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    Help needed copying files from Ipad to Shuffle using camera kit

    I use my shuffle a lot when away and id like to be able to 'copy' files to it using Ifile, the shuffle shows as a device in ifile but when i copy files to it they do not play , what am i doing wrong ? hope someone can help as this will save me taking an laptop everywhere with me !
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    Help with btstack mouse

    Thanks perfect i will take a look for it !
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    Help with btstack mouse

    Hey all , I've got the btstack mouse installed and it does work but after a few mins seems to turn off or loose connectivity with the mouse, I use my iPad as a plex media centre plugged in to the tv so the mouse I thought would work for remote use :( anything Ive got set up wrong? Or another...
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    so which ipad case ?

    i want some thing that covers the whole ipad but there is so much around i cant decide ! any recommendations ?
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    how do i save games before a restore or jailbrake

    thats just it i wont be 'restoring' after a jailbrake - as i want to keep the jailbrake :(
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    how do i save games before a restore or jailbrake

    i want to save my games so i dont loose progress (years of angry birds! ) but want to apply a jailbrake - how do i do this ? i cant find any details :(
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    iFile - The ultimate filesystem manager

    what i dont like is that you cant easily select lots of files and cut and paste - or sort by 'type'