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  1. K

    Non-Apple device sim card (ATT) in iPad 3?

    Sorry, my bad. I just waited until it went off the front page, but now I know.
  2. K

    Non-Apple device sim card (ATT) in iPad 3?

    I have a micro sim from work with unlimited data plan, but I think the plan is for just plain smartphones (ie. windows, android); not sure why this should make a difference. But will this sim card work in an iPad 3 with it's data plan?
  3. K

    Red Leather Smart Cover

    Then what is it about? A semi-usable stand and off switch? Its main purpose is definitely a screen protector but protects little else.
  4. K

    Ipad 2 not moving at Lantau Island

    Mine had a delivery date of the 23rd, was on Lantau island for 4 days, arrived at Anchorage, morning of the 22nd, left 4 hours later and is now in a city 15 minutes away, so it looks like it's going to be on time.
  5. K

    Target inventory search works! Got one!

    Emerysville has "limited stock" on black 16GB Wifi. Someone gogogo.
  6. K

    Looking for smallest sleeve that will hold iPad 2 with Smart Cover

    Has anyone tried foof → MacBook Sleeve, iPad Soft Case, iPhone or iPod Touch Pouch ? They have one for ipad, but weren't able to answer me when I asked if it would work with a smart cover on, as the fit without is suppose to be fairly snug. Also these have sizes for ipad 2s with smart...
  7. K

    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    I'm not on either side of this fanboy war, I just found it amusing. As far as viruses go, sure. I don't think it's a good reason to never use an android/windows OS ever again. If you know what you're doing it's pretty hard to get infected, even without protection (for windows anyways, dont...
  8. K

    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    says the person who's icon looks like an Apple getting eaten by a virus.
  9. K

    At&t iphones people are about to get OWNED bad

    lol, is the apple camp split in two now? Apple Verizon or Apple ATT?
  10. K

    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    Tablets in general, aren't for me. I bought a really cheap Nook Color, rooted it and use it as a tablet, but I only take it out very very rarely. On the other hand, I bought an iPad for my mother, who is as computer illiterate as anyone can get and taught her how to use it in a week. I've...
  11. K

    Will Engraving ur ipad2 kill the resale??

    "msrp: $729"
  12. K

    Will Engraving ur ipad2 kill the resale??

    To maybe 1 or 2 bidders, and a turn off for the rest, in the case of an auction, which would still hurt your final resale value. Don't lose the box/manuals. Smart cover box can probably be tossed out, depends how OCD you are.
  13. K

    Anyone having luck selling at a higher price?

    I bought 2 online only to realize the shipping date would be March 18-25 and I needed these before the 16th as I would be leaving town and giving them as presents, so I waited in line the next day and picked up 2 more iPads. The 2 from the online order are still being shipped (I can't cancel...
  14. K

    Black or white iPad 2?

    White, just for a change.
  15. K

    The danger of clones... two iPad one apple ID?

    What happens if I just log into one account to download the files, and then switch out to another user?
  16. K

    Comparing Warranties

    Do you usually get just one or multiple? Will do.
  17. K

    Comparing Warranties

    I bought 2 iPads from Best Buy, exact same models and I decided to get the accidental warranty which I can return within a week. It came out to $290 for 2 years of coverage and the cashier basically told me that since the coverage isn't linked to a serial number, I can just use the warranty on...
  18. K

    So nobody went to walmart and target...FAIL

    Best Buy in San Francisco had 3-4 people in line at 1PM. The Apple store here had 50ish at 7AM and a line that extended several blocks by noon.
  19. K

    Apple online sold out for 2-3 weeks

    Would it be faster to order online (2-3 weeks) or wait for stores to receive more stock? Best Buy in SF had wifi and 3G.