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  1. DrJNAB

    OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

    A great product for sure. Highly recommend.
  2. DrJNAB

    Password App

    Datavault syncs to desktops/IPAD without exposing your data on Dropbox. If keeping your private PW's secure IMHO Datavault is the product to keep your data private.
  3. DrJNAB

    Password App

    I use Datavault and it's excellent.
  4. DrJNAB

    Liquid Gold Screen Cleaner

    Has anyone used this product on their IPad or laptop screens? Drjnab
  5. DrJNAB

    Have i been stupid?

    You done good!
  6. DrJNAB

    Any apps that will play wma wmv on iPad without conversion?

    It's called VLC media, and it was free.
  7. DrJNAB

    DVDs to IPad?

    Aneesoft products are also excellent and easy to use. DrJNAB
  8. DrJNAB

    Need a simple password manager

    Yes. I believe it's still a good value.
  9. DrJNAB

    Need a simple password manager

    Data vault for me.
  10. DrJNAB

    Apple TV, anyone?

    Apple TV is cool, and works fine. Highly recommend.
  11. DrJNAB

    Print from IPad without Airprint

    Thanks. drJNAB
  12. DrJNAB

    Viewing videos in my IPad on my television

    Apple TV works also.
  13. DrJNAB

    Who else applied for a free Google CR-48 Netbook?

    I got a 'chip' in the game. DrJ.
  14. DrJNAB

    Best iPad apps magazine?

    MacWorld mag Nov 2010 - 117 Best Apps. I bet. DrJNAB.
  15. DrJNAB

    "Sent From My IPAD " e-mail addition?

    Sent from my Etch-A-Sketch.
  16. DrJNAB

    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    Aneesoft products get the job done.
  17. DrJNAB

    I sincerely regret ever buying this product

    You can sell it on eBay?
  18. DrJNAB

    How to get 3G back on Ipad

    Thanks for the info. DrJ.
  19. DrJNAB

    Dropping WiFi

    Not yet, but frequently in previous version. DrJ
  20. DrJNAB

    Is getting a 3G Ipad worth it?

    Get the 3G. I get the AT&T plan on a month to month basis.
  21. DrJNAB

    Looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements

    Free has Limitations Relax. Free apps do not meet your criteria, sometimes.
  22. DrJNAB

    Looking for a pdf reader which meets these requirements

    PDF Expert I like PDF expert.
  23. DrJNAB

    Bluetooth can't find keyboard

    Have you entered the pairing number that comes with the keyboard?
  24. DrJNAB

    iPad Apps Tracker?

    Thank you. DrJNAB
  25. DrJNAB

    iPad Apps Tracker?

    Is there a quick way to get the apps currently on the iPad to appshopper.
  26. DrJNAB

    iPad Apps Tracker?

    I was hoping to find an app that would keep track of your personal apps, the purchased apps and your free apps on your iPAD. Maybe not possible? DrJNAB.
  27. DrJNAB

    iPad Apps Tracker?

    Is there an app that tracks the apps installed free/pay on your Ipad?
  28. DrJNAB

    DataVault Password Manager for iPad v4.3 beta

    Marc, I'm interested for sure, I've sent an email. Which version do I need on Windows to sync with my Ipad?
  29. DrJNAB

    Keurig coffee

    Try the Timothy blends, even the decaf blends are wonderful. DrJ.
  30. DrJNAB

    best video to ipad converter

    Aneesoft products Use Aneesoft products for quality results.
  31. DrJNAB

    Stuck in Zoom Mode-PDF Export Pro

    Can't get out of zoom with this recently purchased app. My zoom setting is set to off. while reading a PDF dok I accidentally got in zoom and can't reverse it. Help.
  32. DrJNAB

    Hello-Nu-IPAD User

    I need lots of help, not familiar with Apple Products at all. I hope I can contribute to this forum. Glad to be aboard. DrJ