can I make/receive voice calls on it? Also, I know that iPad currently has no multi-tasking, but can I run a download manager app, set it to download from my 3G internet connection...