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  1. MobileSpoon

    Black or white iPad 2?

    The white ones may look more impressive at first but for the long run you should stick with the black ones.
  2. MobileSpoon

    Project Glass! MUST SEE!!!!

    Too complicated for me... Don't think I could carry this for long...
  3. MobileSpoon

    iPad Case Gallery

    I use a home made rugged ASUS iPad case. (no seriously, I hate those smart covers, the first generation cases were the best, don't you think?
  4. MobileSpoon

    Recommendation: OmniOutliner - the best productivity tool I've used so far

    I really want to recommend on OmniOutliner which is a mixture of a notes application with some tree-based items, bullets and even "Excel-like" structured table with drop down lists, checkboxes, etc. I'm using it on a daily basis for summarizing meetings in a structured list of items with...
  5. MobileSpoon

    Offline Reader?

    how about a regular RSS/news reader like NewsRack? once you download the pages they are accessible offline.
  6. MobileSpoon

    Best RSS Reader for iPad

    I use NewsRack for few months now - no complains, it's the best I've tried so far for both iPhone and iPad. NewsRack is, in my opinion, the best RSS Reader to date, here are just a few reasons why: Stable, convenient, fast user interface Automatically finds Feed URL based on the site URL...
  7. MobileSpoon

    Perfect Web Browser

    I've tried Atomic Web Browser for iPad, it is very powerful, but for some reason I end up coming back to the default Safari browser... There are a lot of advantages in Atomic Web Browser, but then again, a few issues, mostly because it does not have the privilage to run in the background...
  8. MobileSpoon

    Which is best spreadsheet apps

    I'm using QuickOffice HD, mainly because of the user interface and the great integration with Google Docs
  9. MobileSpoon

    I just found the best racing game for iPad!

    Not sure if you are familiar with Reckless Racing HD for iPad, it is also available for iPhone and Android, but this one (with the HD addition) is simply amazing! It has great graphics, sounds effects, music, enough difficulties, but most importantly, it makes you want to play it again and...
  10. MobileSpoon

    Can BlackBerry PlayBook Threaten iPad?

    I've reveiwed the new BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet in my blog, and while doing so, I found a lot of advantages (in terms of specs) over the iPad. Everything There Is To Know About BlackBerry PlayBook Of course, those are all just theoretical advantages, as the product is not released...
  11. MobileSpoon

    Alternative Browser For Safari

    I really get along with the iOS version of Safari. iPhone version works well, and the iPad one is even better, bigger, faster, comfortable. Still, when I started playing with Atomic Web Browser I was amazed by the number of features this web browser includes. The Good: First of all, Atomic Web...
  12. MobileSpoon

    What is the best remote desktop for iPad?

    I'm looking for some recommendations for a good remote desktop. I tried some of the usual ones like RDP, but I find it annoying to use the mouse and scroll lists... What is your favorite one?
  13. MobileSpoon

    iPad Updates vs iTunes Updates

    Bottom line - can I upgrade without locking my iPad again? The original question was about how safe is it to upgrade... Anyone tried it already? I'm also afraid upgrading iTunes will somehow lock my iPhone or iPad...
  14. MobileSpoon

    What are using your iPad for that you didn't expect?

    Reading Comics I'm reading a lot of comics with the iPad. Using the Marvel app and an app specially for Transformers - my favorite comic books.
  15. MobileSpoon

    Maybe I Won't buy an ipad

    10 reasons why you do need an iPad Oh believe me, you want an iPad. You may not know it yet - but you do. Seriously. It's fun, it's much better than a netbook, and yes, it does not replace your computer. It is not meant to replace it. Check out some more in here: 10 reasons why any...
  16. MobileSpoon

    Best note taking app for iPad

    Have you tried WhiteNote? I have it, can't say I'm using it that often, but in terms of features it's a very good on. Check it out: WhiteNote.
  17. MobileSpoon

    Top 10 iPad Apps according to Wired

    I'm using Marvel app I'm using the Marvel comic app - it's simply amazing. It is one of my favorite ones. Next one I would like to add is NewsRack RSS Reader - in my opinion the best RSS Reader for iPad. And - recently I discovered Swipe Soccer HD - I love it.
  18. MobileSpoon

    Why Apple should end it's fight against jailbreakers

    Jailbroken iPhones/iPads are simply much better than locked ones I'm not a fan of jailbreaking stuff. But thanks to that, I had multi-tasking last year working nicely on my iPhone... Apple will lose some of the customers to the Android if they do something evil to the jailbroken phones.
  19. MobileSpoon

    Samsung’s Galaxy Tab To Cost Nearly $1000!!

    Too much for a third gadget PC/Mac, Smartphone, now a tablet. It cannot be that expensive if they want people to actually buy it